Seidio Innotraveler car mount

We all love using Google Maps' turn-by-turn navigation on our Android phones, but it's so much better with the right car dock.  Enter the Seidio Innotraveler car kit for the Evo 4G. The dock is easy to use, infinitely adjustable, and is designed to work with two of Seidio's other very popular accessories -- the Seidio Innocase II, and the 3500 mAh extended battery.

The dock comes with a mini USB DC car adapter, and has a separate DC out for charging other accessories while driving.  It's very well built, has a huge suction cup, and will keep your Evo 4G safe and at your fingertips.  You can get the Seidio Innotraveler car kit in the Android Central store for $49.95.  Check out the features, and the pictures after the break. 

The Innotraveler kit comes with a window mount, a sticky disk for those who would rather use a dash mount, a DC lighter socket power supply, an adapter used for caseless Evo's, the holder, a mounting plate, and a fully adjustable mounting arm.

How it arrives  contents

DC adapter  mounting arm

The Innotraveler mount is designed to also work with the Innocase II surface case.  To use with a naked Evo, there's an adapter included.  With or without the adapter, there's room for the 3500 mAh extended battery door in the holder assembly, and a separate mounting plate means you can also use any mounting bracket that works with a standard four pin/socket mounting plate.

with the Innocase II Surface  adapter assembly

adapter in use  room for an extended battery

Mounting plate  4 pin plate

Once you have your Evo inserted into the holder (it's very sturdy -- your Evo won't be falling out), the arm adjust to just about any position you'll need.

window mounted -- horizontal  vertical mount

vertical  horizontal

Plain and simple -- this thing rocks.  Having my Evo handy while tooling around, playing music or using Google Navigation sure beats having it laying in the ashtray on on the passenger seat.  It's built tough, works with my existing case (huge plus and a darn good idea Seidio) and even can power a bluetooth speaker.  I'd recommend this (and have) to anyone, and it's available now in the Android Central Store for $49.95.