More data for existing customers, and some 3G contract subscribers can transition to 4G at no extra cost

With competition in the UK 4G LTE marketplace heating up, network operator O2 has refreshed a couple of its contract price plans to tempt festive buyers. The main effect of the change is that O2's 4G LTE network just got a bit less expensive. 4G price plans now start at £17 per month on O2 Refresh, rising to £22 or £27 per month for 5GB or 8GB respectively — though as this is a "Refresh" tariff you'll pay a monthly fee of between £5 and £15 for your handset on top of this.

For customers wanting a 12-month SIM-only plan on O2 Simplicity, 4G prices start at £21 per month for 1GB, £26 for 5GB and £31 for 8GB. All O2's 4G plans come with unlimited texts and data, and the carrier also offers 3G-only Simplicity deals with unlimited texts — between 100 and 750MB for £8-16.

In addition, existing O2 4G customers will see an increase in their data limits, and existing 3G contract customers on at least a 1GB plan can transition over to 4G provided they have a compatible handset. Folks upgrading to 4G can also save 25 percent on outstanding line rental when they upgrade to a LTE-capable smartphone.

Source: Engadget; More: O2 4G