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Here comes the silly season

We hope you're buckled in and ready for yet another wild ride in the mobile space this week! We've got boots on the ground in Berlin, New York, Chicago and Cupertino to see all sorts of new stuff from names you know and already love.

We'll be covering everything from IFA — including Samsung who is putting on a show in New York as well — and many more big names in tech. We're also hoping to see what Motorola has in store with briefings in Chicago and Berlin, and there's a little company named Apple who should be showing us at least one new phone, and maybe even a wearable of their own.

So what has you the most excited?

For me, I have to say the possibility of seeing an iWatch. I may end up with one, I may even use it a little, but mostly I want to see how Apple can differentiate themselves from everyone else with such a limited platform. Or if they can at all. Hating Apple is fun, but they make some really nice stuff sometimes. What I will surely end up with is the new version of the Moto X. I really hope Motorola did it right, and lets me buy it soon. Last year's wait for an unlocked version was too much to go through again — especially with this G3 here that I'm really digging.

What about you? Look down, there's a poll (don't step in it!) for you to tell everyone what you're most looking forward to seeing.


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This week's sidebar poll: Which new device are you most excited about?


Moto X2 and Moto 360 is all I need. I dedicated a savings account to buy these two at once.

Posted via Android Central App

Note 4 is going to be a killer device. There will other phones for other purposes but this one should dominate the rest of the year. Including iPhones

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With the recent video of people praising a Casio watch with an apple sticker on the back as "the next great smartwatch", I believe WHATEVER Apple decides to release will sell, though it will not necessarily be a great product.

The best products get little attention. Waiting on the Oppo N1 and hope they release it in the US. Or the XiaoMi Mi4 if it releases first...

I agree it wont outsell the iPhone 6 because some dont like its size but it will definitely be a better device

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Better in what way? Is Samsung going to launch ANOTHER device that lags on launch day? Add even more useless bloat? Make it even harder to fit in a pocket?
The Note line has been a great line of hardware that has been heavily hampered by Samsung's unnecessarily bloated software. As long as it runs Touchwiz, it's never going to be better than 'pretty good', for every solid feture Samsung adds, there are too many others that are just flat out dumb. As my Texan buddy once put it, "there's just too much fat on that beef".

Samsung, like other manf., load a great deal of software, true. But, I have simply turned off (or just don't access) what I don't use and enjoy what I do find value in. Even the Touchwiz interface can easily be replaced by another should the user really need to. It is just a way to get to the apps anyway.

I am not really sure how that unused software makes any material impact in the core use cases the device delivers on.

"I am not really sure how that unused software makes any material impact in the core use cases the device delivers on."
I forget which device it was but they launched one in the last year and a half or so that was so bloated with Touchwiz that the 8gb version had effectively no usable storage space. The storage issue adds up, and it's not something you can just delete. Don't start in on rooting either, if you have to root (or jailbreak) to remove 'features' then there's a problem.

For an 8GB device a lot of bloatware might be an issue, agree. My first experience with Touchwiz was with the Note 2 so I have not really had any issue with on-device storage space.

8gb....lol. Seriously. That's what you use to complain about bloat. Hold on a second while I pick myself up off the floor. That was just too darn funny. Yes, Samsung is famous for piling on the useless bloat but that in no way should impact your usability of the phone. I currently have more than 21gb of storage space left on my 32gb Note 3. Not to mention the 57gb of space left on my 64 gb micro SD card. I have found that the biggest impact on my phone is from poorly written apps. Lets face it, even the best known and most loved apps out there are not exactly the best written. Just yesterday I found that my phone was dead after only 2 hours. WTF. So investigating I went and I found that Androids own native internet app was responsible. I went to Amazons website to order something and then turned my screen off. 2 hours later my phone was dead. The setting blamed it on the internet app so I looked at it and sure enough, even though I minimized it, it spent the last 2 hours reloading the webpage I was last on. Bingo, battery drain found and corrected. As far as the Samsung bloat is concerned, a quick check of the available system resources shows that only a couple of Samsung processes are actually running. Android has the lions share of system resources tasked and that is totally normal. So I guess what I'm saying is, if you absolutely cant wait 3 seconds for an app to open or close, then you really shouldn't have a phone. All the manufacturers add bloat to their phones. If you don't use it, it wont affect your phone.

