CM7 for the Shift  CM7 for the Shift -- about

The HTC Evo Shift 4G has joined the CyanogenMod 7 club, with an early, still unofficial build getting pretty good reviews.  Android Central Moderator and Evo Shift user Big D5 has this to say:

I have been running this ROM all day. I have tested just about everything, at least everything I use daily, with no issues. Bluetooth works, GPS works, WIMAX works. This ROM is OC'ed to 1.5 mhz, it is fast and smooth. I am getting 1500's in Quadrant without even trying, meaning that is with everything on. If you like you some CM and Gingerbread jump on this ROM. I am glad I did.

Sure sounds like a fine way to make a great phone a little bit better.  If you're rocking an Evo Shift, hit the Android Central Shift 4G forums for discussion, download info (IRC required), and a simple flashing method.  Thanks, Dave, for the heads up!