Founded in 2000, Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier that operates in Australia and the United States. In the U.S. Boost is a subsidiary of Sprint, while in Australia it operates as a MVNO using Telstra. Boost mobile offers monthly prepaid cell phone plans that give customers unlimited talk, text and data starting at $35/month. They offer various devices that include current models like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 6 and Moto G. Boost originally began offering unlimited plans in 2009, and have continued to offer these plans ever since. Over the years Boost has offered a multitude of push-to-talk devices as well, using the Nextel IDEN network.

Boost is aimed towards a younger demographic and has previously run ad campaigns featuring celebrities with the likes of Travis Barker, Kanye West, Travis Pastrana, Ludacris, and Nick Cannon. They also have large sports sponsorships with the WNBA and ASP.

Boost Mobile devices can be found at various Sprint retailers and other independent stores nationwide.