With a 16 or 32 GB device (and I use both) storage still becomes an issue. So yeah, Samsung's bloated, crapulent touchwiz garbage is still an issue.

Nexus, One Plus One (yes I have One), Moto X have very little bloat. Which is what Android is supposed to be. So you can customize it for you. I have had 2 different Galaxies for work phones and I only use them to make phone calls and texting and they crash and lag constantly. Touch WIZ crashes and I need to pull the battery. My wife has had a Galaxy 2 and 3 and they both became useless after about a year and a half. She doesn't use any of the BS features that Samsung loads their phones with and I would have to factory rest them every 3 months to get them working properly again. We no longer use Samsung devices. Get off your high horse and realize that you are the exception not the rule.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but you can turn off all those "bloatware" features. The standard footprint will leave you with around 12gb out of 16gb of storage, give or take a few depending on your region. That's pretty much in line with all other smartphones, well, maybe except the Nexus line. Plus, you've got expandable storage.

TouchWiz isn't the best looking UI but it is the BEST mobile OS in terms of productivity. Nothing comes close.

Firstly, Touchwiz isn't an OS, it's a skin/launcher. Secondly... Well, number one proves you really don't have the first clue what you're talking about anyhow, so there really isn't much point in elucidating further.

The only thing your post proves is you having no real arguments and have to point to technicalities. We're talking Android here so I don't think there's any confusion, except on your part. And while we're nick picking, it's more than a skin/launcher. There's deep integrations into the underlying OS blurring the lines between OS and skin.

But you're not interested in discussing facts so go do what you do best... run.

I always install 3rd party launchers the moment my phone boots for the first time. I really wouldn't know Touchwiz if it slapped me in the face, tho I've had it on my last 3 or 4 devices. I also root all my Android devices as soon as a safe root method is available, then I de-bloat my OS. At that point, I have a completely customized and debloated phablet to call my own. Throw in a pinch of Xposed for this or that and I have an absolutely amazing device with Touchwiz nowhere to be found. Or fat.

Yes. The Note 3 is still state of the art and crazy fast. The Note 4 will, if done well, set an even higher bar that will not be passed well into 2015.

I am sure the new iphones will be well made, well designed, and stable phones but I just don't see myself using one over something like the Note 3/4. I guess if they innovate and offer something that redefined 'the phone' like the original iphone did I would consider it. I don't see that happening though.

Personally, I couldn't stand touchwiz all the way up to the note 3. But the note 3 is still a very high performer, even With touchwiz....the sd 800 and 3 gigs of ram help with that. It's also still very state of the art.

But I think samsung is finally making progress with touchwiz....it definately looks better. I've been using one for a few weeks now and I've also been impressed with the performance. Some people bitch about lag but I've speed tested it with multiple high end devices Just to play around and it's definately a beast overall !
It better be with the sd 801

Well I hope the new Note lives up to your expectations otherwise you will be let down twice this week.. Once by Samsung and then again on Sunday...#howboutthemCowboys

Posted via Android Central App

After having two Note phones and watching samsung/att really screw them up with att's crappy ass locked bootloader and samsung touchwiz, I cant WAIT to get a Nexus 6-or whatever they're going to call the next Nexus. I'm sick of samsung.

I would have agreed wholeheartedly a year ago, but Motorola really nailed it with the Moto X. If the next gen is an even slightly better than average improvement, it will be THE device to beat. No bloat, just enough (genuinely useful) tweaks to differentiate it in the marketplace and an exceptional pricepoint.

I am not sure about carrier issues as I am Canadian, but having a Nexus 4 and 5 and recently picking up a Note 3, I am shocked at how fast and efficient Touch wiz has become. Of course the Nexus phones are faster, but from having an S3 in the past I have to admit I am actually content with Touch wiz. Shocker eh.

