I think we can admit that we're all just a bit jealous of Palm's Touchstone charging station. The act of simply plugging your phone into its charger doesn't pose any real challenge, and it's nothing new in the world of electronic devices. But there's no cool factor there, and fumbling around for your charger in the dark is no fun.

Perhaps that's what drove forum member d94 to sacrifice his warranty, time, and potentially his Epic 4G to bring us this impressive mod. In the nine pictures posted in his thread, it almost looks like an easy mod with minimal soldering and "Oh god I hope I don't break this" moments. Perhaps an easy task for the seasoned modder.

According to d94, not a single one of the Epic's basic functions had to be sacrificed for this mod either. The charging LED still behaves the same way, and when mounted in his car, GPS is fully functional.

So if your Epic 4G has had to sit on the sidelines while the Evo 4G got comfy on the Touchstone, here is your chance! Get into his thread and get to work. [Android Central Forums]