A late Christmas present from team Unrevoked is now available for download. Yes, all you people who have HTC Evo 4Gs with the new hardware, or a Droid Incredible with an SLCD screen, can now get to rooting and flashing your devices. As announced via their Twitter account you can grab the download direct from the unrevoked website. Be sure to let us know how it's working for you all after you try it out. [Unrevoked via Twitter]


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Unrevoked 3 updated to support new EVO 4G hardware and SLCD Incredibles


Where is the list showing what versions of the EVO are supported? I have 2.10 and I had to look all over before finding out it wasn't supported last week. Any help would be appreciated. And it is New Years Eve, so be in a festive mood and be easy on me all of you angry posters.

And after I post this I go to their site and the first line says it supports 2.10. Ok, I deserve it, insult away.

YES YES YES! was commenting in the post that announced the source code hoping and waiting for this! Merry freaking christmas to......ME!

im having problems....the unrevoked 3.3 is causing a high security SONAR risk on my computer and norton is blocking it...is anyone else having problems

I noticed the SLCD problem with my wife's DInc, but I just installed an SLCD compatible recovery. Then installed ROM Manager, and it had an update. Thanks for a working version now! I thought at first I broke it...again (I accidentally 'recovered' her phone with the old version)

3.3 didn't work on my Evo. It went through the whole process at at the end it said "Error: failed to get root. Is you firmware too new?"

Only suggestion on their site is that there might be SOME application installed that interferes with it. I uninstalled a few, tried again, and failed again.


Could you please explain in much more detail? For example- WHEN did you put USB in "disk mode"? Thanks

OK, I added the disk mode to the procedure and things looked quite different this time- three reboots, too.

Scared me near the end, since on the third reboot it sat on a boot screen forever. But one more boot and it worked! Thank you

I found the video to be strange/not useful. Didn't match doing it in Linux at all. But thanks for trying to help :)

I used the release candidate yesterday to root my 0003 EVO with a 2.02 bootloader, and it went swimmingly. No problems what so ever. :)

I love this. Worked perfectly. I went straight to cyanogenmod and got latest version. And this Rom is east and kicks ass! I went from stock evolution to overclocked cyanogen lol loving wifi tether and CPU ovrclck and this flys!

KUDOS! I can't emphasize this too much: KUDOS! In less than 5 minutes I had my EVO rooted, and without a single bit of lost data!

Guys you are in a word: AWESOME!

Need help im getting something no ones mention, when I run the program it go's all the way to running rooting. Then the screen saids communications with phone unexpectedly interrupted try again.
I did it twenty times. What am I not getting.

When I did mine...after I updated Android 1.0 and received the bootloader interface complete. I still got the add new hardware message 3 times. Everytime the phone reboots. It worked , but is that part of the process. It always says "new hardware found". I am running windows xp. Also how do I know if I am using the latest version, I did mine in February 2011.