Alcatel OneTouch in-car 4G LTE hotspot

Alcatel OneTouch has rounded out its mammoth IFA 2015 announcements with the arrival of two new connected devices — an in-car 4G LTE hotspot, and a new Wifi-connected music box with Qualcomm AllPlay support.

Alcatel's in-car 4G LTE hotspot plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter and provides connectivity for up to 15 devices over 802.11 b/g/n, while also giving you a USB port for charging additional gadgets. What's more, the hotspot has its own Android and iOS apps to let you control it remotely. And that's pretty much it. The fact that it plugs into the cigarette lighter means it'll be compatible with the vast majority of vehicles, and should be a useful alternative to carrying around a more expensive Mifi and a bunch of cables.

Back in the home, Alcatel's Wifi-connected Music Box lets you stream music throughout your home via a smartphone or tablet. Physically, it's a small, rounded rectangular box similar in size to the Apple TV, only shallower. You've got playback controls up top, and 3.5mm and SPDIF (optical audio) connectors around the back. After connecting the box to your speaker of choice, you'll need to install the Android or iOS app to start streaming your tunes over the air. It's a simple solution designed to get you started with wireless streaming using your own speakers.

Alcatel says that local files and the "most popular" online streaming services are supported, so there should be plenty of options available at launch.

Both the Alcatel 4G Car WiFi unit and Wifi Music Box will launch in Europe in October 2015.