Froyo on the Evo 4GFroyo on the Evo 4G

We're waiting on Android 2.2 to be officially released for the Sprint Evo 4G -- everybody relax a little, the Froyo code's only been out for two weeks now -- but that doesn't mean you can't give it a shot now, thanks to (where else?) the cats at XDA Developers. Avalaunchmods has rigged up a Froyo build for the Evo, with working Wifi, multitouch, Bluetooth, calls ... pretty much everything except for the camera. We'll definitely be giving this one a shot, and you guys sing out, too, if you've Froyo'd up your Evo. [XDA Developers

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d3xn2o says:

Im Froyo'd Up on the Evo...

Its Pretty damn fast...

using EVOlutionV9 and EVOlutionX

Now this one...

Personally Vanilla Froyo feels better... Alot more Responsive...

Sense Seems to Slow everything down... Regardless its awesome this is out now... Cant complain too much

Ecoteric says:

slow everything down? Sense runs zippy now on Evo 4G, Android 2.1

crackerstyle says:

I flashed this rom and love it. The deal breaker with the vanilla froyo roms for me was the fact that bluetooth wouldn't work for making calls. Call me elitist but ever since buying my BT headset I despise actually holding the phone up to my ear anymore.

A correction to the post though Phil, is the front facing camera actually does work (the 8MP camera on the back still does not though). When you initially load the camera app all you see is green lines, but if you go into the settings and change it from 5:3 widescreen resolution to 4:3 standard, the image fixes itself. I didn't figure this out so I don't deserve the credit, someone in the xda forums figured it out, but I figure you can share the good news there too.

Edit: Also in the camera instance there is no button to take the pic, since I believe this is a port of the sense desire rom? So the app assumes you have the trackball or whatever. I did find that long holding on the screen will take the picture though.

saywut says:

As much as i want to use it......I need my camera! I'm pretty sure they will have support for the camera way before the official Froyo comes out!

Good Work!

franky_402 says:

now we just gotta have someone run the tests next to the nexus one and see how much jit helps with the evo's hardware

MOE-GUNZ says:

That wallpaper is awesome....I want :)

Saiyajin says:

Very cool! This should be ready for the Inc in short time. Great work! Man these devs are fast!

vebix says:

Don't do it! You might break your market access:

Spork1673 says:

simple build prop fix should take take of the market problem

vebix says:

Not everyone roots their device.

crackerstyle says:

The people who don't root their device can't flash this, so no worries there.

irishpride says:

This has to mean that the Inc is close to getting Froyo!

svargas05 says:

Does it allow 4G to work?

david11c says:

No, 4G isn't working. I am running V9. I am enjoying it so far.

bluv4eva717 says:

That wallpaper is hot. Anyone have it to share?

ro1224 says:


joshua.worth says:

I just came over from a blackberry and need to learn all about this ish!!!!

wrecklass says:

Won't do this any time soon as I really need my phone stable. If HTC and Sprint don't have froyo available by end of summer I will probably change my stance. By then the xda devs should have both cameras working.

It may have only been out for two weeks, but if HTC hasn't been working with the prereleased code like any good software developer they deserve to be slapped upside the head. Even if something isn't finalized code you can still get pretty damn far in development on beta.