Posted via the Android Central App

Lol I'm running CyanogenMod now instead of Touchwiz, and I can definetly tell you my next phone will be one running Stock Android. Don't miss anything

Posted via GS4 on CM11

I'm not particularly excited about any of them really... I can say from this list I'm least excited about the iWatch.

Posted via Android Central App

Now that the novelty of smartwatches is wearing off... I'm not excited about any of them. The added functionality is extremely limited, especially considering the pricepoint.

Agreed, I love Android, but honestly, my Nexus 5 does all I need a smartphone to do, and an Android tablet or phablet doesn't do much/anything more than the Nexus.

It's not on the list, interestingly given the presence of Apple devices, but the only products I'm excited about at this point are Windows 8 tablets/devices. I bought a Surface Pro 2 last year, and it's seriously the best mobile system I've ever owned. No more limitations in terms of applications, peripherals and storage, a real keyboard and the pen... Say what people may about Windows, but if you need to accomplish any real task, a full desktop OS can't be beat.

I'm really curious to see how Android (and iOS for that matter) progress from here, because they're really at a cross-road. Do they remain capability limited and simple, task oriented, or do they start to develop the capabilities of a full OS. Windows, and I have to assume MacOS at some point, will match the ease of use of Android/iOS on simple touch based devices. If user experience is equal, why would anyone choose the more limited system?

Interesting times to come.

I'll be excited when the Note 5 comes out next year.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

yea I know..... I just really want the next Nexus. The 360 looks good to, I just wonder how much it is going to be with a metal bracelet.

So what... I'm not buying one of these other device in the mean time... I had a nexus 4 and now have a nexus 5 and I wouldn't have traded them for any of this other stuff... I also have a nexus 10 and I can't wait for the new HTC nexus 9 to hit so I can upgrade once again with a pure android work of art!!!

I'm most excited about Nexus X. I cannot believe it was not included in the poll. Android Central is slack!!!

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I feel dirty... I just voted for "The New iPhone". Let's be clear, I'm not trading in my android tablets or my Nexus 5. Work is forcing me to upgrade my company BlackBerry to an iPhone and I've managed to hold on to at least get whatever is announced this week.

True, but using the right apps, you can download music to it. The only thing that sucks about downloading that way is that the files can only be accessed by that app and not the system.

Boom. Although, after trying out Windows Phone for a few months, I might give the iPhone a serious look, especially if they're upping the screen size.

Well have fun with your laggy, "superior", plastic Android while I enjoy my lag-free, beautifully engineered, "inferior" iPhone. :D

Yup, high end android devices sure have alot of lag don't they.....lololol....you must not be an android user....most ios users don't have much of an idea of what android is capable of. I'm assuming you're one of them

there's just too many ways Android is the better platform....it's just more powerful.

What are you doing here anyway?? Do the writers at Imore have nothing interesting to say today ?

Well I have a galaxy S5 with a 2.5GHz quad core processor and it sill lags and crashes more than my iPhone 5 with a 1.3Ghz dual core processor. Android phones can have triple the power of the iPhone, but in real world perfomance it will still lag behing the it. Android phones are only for spec hungry whores.

If you have a lagfree iP5 it's because you have no apps installed on it.
And Samsung is the laggiest manufacturer out there. Touchwiz is a piece of junk.

I don't think anyone here actually believe you're being honest about anything you're saying, so your 'declaration' that my argument is invalid is itself invalidated.

No, Android phones are for people that prefer Android, and people that need more function from their devices. IPhones are for people that prefer iOS, and people that want a simple device for accessing content, etc.

Not a difficult concept, lol.

What exactly donyou create on your Android . I have a nexus 5 and have not yet found any app thst allows me to create documents or presentations to the same quality as the iworks suite for my iphone 4 . Plus I can use a hdmi cable or an apple tv to display them on a large screen tv. My nexus 5 has slimport support and recently can screencast to my chromecast, but these features generally only come on a few high end devices. Most android users dont get these features. In my experience most android users install facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instagram and nothing else other than a few games. Iworks and ilife on the iphone are more powerful than anything I have found in the playstore.

