Smartphones are designed to keep people connected and always on top their lives. Everything from accessing email, taking pictures, managing their schedule, browsing the web, and even playing with silly flatuence apps. Oh -- and don't forget making phone calls too. Though recently a new bug has appeared that's been hindering that experience for those who own the Evo 4G from Sprint running Froyo.

A poster on Google's bug submission page, has brought the attention to an issue with the calendar application. Those experiencing the bug have noticed that if you go back into the appointment and edit the time, the "description" field is overwritten by the "where" field. Resulting in the description being deleted fully. Hopefully Google and HTC are on top of this bug and will offer a temporary fix until a proper update will be released. Click on after the jump to see bug in action.


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Users running Froyo on Sprint's Evo 4G are experiencing a calendar bug


Im sorry, but FROYO sucks. I have had more problems with apps and irritating things like my messages going into landscape and not wanting to turn back upright without SHAKING my phone. I would go back to 2.1 in a SECOND if I could. I have seen ZERO improvement with froyo. ZERO.

I know all about the improvements on paper, but like you said, day to day, I really don't care about anything added in 2.2.
Two very minor differences, for me. My Exchange messages now go to an outbox when data is unavailable (before it would refuse to send), and when I click on someones name in contacts to make a call, it used to take 5 seconds to make the acknowledgment. I would always think the command did not take. Now it is about 1.5 seconds.

And I should NOT have to do a damn factory reset to make the god damn thing work properly. If they can't make it work properly, then DON'T DO THE UPDATE! I would have gladly waited to get an update that actually IMPROVED my phone

I really wish the Calendar would send updates to invitees, when updating time/date.

Now, I will get the updated entry, but no one else will. Makes me miss Windows Mobile :)

I'm not sure if this is Froyo related or not, but since updating, I can no longer set reminders on the birthdays that Facebook adds to my calendar. I used to be able to before, now when i tap menu on those entries, i just get an option to show my agenda, instead of Add Reminder.

Watch the video closely. You don't have to really edit anything ... just pushing the edit button does it. And even when you back out the record gets saved which means description gets wiped out. Happens on both my Google and Exchange calendars.

I was also able to duplicate this. However, you can get around the problem by using Jorte which is better anyway.

I was also able to duplicate this. However, you can get around the problem by using Jorte which is better anyway.

I'm having this same bug, but on a slightly different note...

The stock HTC EVO 4G calendar has sucked since the day I've gotten it. Fraught with annoying little bugs, and user interface inadequacies.

I'm a self employed person, who uses the phone calendar extensively to keep track of appointments... it's been pretty aggravating even before the froyo update that led to this bug.

I have this bug but I hardly use the description field so its not a big problem for me.

The one thing that is a problem for me is that ever since updated to 2.2 my Calander will sync for long periods of time. I turn on the phone and I see the sync icon in the status bar then 20 minutes later it will still be there. Eventually it stops but it never did that before 2.2

How about the ability to set "No Reminder" as default for new calendar entries. It's hard to believe that on a device this sophisticated, that you have a default reminder time set. What if you don't use reminders... you have to actively change every event manually? Ridiculous!

I have an issue where calendar entries from facebook show the time incorrectly by two hours. i've check all time zone settings and can't see why this is happening.

I emailed HTC as soon as I noticed this and they said they will send the feedback to the right department to work on it and fix with an update.

A very abboying change that Froyo forced upon my Evo's contact list was the loss of "custom" headings for info. I used to be able to list someone's work, home and mobile numbers, and then add in "work mobile" or "Blackberry e-mail". When I upgraded, it changed all of those captions to "other".

A very ANNOYING change that Froyo forced upon my Evo's contact list was the loss of "custom" headings for info. I used to be able to list someone's work, home and mobile numbers, and then add in "work mobile" or "Blackberry e-mail". When I upgraded, it changed all of those captions to "other".

Sorry about the misspelled word.

htc very clearly pushed this update out too fast, with too little testing. The desire to be "first" caught up with htc and Sprint.

Even ignoring the things that are clearly bugs, the changes in 2.2 seem to take away as much as they give. I'm still on 2.1, and see no reason to upgrade at this time. What little I lose in speed, I gain in reliability.

I would like to try the new voice search, and Chrome to Phone, but not enough to take the 2.2 plunge. VLingo seems better than voice search anyway.

It sounds like Hero pt. 2. The difference is they pretty much washed their hands with the Hero. Mediocrity, plain and simple!

Reading this, I have three feelings:

1) sorrow for EVO users b/c of the bug.
2) Disappointment towards HTC and Sprint.
3) cautious optimism that VzW won't let a bug like that thru QA.

I am self employed and rely heavily on this calendar. I put a lot of notes in the desc field. This is really hard on a small business.

