Trident Cyclops Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the toughest Galaxy S5 cases you'll find anywhere


If you're in the market for a rugged, takes anything you throw at it kind of case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 then look no further. The Trident Cyclops is for you. This thing is insanely tough, durable and great value for money to boot.

The Cyclops is actually a two-piece case. The main shell is made of a hardened polycarbonate and is super sturdy all the way round the sides and back. There's very little flex in it at all and you've got flaps covering the headphone jack and charging port and replacements for the power and volume buttons. But that's only half of it.

The phone is held in place by a second piece which not only acts as a second layer to the sides of the case but also as a pretty substantial screen protector for the phone. Once the phone is inside the Cyclops there's very little that can get at it. Including you.

That's probably the biggest drawback to the Cyclops. Once you've got the phone in there getting it out is probably tougher than it ought to be. That's in part due to just how tough this thing is. The combination of almost no flex in the sides of the outer shell with lugs on the inner shell that hook in and keep the phone in tight means that you really do have to fight it out of there.

And that's about all there is to it. It's certainly not the slimmest nor the most glamorous case you'll ever see, but it's ridiculously tough. If that's what you need, definitely give it a look.

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Trident Cyclops Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5


I opted for one of these over the Defender for my One Max. It had slightly better reviews, but cost half as much.

I pretty much only use it for rougher activities - hunting, building, working in the field. But I'm confident it will hold up. It's insanely tough.

I got this case for my Note 3 and I love it. Totally worth the money and is much cheaper than the OtterBox Defender.

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I have the Trident Aegis for my Moto X, and it's literally the best case I've had on any device (and I've had a LOT of devices and cases). I have dropped my X more than a few times, on various surfaces, from carpet, to gravel, to cement, to pavement, and not a scratch on either the phone or this case. It's amazingly tough, and the rubberized parts of it make the phone bounce when I drop it, rather than shatter. My only complaint is that they don't make it for more models, like the Z1 compact, or for more tablets. I can't say enough good about Trident and their amazing cases.