Posted via Android Central App

QuickOffice and Google docs are great for document generation. And ANYONE with Allcast can Cast ALL of the things.
Your talk about features coming on only a few high end devices is ironic, since that's exactly the process you're describing for your Apple setup. Overpriced phones and an overpriced Apple TV that only communicates with Apple devices. Do you even realize how full of it you are? Your description of 'most' Android users is also a description of 'most' iOS users. They download a couple social media apps and some games and that is pretty much that.

Quick office has never been a patch on iworks and has been dropped by google in favour of google docs. Try creating a presentation with transitions or wipes on either of these. Keynote for ios can create them with ease. Screencast is good but this feature has been available on Apple tv a very long time. I like all operating systems, including windows phone, but get sick of hearing that you can't create on ios, it us simply not true. I am writing this on my Galaxy Tab 2 7".

Posted via Android Central App

It's been 7 hours since you posted and I still can't figure out half of your gibberish. No one said you can't create on iOS. Your argument is what those of us who have read books found in the nonfiction section call a 'straw man'.

He has no life why else would he comment on an Android site. I may go on the other Mobile Nation sites just to read what the other platforms have to offer but definitely dont comment on their articles. Last time I checked Android dominates the smartphone world.

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Exactly !! Thats why you said it in the first place...now get your apple lovin ass outta here and back to 9 to 5 mac where you belong....u little douch !

Yeah, Google should be ashamed of making the internet more accessible to the masses! The internet is only for snobby iTards like yourself!

Not everyone can afford iPhones or high-end Android devices. Someone has to cater to the low-end of the market. That's nothing for any company to be ashamed of, either.

This thread of comments makes me think of whenever my roomate realizes my LG G3 is doing something his iphone cannot. He is what i would call an isheep. For a while he wouldnt even watch a video or look at a picture.

I think he worries that android is contagious. LoL.

Posted via my LG G3

I loved back in the day when my friends would rave about how their iphone could do everything my phone could do and more. Then I'd take it out of my pocket, turn on the music and play it out of the external speaker and just sit there with it playing music while they grumbled about the next iteration having an external speaker. I usually didn't have to bring the discussion to cut and paste.

Really? Whuch iphone didn't have an external speaker? I have just looked on youtube and even the original iphone had an external speaker.

Posted via Android Central App

Y'know, I never looked into it myself. He must have just not known how to use the darn thing. Which for me makes it just that much funnier.

If only there was a option for the BlackBerry Passport....there would be at least one vote for it from here!

Posted via Android Central App

Strangely I'm not looking at anything and I'm a little over a month away from upgrade.

Posted via the Android Central App

I voted moto x, because I can only vote for one. But I'm excited to see the note 4, new moto x, and even the iPhone 6.

Posted via Android Central App

Probably the iWatch as it's the device that we know least about.

With all the other phones, they've been leaked enough or you can make pretty well educated guesses as to what we can expect from them, but the iWatch intrigues me as I really don't know what type of approach they'll take with it.

Hoping for something better than the S5 ... Two upgrades and nothing has convinced me to use them... I had 32 GB two freaking years ago and refuse to go down backwards to 16 GB. I do love the the waterproofing of the Samsung phones (besides I can root & remove the Samsung/Google bits I don't like). Hoping for at least a 32 GB Waterproofed Note 4 (would prefer 64 GB or more :) ).. If not, I guess I'll wait. I don't play games on my phone much and have yet to run into anything my debloated S3 couldn't handle quickly.

I'm looking forward to Moto releasing a new Trusted Bluetooth Skip that I can use with my N5. The rest is cool, but that's something I'd actually buy.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

Looking forward to what the note 4 does as well. But im interested in how all the other phones does for the industry as well moving forward. The next few months will be very interesting for all involved

Posted via the Android Central App

I'll be waiting for the Next Nexus. Waiting to get the official word of the size if it. 5.9" will be too big and then it will be the Moto X2.
Phones are getting to be too damn big. I will not go over 5.2" which is pushing it as it is.