First, thanks to AC for putting this issue in a headline article, as it truly deserves more public awareness if anything to put some pressure on Sprint/HTC/Google for a fix. A calendar that deletes data is a dangerous thing. I lost vital information before finally realizing the bug existed.

Second, you point to a user bug submission on Google's site on 8/10. However, I brought the issue to your site five days prior:

The real news is not so much the bug but rather Sprint's ignorance and continued refusal to acknowledge its existence. I went another round with Sprint CS/TS on Friday, only to be told yet again to "reset" the device. They finally patched me through to someone at HTC, who while apologetic, did not offer a solution. His "coach" (I guess that's an HTC manager?) suggested that Sprint should replace the device. Frankly, a new device that's still on 2.1 would be an acceptable solution. I just need the calendar to work. (Sprint of course won't do this, and doesn't have any phones anyway it seems.)

Using a third party app is not a reasonable "fix" for me. The absolute number one reason I purchased this Evo (and Sprint "service") was for the calendar as I demoed it at Best Buy. I needed a visual daily layout that the stock calendar offers (the daily "time view") and isn't available with a third party app AFAIK. And I need to edit it. A LOT. Like 200-300 events a week, 98% with "descriptions".

This is not a mysterious bug. We can see exactly why the data is getting overwritten. It's simple field transposition. It should be a 24hr fix. In the time I've spent trying to make Sprint and HTC aware of the issue, I could have deciphered the code myself, found the typo, and issued a fix. But Sprint is too busy denying the bug exists, trying to convince users to waste their time running a hard reset and having to set up their device again from scratch, or claiming this is still "the first they've heard of it."

Not to say there aren't other bugs or oversights (no default reminder "none" setting, still?)... But this is a data-deleting bug, which should be squashed immediately.

Prior to Froyo, I was greatly impressed with this device, with Android, and even with Sprint. Some of you might argue that as a former iPhone owner, it didn't take much. ;) A couple calls to Sprint CS for basic issues were quickly and politely solved. This was all prior to my 30 day trial period...

But now? Sprint hastily pushed a poorly tested OS update on their device. They're blaming HTC. Nothing's been acknowledged. No fix in sight, because they won't even say they know about it or are working on it.

I just want the working phone that I bought back. 2.1. I don't care if it was somewhat slower, with no flashlight app or dice. Seriously? Wow, I can't wait for 2.3, perhaps we'll get a built in Fart app, and they'll break the People directory to delete phone numbers every time you make a call?

Dr. Evo

I really hope Google starts taking a little more control over their OS, over manufacturers and carriers, anyway, who have demonstrated time and again how mediocre and incapable they are in dealing with such a magnificent OS. Updates directly from Google, no third party (cr)apps forced on us, NO proprietary UIs and root access FTW!

Well, I can tell you from lots of time spend working with a VERY similar problem on my Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S series on TMo) that this is not necessarily phone / provider specific.

For background, I’ve had PDA’s since they existed. Many hours handling sync problems for myself and Clients. Been on Android since day 1, G1.

Since I got my Vibrant, I have had to work for 8 days (now on my 9th) importing, exporting, wiping online Google Cal, wiping phone, converting Calendars between ics and CSV, into and out of various Calendars, USB sync to Outlook, even by hand editing in Excel!! I’ve done it all. At one point, I found my Description data for over 800 items moved into the field for Reminder (a TRUE/FALSE field!!) Had to move I by hand. (Thank God for Excel! {or is that Thank Billy … LOL!})

After I got it all fixed up, wiped Google Calendar and phone, log out, reboot phone, sync it and all was well. Test appointments in both synced correctly, life was good after 8 days of hell.

I thought.

Until I went to a Client and made my first entry. (Changed arrival time on an appointment already synced on both ends and appearing "good"). At the end of the appointment I went to change the end time and found all my description data GONE in the appointment! It was there 2 hours ago.

Looking in sync I found the phone had synced 10 mins before.

When I got home I looked at my Google Calendar to find all appointments before this month duplicated. In the phone it looked OK.

Forced a sync. No change. Created an appointment in phone & sync. No joy, didn’t show online.

Wiped Google cal and reloaded last backup (exact same data as in the phone but for two appointments). Made a Test appointment in both phone and Google Cal. Reboot phone & Google log out.

Phone shows both tests. Google shows it's test. (one way sync)
Reboot, logout. Sync. NOW Google shows NIETHER, phone still shows both.


Personally, I think it's a Google problem. I think the sync is not robust enough to survive phone dropouts of service during a sync, or it scrambles when switching from 3G to EDGE or some such nonsense. I think the error correction is broken. Sync loses where it is during a sync, voila, data dumped in the wrong field, or lost completely.

For those interested, there’s more of this discussion on the Google Mobile site: