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Intel has just thrown a press conference of their own at IFA 2013, and among the talk of Ultrabooks and Windows 8 were a couple of interesting bits for mobile. Most notably the new Bay Trail SoC and their brand new XMM 7160 which promises global LTE compatible with 15 different bands. 

Bay Trail is the codename for Intel's next generation SoC, and is based on the low power and high performance Silvermont micro-architecture. Putting technical jargon to one side, Intel promises Android and Windows 8.1 compatibility for Bay Trail, 2x performance improvements and excellent battery life. 

Intel also talked LTE, an ever important topic in mobile. The new XMM 7160 LTE solution is to be compatible with 15-bands and low power consumption. The XMM 7160 is already shipping to device manufacturers and Intel promised the first devices with it on board would be coming to market in Q1 2014. With that time frame in mind, we'd expect to hear more specifics at CES in January. 

Intel has been steadily improving their offerings for Android devices, and today's press conference shows that there is no intention of that slowing down. Bay Trail sounds promising, but we'll hold final judgment until we get some hands on time with actual devices.