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Phones aren't the only pieces of tech that benefit from protective covers. Though the PS5 DualSense controller doesn't necessarily need a skin, there are plenty of reasons to get one. Maybe you want to get a better grip on your controller, or maybe you don't want that pristine white case getting all dirty. Maybe you just want a different color. Whatever the reason, you can pick up a fairly cheap controller skin for your DualSense. While they're all pretty similar, here are some of the best PS5 controller skins to fit your style and budget.

Extremerate Playvital Guardian Ps5 Dualsense Case

Pleny of colors: eXtremeRate PlayVital Guardian Edition Case for PS5 DualSense

Staff Pick

eXtremeRate's Guardian DualSense case is ergonomic and comfortable, featuring high-grade silicone and provides protection against bumps and scratches. There are over 10 different colors to choose from, and it comes with a set of thumb grips.

$16 at Amazon
Extremerate Playvital Red Dualsense Grip

Just the grips: eXtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid PS5 DualSense

Want to have a better grip on your controller without buying a complete controller skin? eXtremeRate offers just the grips that you can fold over the sides of your DualSense controller. It features a honeycomb textured surface and comes in a variety of colors.

$14 at Amazon
Yorha Silicone Camouflage Blue Ps5 Dualsense Case

Extra thumb grips: YoRHa Silicone Cover for PS5 DualSense (Camouflage Blue)

If you're looking for a controller skin that isn't just a plain color, try out YoRHa's camouflage blue skin. What's even better is that it comes with ten extra thumb grips in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose whichever suits you best.

$9 at Amazon
Extremerate Playvital Samurai Ps5 Dualsense Case

Textured: eXtremeRate PlayVital Samurai Edition Case for PS5 DualSense

Like the Guardian grip from eXtremeRate, the Samurai grip comes in several colors and features non-slip silicone. It differs in its texture, using 3D concave lines to deliver a great fit that looks good. It also comes with two thumbstick covers that feature a similar design.

$15 at Amazon
Cybcamo Ps5 Controller Grip

All white: Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip

Cybcamo offers its own high-quality textured silicone DualSense skin that's similar to others on this list, but may feature a more comfortable grip. It also comes with three thumb grips at varying heights depending on your needs.

$12 at Amazon
Mmoptop Ps5 Skin Batman

Full set: Mmoptop PS5 Skin Full Set (Batman)

Mmoptop provides the full set for when a controller skin just doesn't cut it. These are all more for aesthetic purposes than utility as they're stickers as opposed to silicone. They're also the most interesting and come in several different pop culture designs like Batman, Spider-Man, Naruto, and more.

$23 at Amazon

Protect your DualSense

When it comes to controller skins, what really differentiates them are their textured patterns and colors. Silicone is silicone, and you probably won't feel too much of a difference in that regard. You'll need to ask yourself what kind of grip you want and what you're buying it for. Do you want a cover that protects your DualSense from scratches, or are you mostly looking for something so that your hands don't slip from your controller after hours of use?

eXtremeRate makes excellent DualSense skins that cover the entire controller and offer scratch protection and a better grip. You can also find a textured pattern that you prefer in one of several different colors. Skins generally range from 10 to 20 bucks, so you won't be spending too much if you want to purchase one.

If you haven't been able to buy a PS5 yet, and are still using your PlayStation 4, you should check out our recommendations for the best PS4 controller skins.

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