I want to see the next Moto X. I have (well my wife has) a Moto X, and I think it was an almost perfect device except for the camera. I wonder if Moto was able to sort that out.

I voted for the Moto X...since I can only vote for one. I'm just as interested in the new iPhone tho. I like to keep up with what they are doing since we use a combo of Ubuntu, Win7, Osx and ios in our family. I'll be waiting for an unlocked version of the iPhone.
Motorola is just doing really interesting stuff, and keeping the pricing down.
Really just waiting for news of the next Nexus...That's the one phone I buy the instant they take orders, this year tho I'll also buy another N5(Red) if they drop the price like they did last year to the N4.

Posted via Serenity

I'm hoping the next iPhone will bring something new to the table to step up the smartphone game, but I'm not counting on it. I think the ebst we can hope for from the 6 is NFC payments (which iOS fans will think Apple somehow innovated) to get more attention to NFC so that those of us who have been using it for years can use it more places.

We got the first round of the ios 8 preview at work today... There were a couple cool features mentioned, but nothing groundbreaking.

Well said, I too like all operating systems, although it seems you can only like one or you get slagged off for being an isheep. To be honest all the operating systems seem to be merging into one, even windows phone has a notification panel. I am really enjoying learning windows phone 8.1 after buying a cheap nokia phone, so much so that my next contract phone might be a windows phone. People should just buy what they like without hating on others for choosing something different.

Posted via Android Central App

I'd actually really keen to see the Xperia tablet compact and the z3.
Moto x could be interesting but the current leaks don't really interest me so far. Hopefully they do some great stuff with software.
Not really interested in the smart watches until there are improvements in android wear.
I would love to see a mid phone released with great a great camera and smaller than 5" screen for my parents

Z3 Compact. If the next Nexus really is 6", then I will want something smaller. Here's hoping the Z3 Compact is actually available in the US, even if that means buying unlocked on eBay.

What about The New Moto G!!!! Naw im just kidding but I would vote for it!! And I'm getting one for Christmas so I'll have the orginal and the new.

Posted via the Android Central App

The two phones that interest me are the Moto G2, which I might actually buy if it matches what I need, and the Xperia Z3 Compact.

The iPhone and the Note will be exciting to the people who like such things. But that's not me.
The Moto X+1 would be great, but the Moto X was released over 6 months later in Australia and only in very obscure places.
Watches... don't care.

I'll have to admit it. If the iPhone 6 looks good, I'll switch over. I'll be switching from Sprint to Verizon also.

Posted via Android Central App

One that has the Snapdragon 810, another words, no current devices! Satisfied with my S4.

Posted via the Android Central App

Moto 360 mainly, but I've been thinking about replacing my Nexus 5 with a Note 4 to get a larger screen so I'm interested in that. My only worry about that is the eFuse that Samsung use turns me off Samsung phones.

Can't see the poll on the app. Also, out of this poll, its the Moto 360 but I'm more excited to see the next Nexus device than anything else.

AC App via Nexus 5

I'm interested in both the iphone and the new note. If either company drops the ball, I'm going with the other as my main. Sadly, if they both drop the ball, I have no clue wtf I'm doing.

Why is the MotoMaxx not listed? That's my choice. Although maybe its not listed because its not officially official yet. I'm waiting for the Maxx replacement though.

It's between the Note 4 and Mota X2 but I voted the Note because I've preferred the rumors I've seen for that one so far. Hoping Moto sells the new X at $399 right out the gate.

We pretty much know what the Note 4 will be. I'm more interested in the larger iPhone. If there's a 5.5 inch display like rumored, i'm interested.

Either the Nexus 6 or new Moto X for me. One taste of vanilla Android and it's hard to go back to anything else.

