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As Vodafone and O2 prepare to offer 4G services at a premium, rival network Three has restated its plans to roll out LTE connectivity as standard for existing customers. In a statement given to UK blog Coolsmartphone, the operator said it was on-track to begin switching on 4G during Q4, at no extra cost to users, and without requiring a new SIM.

"We’re on track to launch in Q4 and we will offer 4G at no extra charge. When we switch on our 4G network well over a million of our customers will already have a 4G device, so they will get automatic and hassle-free access in 4G areas without the need to change plans or sim cards.

"Everyone on Three with a 4G device will be able to enjoy our 4G services as we roll out the network across the country to add capacity to what is already the UK’s fastest 3G network."

Three will deploy LTE on 800MHz (won at auction) and 1800MHz (obtained from EE) airwaves, which will be compatible with the vast majority of 4G-capable Android phones sold in the UK.

Should Three stick with its current policy of offering "All You Can Eat" data on many of its plans, it'll also be the only operator in the UK without 4G data caps. 

Source: Coolsmartphone; via: iMore