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Epic 4G capacitive buttons With many of you Sprint users gleefully setting up those new Epic 4Gs, its time to give the newest WiMax phone some tip love. If those capacitive buttons just aren't staying lit long enough for you, delve into Menu > Settings > Sound and Display > Keyboard Timeout. Increasing this value will keep those familiar Menu, Home, Back, and Search buttons glowing strong. Or, if you don't want them to blemish that SAMOLED screen, you can reduce the timeout. Thanks to Android Central Forums user excalis for the tip! 

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Keep those Epic 4G capacitive buttons lit longer


Not on the fascinate either. I thought it would be a real annoyance, bit now I think I prefer browsing with just the screen on...its more immersive. ;-)

I have the Epic and IMO you dont even need them lit long because they work when not lit and after 2 days with my phone I have memorized each button.

Agreed, as long as your finger is somewhere is the vacinity of the key you're trying to press, itll work even though they aren't lit anymore.

Muscle memory (kinda) FTW!!! The constant use of the phone has me confidently using the cap buttons regardless of if they are lit up or not, but this is a great tip for those that didn't know that the keyboard timeout syncs the backlight of the keys with the cap buttons...


This definitely frustrated me the first few days. I did end up changing the backlight even though I can usually find them without looking.

I am still laughing so so hard, why is this an issue? After the first week you should already have memorized where the buttons are, I use my phone in the dark a lot and navigation is just simple, I don't even look at soft keys on any phone... it should be memorized... Samsung Vibrant user for little over 3 weeks, no complaints (besides Froyo and GPS fix but i know its coming)

its a little embarrassing when youre trying to show off the phone to friends and they cant even see the buttons theyre trying to press

Hey I posted that too on another thread. Can I get credit too???? haha. I wonder if this is in the manual. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. No one ever reads them anymore.

On the Epic, if you soft-press the Camera button on the lower Right side, it will light up the buttons for you when the screen is active, without turning on the camera. Nice feature!