There's a lot of great connected speaker deals going for Cyber Monday and this deal for two Sonos One SLs plus an Amazon gift card is an excellent one. Sonos speakers are rarely considered inexpensive, but they are worth it for the sound quality and ease of use. So when a deal rolls around that nets you two speakers at a great price and you get free Amazon money with it, you should take notice.

Sonos One Sl Amazon Deal

One for the ages: Sonos One SL

Sonos makes some of the best sounding speakers on the market. This deal nets you a pair of One SLs plus a $10 Amazon gift card!

$258 at Amazon

Sonos speakers always punch way above what the physical stature may lead you to believe. When combined with excellent control through the app, you have the perfect standalone speaker — or in the case of this deal, speakers. Not to mention you also get a $10 Amazon gift card.

Sonos One JoeSource: Android Central

The Sonos One SL is the perfect size to sit on a bookshelf, an office desk, kitchen counter, or since this deal has two speakers, you can pair them together for stereo sound. Part of the magic of Sonos is in the connectivity amongst other Sonos speakers. You can place a single One SL in the kitchen and another in the basement, then with the app, control each speaker individually or both as a single unit.

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The One SL are microphone free, meaning you can't control them directly with your voice. However, these speakers are still compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa so that you can manage your music through one of those smart speakers. Speaking of controlling the speakers, the Sonos app has always been one of the strong points in the manufacturer's ecosystem. Aside from making adjustments and playback on each device, it also allows you to connect other popular streaming services for a more seamless experience.**

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