Sibblingz and Crowdstar bringing It Girl to Android, to use Facebook's single sign-on

Using the new Facebook single sign-on feature, Sibblingz, in partnership with Crowdstar, has announced that it is bringing the popular Facebook game It Girl to Android.   For those unfamiliar, It Girl looks like an MMO game designed with the young lady in mind.  I predict it will be wildly popular, much like it is (Sibblingz reports over 4.5 million active monthly users) on the Facebook website.

Whether or not an RPG that takes place at the mall is your style, seeing this type of gaming on Android is great.  Push notifications, single sign-on, and cross platform with iOS sounds like a real recipe for success, and Sibblingz looks to be one of the pioneers here.  All of us here wish them the best, and we're already on the lookout for future titles.  Full press release is after the break. 

Sibblingz Multi-Device Games Engine Brings Popular Facebook Game, It Girl, to Android, iPhone and iPad in Partnership with CrowdStar

It Girl to use just launched Facebook “Single Sign On” feature allowing instant mobile logins

Burlingame, Calif.- Nov 4, 2010- Sibblingz, the multi-device social gaming engine that brought the hit game, Happy Island, to iPhone and Android, is announcing today that they’re now bringing the popular social title, It Girl, to Android, iPad and iPhone. It Girl will also be the first competitive RPG game to bring push notifications from Facebook games to iOS and utilize Facebook’s “Single Sign On” through the Sibblingz engine.

It Girl, a social game for Facebook fashionistas by CrowdStar, brings a fresh concept of letting the user explore an MMO-style a city, gaining fashion supremacy by acquiring new outfits. The game’s social aspects involve letting players join “cliques” and challenge other players to outfit duels, deciding who’s hotter.

Having just launched in alpha this September, It Girl is already seeing about 4.5 million monthly active users.

"We are currently on multiple mobile platforms in Japan with mobile versions of our Happy Games," says Niren Hiro, Ceo of CrowdStar. "With Sibblingz we have already brought Happy Island to iPhone, Android and iPads for our users. Going forward you will see CrowdStar bring every game we build for Facebook to mobile devices."

With Sibblingz, It Girl players will now have mobile access to their accounts, building their avatar seamlessly across iPhones, Android devices and iPads. Like Happy Island, It Girl’s expanded versions will utilize in-app purchases so users can build their digital wardrobes while on the go. It Girl will also feature Facebook Connect, allowing players to expand their cliques without having to access their PCs.

“It Girl’s original theme is showing a lot of potential on Facebook,” says Ben Savage, founder of Sibblingz. “With Sibblingz, It Girl will be joining a select few social titles that are truly multi-device gaming experiences. The fun never stops when consumers change devices, they just pick up where they left off.”

“A multi-device gameplay experience is the new way to reach the mass market of gamers,” says Peter Relan, chairman of Sibblingz. “A seamless game experience to switch between devices will change what consumers expect from entertainment and we’re thrilled to be paving those roads, with the help of facebook connect and single sign-on.”

Jerry Hildenbrand
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