Posted via Android Central App

I look forward to all the releases. The Moto X is a great device. I got one for my daughter. I look forward to seeing how they improve on it. Sony is doing good things with Android. There's a lot of Good options out there for Android. I enjoy competition, because that means we, as consumers, win. I especially look forward to the Note 4 release. I have the Note 3 and it is a beast. The best battery life (except the LG G2), very fast,and very responsive. It's also very versatile. Mine doesn't run touchwiz. It runs Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime with Apex launcher as a backup. I rooted and totally erased touchwiz and Knox. It's damn near Vanilla. If half of the rumors about the Note 4 are true, especially the 4 GB of RAM, then I'll get it in a couple of months. To the douche that keeps commenting on the Iphone and dogging Android. If you knew half of the stuff that IOS can't do, but that Android can, you'd keep your fat mouth shut and go elsewhere.

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When you have to root/jailbreak your phone, there's a problem. I say it about Apple devices all the time, it's only fair to apply it to Android as well.
Really wish root was as easy as it was with the Palm Pre as well.

I agree totally. I didn't have to root my Note 3. I could have just disabled the bloatware including touchwiz. I've already got 26 gb of usable internal storage even with bloatware installed plus a 64gb micro SD card. I really don't need any more storage than that. The funny thing is that removing bloatware doesn't add more to the internal storage. It just frees up more of the storage in the ROM, where the operating system is stored, so even if you don't get rid of bloatware and just deactivate it is just about the same as deleting it.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm must curious about what we know least about, the new Motorola earpiece device. I'm hoping to see something truly innovative.

Posted via Android Central App

Nothing that I am excited about...unless HTC is going to show off the next new m9 for the states.

Posted via the Android Central App

The new iPhone might actually help note sales in the future. Think about it. If iPhone users see that their beloved iPhone is now the same size as those "humongous" phones, maybe they won't be so reluctant to buy one.

Posted via Android Central App

I think you have a valid point there. The only problem is that some people still won't want a bigger phone. My daughter, for example, was given the choice of the Moto X, the Note 3, and the G2. She went with the Moto X because of the size of it. The Note 3 was my last choice. AT&T didn't have a 32gb G2 or Moto X in stock and no GS4. They didn't even have a Black Note 3. To this day I'm glad that was the case. It's one of the best phones out there, even now. The point is, I didn't want one due to it's size. I'm glad I got it. It's been one hell of a phone. All that being said. Apple putting out a large iphone could possibly help increase Note 4 sales.

Posted via Android Central App

Just wondered why your daughter only had a choice of those three phones. Were there no others in the store?

Posted via Android Central App

It was due to cost that she only had those three choices. You don't get much better though.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been waiting to get the new moto x! Hopefully it's not too expensive like the last one.

Posted via Android Central App

A better price point would be key. If they make some nice improvements, market the hell out of it, and sell it at a lower price point, then it will sell very well when compared to the original Moto X.

Posted via Android Central App

I said the iPhone just because Apple's EasyPay is gonna make Google Wallet finally take off.

Posted via Android Central App

I voted for the Note 4, having had the previous II and 3 devices. I know the device will be upgraded, but I really hope there is a couple really killer features, like water-proofing, and being able to take pictures under water. Add a few more features and this phone is really going to be amazing, especially with the reported screen resolution.

Other than the Note, I'm really interested in seeing what's new with the Moto X and seeing how well it integrates with the Moto 360.

Yup, it's silly season, OK. I'm ready to strap in and go for a ride. Let's do this!

Although my next phone will most likely be an android ( barring that windows and/or Blackberry [don't laugh] doesn't come out with compelling solutions), I always like to see the comp throw a nice blow. This is why i voted for the iPhone as being the most anticipated device that I can't wait to see come out. The iPhone has been stale for quite sometime and i can't wait to see the new implementations Apple introduces (both hardware and software) in hopes of pulling away from the pack again. With all the latest strides android has been making---with the various OEM's hardware and software tweaking, Google's anticipated L software update, etc.. ---it's going to be very exciting to see Apple's answer.

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