Truly Epic

Android Central forums moderator Ragnarokx has been hard at work building a great Froyo ROM for the Sprint Epic 4G, and it looks like a total winner.  Whether you want to blame Sprint, Samsung, or both for the hold-up of the official Froyo build for the Epic 4G, it's time to take matters into your own hands and see what your phone hardware is really capable of, and this is the perfect way to do it.  The TrulyEpic ROM has a huge feature list, here's a sampler:

  • Based On Froyo DK28
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Custom launcher (AMLauncher) optimized for speed, includes 3D app drawer
  • Removed Samsung and Sprint apps (can restore w/available zips)
  • Modified kernel supports EXT4 filesystem
  • Edify script/ClockworkMod3 compatible
  • Galaxy Tab email app, resized for the Epic's smaller screen
  • ClockworkMod3 baked into ROM for "reboot to recovery" apps

And that's less than half of the changes and enhancements.  I've told you guys once before that Ragnarokx is the man to see if you're tired of waiting for Froyo, and with the release of TrulyEpic I urge you to consider tossing the shackles, rooting your Epic 4G, and enjoying what it seems nobody in a corporate office wants you to have.  Ragnarokx is prepared to do whatever it takes to help -- you can find him lurking in the Epic 4G hacking forums.  Check out the TrulyEpic ROM here, it should help you make that decision.


Reader comments

TrulyEpic ROM brings the Froyo you crave to your Sprint Epic 4G [from the forums]


Thank you ragnarokx!!

The only thing DK28 won't get you is audio out through the usb for the Samsung desk/car dock but other than that it is great and well worth the upgrade.

Not to take anything away from the developer but on SDX and XDA you've been able to snag 2.2 Roms for quite some time and while this Rom does look exceptional I would think AC would report on the boatload of ROM options and not target in on one.

Your right and I've tried just about all of them and this is the best one IMO. So homegrown or not, this ROM deserves to be recognized and recommended.

He is a mod in the forums and helps everyone out with their Epic questions, thats it.

By homegrown I mean instead of the main support and download page being at XDA, it is here at the AC forums which is cool to me and probably Jerry too.

Well, it's good to see *any* coverage of the rooting community, I suppose. Aklyz is right, would be nice if this coverage of your home-grown ROM leads to more, wider coverage of ROMs and rooting issues in general. It seems that we see articles here about the first time a mainstream device is rooted, and that's it.

Right on!

And to add -- any ROM dev that has time to talk, we're always looking for quality ROMs and hacks for the front page. The issues is that if we don't have the phone to test them on, we need to make sure that the ROM is great, and is original work.

Talking to the dev is the best way to do that :)

I still haven't rooted yet but this has me tipping on the line of trying it. Also thanks for the hard work ragnarokx!

This is good news. My current ROM of Froyo is a tad too flaky for me, and I was considering going back to Eclair and waiting for the official drop. I'll give this one a whirl, and see what happens.

Thanks Ragnarokx for all your effort!

I just wanted to follow up and say that I got the ROM up and running, and so far it works great. It did notice immediately that it seemed a lot more responsive. The 3D app drawer is a little weird looking to me, but otherwise it all looks good. I want to play with the Task Manager some and see how it works compared to the last ROM I tried.

Again, great work Ragnarokx, and thanks for your work!

finally bit the bullet yesterday and rooted and installed this rom. wow!! freaking fantastic. the phone flies and seem very stable so far. gps now locks within about 3 secs and apps switch and load so very fast. thanks so much!!

Hey everyone, ive never rooted an android phone before but i am sick and tired of the tyrants at samsung holding back froyo, so i've decided i want to take matters into my own hands and ROOT but i dont want to brick my phone any tips? also is this the way to go? with the truly epic rom?

I really want to know if this rom is any way helping the issue with the keyboard missing? Is anyone who installed this rom still having that issue, or at least not a bad?

After months of waiting for 2.2 and seeing that story about what Sprint will say to customers when they call about Froyo coming to the epic. I man'ed up and rooted with the TER with the TER Mini theme v 1.5! Now I feel like I got a whole new phone! Thanks to Ragnaraokx and everyone else involved in creating this Rom!