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While you can store your photos on your phone, a great all-in-one printer is great for making photo prints to keep for posterity. But the best portable photo printers make it easy to quickly print photos that you can take with you anywhere. We live in a world where pictures help us express what we're thinking and feeling. Most of us post them online on social media sites or in cloud services like Google Photos and share them that way, but sometimes you want to preserve those images in a way that you can touch and hang on your wall. That's where these portable instant photo printers come into play. These will give you speedy prints, with zero hassle.

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Canon Selphy Square CX10

Instant and rechargable: Canon Selphy Square QX10

Staff Pick

Canon's Selphy instant printer is easy to fit into your bag or even your pocket and prints 2.7-by-2.7-inch photos that are rated to last up to 100 years using dye-sub technology. The Selphy Layout app lets you add stickers and filters, and the built-in battery means you won't have to go scrounging for AAs when it runs out of juice.

HP Sprocket 2nd Edition

Instant and rechargeable: HP Sprocket (2nd Edition)

The HP Sprocket connects to your phone via Bluetooth and prints 2-by-3-inch borderless photos with lightly adhesive backs. You get 10 sheets of paper in the box and, just like the Canon CX10, you can add stickers to your photos before printing. Your friends can connect as well, and there are even different LED lights to denote who's printing.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

Print from videos: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

The Instax Mini Link lets you print not just photos, but stills from any videos you've taken. It's also chocked full of orientation-based actions, allowing you to turn the printer upside down, press the power button to reprint your last photo, or lay the Mini link horizontally to activate Fun Mode, which lets your friends connect and print in different styles.

Kodak Smile Instant Printer

Easy print: Kodak Smile Instant Printer

The Kodak Smile uses Zink Zero Ink technology for its 2-by-3-inch prints, with a sticky backing that makes it easy to put photos on your wall, laptop, anywhere your heart desires. There are no buttons on the Smile. Instead, it's controlled entirely through your phone, and you can create augmented reality videos that play when you scan your photos.

Polaroid ZIP

Impressive editor: Polaroid ZIP Instant Printer

Polaroid uses the same Zink Zero Ink technology as Kodak, with 2-by-3-inch prints and an easy-to-use app that features a full-blown photo editor. That means that along with filters and borders, you can adjust your brightness, color temperature, and even create collages of multiple photos. Of course, each print comes with a sticky backing.

From $200 at Amazon
Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable Printer

One touch print: Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4x6" Instant Photo Printer

While it may not be as small as other printers, that doesn't make this printer any less portable. Furthermore, with this printer, you'll be able to charge the device and print pictures at the same time simply by connecting your phone to the dock that comes with the printer. You won't need to worry about the quality of your images either, as these prints are fade-proof, waterproof, and long-lasting.

$120 at B&H Photo

Relive your favorite moments with a physical print

If there's anything the resurgence of instant printers and cameras has taught us, it's that people still love having physical copies of their favorite photos. These are the best portable photo printers that make creating those physical copies as easy as possible, with Bluetooth connectivity and prints that are made to last for years to come.

If we were buying right now, we'd strongly recommend the Canon Selphy Square QX10, which prints square photos that can last for as long as a century. It comes in a variety of colors, and Canon has a long-running legacy of high-quality printing with vibrant colors. The QX10 is relatively compact and easy to tuck into a pocket or bag, and it's built to withstand drops and the elements.

For a bit less money, you can pick up the Polaroid ZIP or the Instax Mini Link. Both options print out fun, tiny photos with adhesive backings and has plenty of built-in editing tools for stickers, borders, and so on. Whichever printer you buy, the important thing is that you go out and make new memories as often as possible!

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