Vodafone has announced that it's extending its "4G bonus" program through until the end of January. The promotion, which was originally due to expire at the end of October, gives Vodafone Red 4G subscribers 4GB of bonus data for the life of their contracts. What's more, SIM-only customers and 12/24-month customers on contracts that include a bundled 4G phone will get unlimited data for three months, then double the standard data allowance plus 4GB for the life of the contract. That's a lot of data.

With the extension of this Vodafone deal and new price plans launching from EE today, we're starting to see the UK LTE marketplace becoming a bit more competitive. That trends looks set to continue into December, when Three UK launches its LTE network along with unlimited data and a promise not to charge extra for the service.

Press Release

Vodafone UK extends 4G Bonus until the end of January.

Vodafone UK is giving customers even more reasons to enjoy fantastic sports or music entertainment on ultrafast 4G by extending its 4G Bonus offer beyond Christmas. With the 4G Bonus, anyone signing up to a Vodafone Red 4G plan before the end of January will get an extra 4GB of data per month for the length of their contract. The offer, announced on 9 September, was originally intended to stop at the end of October.

Vodafone Red 4G brings 4G to life as never before, with sports action including over 150 hours of Premier League football from Sky Sports Mobile TV, or more than 20 million songs from Spotify Premium for music lovers.

Anyone signing up to a SIM only plan (starting at £26/month) or a 12 month plan (starting at £52/month) or 24 month plan (starting at £34/month) with a new 4G-ready handset included, will get three months unlimited UK data, then double the amount of data available on standard Vodafone Red plans plus an extra 4GB per month for the length of their contract. On top of unlimited calls and texts it’s Vodafone’s best ever value deal.


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Vodafone UK extends '4G bonus' to end of January


with "Three UK" you can get unlimited free 4G for every customer (with unlimited tethering included on "The One Plan", £15 per month so why even bother with these expensive offers.

Because Three has terrible coverage? Even in the centre of London I struggled to get more than 1 bar with my 3 SIM. Don't care how cheap it is, it was a waste of money if I can't use it.

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I used to work in Three Customer Service, constant complaints about coverage were mental. Three are terrible.

i'm in central london..have tried all networks. currently on vodafone, poor 3g coverage.
going back to 3, they have the best 3g coverage.

and vodafone seem to have these spots in london where the internet just crawls so slowly, end up waiting forever.
never had that problem with 3.
when voda contract is up..i'm outta here

I was contacted by Voda Customer Services yesterday asking if I wanted it, getting a HTC One, cheaper than the price plan advertised, it'll be coming tomorrow so it's happy days.