epic 4g recovery

The folks over at SDX, our friendly neighborhood Samsung development group, have been busy ever since the Sprint Epic 4G was released a couple weeks ago. Rooting the phone proved to be an easy conquest. Configuring a recovery mode that allows the flashing of custom ROMs was another story. Through their trials and tribulations, noobnl and skeeterslint’s hard work has finally paid off, and and an Epic version of ClockworkMOD’s recovery is born. Not only will this allow for custom ROMs, it also lets users create and restore backups just in case their phone takes a turn for the worse. They even went as far as to make it “noob-proof” by setting up a one-click method that installs the recovery automatically without having to input any shell commands

The recovery works great, and the only tricky part is that the process requires the installation of the Android SDK (software developement kit), but nothing too fancy there.  The only known bug at this time is that the system has trouble unmounting, but that should be cleared up sooner than later.  Navigating around the menu can be a little tricky, and it's only fitting that the smiley face button the keyboard acts as the cursor.  Be sure to check out our forums for step-by-step instructions on getting this set up.  [via SDX]