Sprint EVO 4G LTE

The Sprint EVO 4G LTE missed today's in-store launch, and pre-orders aren't shipping, thanks to a pesky International Trade Commission review. Bollocks. 

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Phil, do you ever take your phones into different stores and ask questions related to them as if they are already released? I think it would be kind of funny to see their expression if you walked in with that and asked questions about how it works or something or if they have cases for them. I suppose they would act clueless and insist it isn't a Sprint phone, lol.

I used to do it a lot with phones that came out in the US before Canada, needless to say -- it gets you a lot of blank stares and quite a few "Do you mind if I check it out?"

Recently took my International HTC One X into AT&T for a microsim, (prior to AT&T's One XL announcement, and the entire staff was gathering around in amazement. They ran over to the rack and fetched just about every phone over there to compare screens.

I told them they were getting a version of that phone, and all but one of them were totally clueless about that fact.

You can never trust the staff on AT&T. To me they are just a bunch of half time students working there just to get paid. They give you robotic answers and are clueless most of the time. Fail. But still there were some nice ones trying to help fixing my problem with their service. At least they are trying (*sarcasm*)

My racist/sexist rule of thumb in AT&T stores (and Apple stores, and Best Buy) is to wait till the Asian Chic is free. They always seem more competent.

(running and ducking)...

If I was Phil, I'd walk into a busy Sprint store and yell out "I have the EVO 4G LTE in my hands! Bidding starts $1000! Do I hear $1100?"

I'm sure he'll walk out of there a few grand richer. :P

Lets just hope its worth the wait. Some of the reviews here don't give you anymore info than the 24 hour reviews.

Phil may still be embargoed with his HTC or Sprint supplied review unit.

If AC wants future early eval units, they have to play by the rules.

We don't review phones in a day like some people seem to do. Being first isn't important, being right is. You guys want to know what it's really like to live with yes? What the battery life is really like?

All of you should feel lucky, at least Sprint and HTC have said something. On the other Hand AT&T hasn't said a word about any of this crap, and it was going to be a hot phone for them. This is very sad but the real Culprit is Apple, and it is very sad they have acted in a fashion to hurt consumers. I am sure they could have gotten what was needed done without doing something like this.
All their doing is building anti Apple sentiment and adding more hatred to their Company. They certainly.could be the"Rescuers" as well by hatching a agreement with.HTC and telling Customs to release the inventory of phones. Its all about choices and customers.

Man, that one forum thread (Does multitasking work correctly?) really turned into a 'hate on Phil and Jerry' free-for-all. Seriously though, multitasking is borked if you can't go from browser to text to browser without it reloading. If you had a data limited wireless plan you would blow your limit out of the water!

Edit: I know I called it broken and everyone on the other side of the issue is saying that it's not working the way "I want it to work," but come on, this issue takes the phone back to pre-Android multitasking days. Since when can you not switch between just two apps running in the background...

Something I just thought of as well, if you only have two apps open, does it still do this? If it does, there is no question this is a terrible feature.

Firefox Beta (just updated today) allows much more switching between apps than does either chrome or stock browser. Maybe its just because its smaller. But as long as I stay away from webkit browsers (or apps that use webkit as their back end renderer) I can switch between 4 or 5 apps with no (or dramatically fewer) reloads.

Firefox, which I have dissed in the past, is turning out to be a very nice browser. (There, I said it, Firefox is more than usable).

When Firefox Beta stops crashing AND has Adblock Plus available, let me know and I will switch immediately. Very much want...