White HTC Evo 4G

The white Evo 4G, which has previously been a Best Buy exclusive, is now available on Sprint's website and at retail locations and other "national retail partners." The phone will cost the same as its black-backed brother at $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate under a new or upgrade two-year contract. Anyone pumped? [Sprint]

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Butters3605 says:

So what is the difference just a white back cover?

icebike says:

Follow the Sprint link for front and back images.

marrrio_ says:

Why can't canada have 4g towers!? Ughh. I'm happy with my nexus1 though.

crazyj0206 says:

If you but sprint Extended Battery. It comes with white battery cover. Alot cheaper than $199.00

lucasfrm says:

Have the white evo from best buy. love it but the white paint comes off easy around edges and charger port. took advantage of a bad situation and sanded white edges down to red.

Liljoe83 says:

Is the whole phone white or just the back?

colddonkey says:

Just the back of the phone is white

afazel says:

Best Buy also has a white Dell Streak, a white Samsung Fascinate, aand a white Sony Xperia X10.

rayz336 says:

I've had this for a couple months now, it's definitely a nice looking phone. I didn't think I would like it at first, but it's a really nice finish. I've definitely had plenty of people ask me what kind of phone it was and one of them switched to an Evo after seeing the phone and interface.

katvo says:

I hope the Mecha/Incredible HD comes in white also. It's sexy.

pckocher says:

I bought the white Evo from Best Buy when black ones were not in stock, and I wish I had the black one. The white back is VERY slippery.

I'm a phone dropper anyway, so I've got mine in a case. But I'm envious of my buddy's black-backed Evo.

jstew10 says:

I'm struggling to understand how this is cool. It's not even fully white. It's really half-assed imo. Beauty is in the eye and all that, but for my money, don't tell me you're giving me a white phone if the entire front face (save the screen, of course) is black. This has seemed false to me since they started advertising it.

if it all white its look sexy lol. i love my Black EVO 4G