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Let's take a quick look at multitouch on the Sprint Evo 4G, shall we? In daily use, it's been holding up just fine. Pinch-to-zoom works as it should, and the touchscreen is as responsive as you'd expect.

In comparing it to the Nexus One -- which has well-documented quirks with its touchscreen -- the Evo 4G seems to pass our little test OK. (And here's our video of multitouch on the Verizon Droid Incredible, too.) The points didn't follow my fingers quite as quickly as I might have liked, but, again, real-life use hasn't been impacted.


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Video: Multitouch on the Sprint Evo 4G


Why the hell did Google let this happen to their flagship device? Why did they let the Nexus One have such an inferior chip, while HTC is releasing other phones that don't really have any problems?

Sorry, should have mentioned that. It's Froyo, but I got the exact same results on the N1 as with 2.1. It's a physical issue, not software.

I have to say that on the nexus on you crossed your fingers which made it jump. But on the evo you did not,I would say that you have to make the same exact movements to get an accurate reading.

I just want the darn thing to come out. Mine is on Pre order. Hey Phil when will a full video review will be out. Or will you wait for the phine to be realesed to the public 1st

Just tested it with my Froyo N1; the problem is indeed there and it's a pretty big issue IMO. How such an awesome piece of hardware could have such a cheap multi-touch screen blows my mind.

Uh, yea. It has the same chip as the Incredible and although the Nexus may get a little better with software updates it's still going to be limited by it's hardware. No surprise here. Not even worth front page news.

Says who? Some webpage on the internet that says so and now everyone takes that word as gospel?

Until I see REAL PROOF, something along the lines of what the Androidcentral owner has done for us, I don't believe a thing. Show me pictures of both phones disassembled with their multitouch hardware codes side by side and THEN i'll believe it. Until then it's just hearsay.

The only time that you are going to see an issue with the nexus is when you try complex touches as crossing the axis. P to Z works fine but you aren't going to get the performance that you need in specifically games that require these motions. Please do your research before spouting off at the mouth. Sometimes i wish you had to pay to be a member.

My hopes rise and fall daily.

I misunderstood that EVO would ship with 2.2, so was giddy yesterday ... the complete Microsoft Exchange syncing (CALENDAR!) is essential to my wife and me, and I thought the news was going to allow us to quickly replace our very outdated phones with the EVO. Now, it appears ... it's either wait or go with the iPhone. Grumble. Grumble.

I'm pretty sure it does sync with Exchange calendar via some Sense mojo, but that's just based on recollection from a review or two... So not really confirmation, but maybe an invitation to someone who's got an EVO to test it on?

It's my understanding that, AT BEST, there is a workaround to get the calendar syncing to Android 2.1 ... but if you do a Web search on Android Microsoft Exchange Calendar ... you will see the buzz. It appears that Android 2.2 remedies all of this (and caused my giddiness) and becomes a very Exchange friendly OS. I've had to do workarounds on my current pile of junk phone for two years, and am not ready to go down that road again.

Other than this test, I have yet to find any real world issues with the multitouch on my N1. I don't play games on my N1 (except snesoid!) and that's pretty much the only area I think this would be an issue and even that's a stretch. What games or apps have you cross the axis like that anyways? You even say the N1 is tracking well at one point where your using it like most users would.

Want to see the best Multi-touch phone? See Galaxy S...


Sometimes, and by sometimes I mean every day or other day from regular use, my N1 will glitch out with touch response. I'll touch somewhere on the screen, and it'll behave as if I'm touching something an inch below where my finger is. It'll carry out like that until I lock the phone and unlock it (which i'm assuming recalibrates it or something.

This is a quirky bug which I've noticed since day one of my N1 and thought it was just my phone until I just saw this!