The APC Back-UPS BN900M battery backup and surge protector is down to $74.99 at B&H when you clip the $28 off on-page coupon. Without the coupon it's going for $103, which is the same price it goes for at other retailers. This drop is one of the best we've seen since last year.

Back Dat Data Up

APC Back-UPS BN900M battery backup and surge protector

Saves your stuff from power surges and failures and gives you enough time to save your data and shut it all down in an emergency.

$74.99 $103.00 $28 off

An uninterruptible power supply guarantees protection from power surges or lightning strikes. APC is so sure it'll keep your equipment safe there's a lifetime equipment protection policy where APC will replace properly connected equipment that is damaged by a power surge.

The UPS also acts as a backup battery in case the power completely goes out. How long the battery lasts depends on how much stuff you've got plugged in, but it is powerful enough that even if your most powerful electronics are plugged in, like a desktop computer, you should get at least enough time to save everything you're working on and shut down safely. If you aren't drawing too much power, the battery could last much longer.

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This device has nine outlets with surge protection, with six of them connected to the battery backup. It also has an automatic self-test to determine when the battery might be failing and will let you know with notifications when that's going to happen. Nothing worse than a battery backup that fails when you need it most, but luckily the battery is easy to replace. The system uses audible alarms to let you know when there's a change in power or when a component might be failing.

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