White Nexus 4 bumper

We've heard rumors and stories about the "official" white Nexus 4 bumper before, but this is the first time we've ever heard about one for sale. Sitting in the case at a Videotron store in Montreal, Canada beside the normal black Nexus 4 bumper, it's just screaming to be bought. The $19.99 price tag is the same as the black model offered at Google Play, which is out of stock. Again. 

We have no idea if or when these will filter their way to other retailers, of if they will even be sold through Google's store front. At least we now know it's real. Hit the break for a closer look.

Thanks, Hakim!

White Nexus 4 bumer


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White Nexus 4 bumper appears at a Videotron store in Montreal


And what makes you think that this is a official LG/Google branded one or there is any proof to it?

The replicas boxing for some of them are exactly as if it was the original. They even include a holographic sticker in the back of the box as well as the original boxing that is provided when you buy it from the Play Store. The links I provided aren't exactly as the official but they are out there.

=)Who cares. The Nexus 4 was the biggest botched launch I've ever seen for a device. People think of it as a mythical creature. It doesn't exist. And the thought of its blurred existence on one US carrier is a failure within a failure. Kudos to the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy series, which actually get devices in consumers hands and on more than one carrier. Rant over.

Who cares about that ugly heap HTC One? Not me. The people who do care about the Nexus 4 are the ones who own one if you couldn't get one, too bad move on.

I was the one to send this in, and before I saw this, I passed in front of many other carrier stores and almost all of them had the Nexus 4 on display and on a poster. It seems that even though the launch was not great, they are still really pushing this product.

Someone has yet to understand the concepts of "GSM" and "the US isn't the only country in the world; things exist out there". Oh, and the concept of mathematics and counting. You know, where you learn that 1 million doesn't equal zero.

I have seen the White bumpers at the Eastlink mobile store in Halifax, NS (Canada). I bought the black bumper though. They also have plenty of Nexus 4's in stock.