If you live in an area with strong T-Mobile coverage and want an inexpensive option to the big carriers, Ultra Mobile has a deal going on right now that should interest you. You can get six months of unlimited talk and text with 6GB of data for half what it would normally cost you. You'll pay $84 for six months of service, which means you're getting three months free. The bonus period comes in the form of a stored value, and the plan must be activated within 45 days of purchase.

Talk A Lot

Ultra Mobile 6GB 6-month plan with 3 months free

Go with the $11 a month 3GB or $14 a month 6GB data plan and get three months free in the form of stored value. Activate plan within 45 days of purchase. Includes unlimited talk and text. Uses T-Mobile network.

Three Months Free

Ultra Mobile is one of T-Mobile's many Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They lease T-Mobile's network and sell it to you as an alternative carrier, which means you still get the great coverage of T-Mobile and pay a much more affordable price. T-Mobile has some really good coverage in the U.S., but if you aren't sure how strong the signal would be for you check out the T-Mobile coverage map for yourself. MVNOs are very common on T-Mobile, too. Check out Android Central's roundup of other MVNOs using this network.

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So the deal above works on both the 3GB and the 6GB plan. These are not ongoing contracts, either. So once the time is up, you can simply move on to something else or stick with what works for you. Upgrade or downgrade as you need to. You won't need to tie yourself to some two-year commitment like you would with the major carriers. It's convenient, easy, and even less expensive than ever before.

In addition to 6GB of data, you'll also get unlimited talk and text within the U.S. That extends to more than 80 international destinations. You can also use the plan to create a mobile hotspot. Ultra Mobile has 73 different phones eligible for this plan, and many of those are under $100, too. You can use your own phone as long as it's GSM compatible and uses a SIM card.