Sprint EVO View 4G

Here's the deal regarding which version of Android the Sprint HTC EVO View 4G will launch with: The devices we saw at CTIA were running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, because that's the most recent version that Google has released. And so at the time, we were told that it'd launch with Android 2.3 and be upgraded as soon as possible to Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

HTC EVO View 4GAnd that's still true. So what about that little "This just in" page on Sprint's website? Well, sure enough it says "Android 3.0 just for tablets" next to the EVO View 4G, leading some to believe it will launch with Honeycomb. Problem is, Sprint and HTC still don't have the Honeycomb code, and they don't yet know if they'll have it in time.

HTC EVO View 4GSprint spokesman Mark Elliott tells us "Our plan is to offer Honeycomb, it's just a matter of when. It's too early to determine whether or not Honeycomb will be available at launch."

Elliott also let us know that the "This just in" page will be tweaked (Update: And indeed it has been, now reading "Latest version of Android") as to not cause quite as much confusion. But at this point, you should not take it to mean the EVO View 4G will launch with Android 3.0.

So there you have it. Maybe the EVO View 4G will launch with Honeycomb, and maybe it won't. Our money's on the latter, but we'd be happy to be surprised.