Sprint Evo 4G

You guys want us to do an unboxing of the Sprint Evo 4G? Fine. We'll do an unboxing. And we'll do it live, in living color, with stereophonic sound. Maybe snakes will fly out. Maybe it'll be a gruesome scene. We don't know. We haven't actually looked yet (though we have a pretty good idea of what's in there). Anyhoo, check back tonight at 7 p.m. EDT, and we'll give you what you want.


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Tonight, live on the Android Central Podcast, we unbox the Evo 4G


I have the small brother of the Evo, the Incredible BUT I can't WAIT for Verizon to get something like the Evo. Love that 4.3" screen... DAMN! :) I want, I want! hahaha

Please open the box slowly. Small print on the side of the box states:
{CAUTION: Steve Jobs may jump out of the box and beat you down with a bag of "apples"!!!} Pun intended.

LMAO. Too funny - and witty. I love it. If there's a give-away (and as much as I want the EVO 4G) Shay D should win for this creative wisea$$ post. :D

Its not what's in the big white box that entrances us, its what's in - and on - the little black box that has us salivating. Until June 4 (or maybe even after) this is as close as most of us get to this little tech marvel, so to quote the poster above: GIMME GIMME GIMME !!!

I jumped ship from Tmobile in November for the Hero, i have to wait until november to get the EVO....this makes me sad =(

Hey Phil i got a very nice decked out hero ill trade you for the phone in your hand.Ill even customize it for you before we trade.

The problem with Android phones is that you're only "THE BEST" for a very short period of time because of the number of manufacturers making Android phones, advancements in the hardware and lastly, the Android OS itself!

Unlike Apple who is the one and only maker of the iPhone and its OS.

When I bought my Sprint HTC Hero, it was touted for a very short time as "the best", but quickly lost to the Droid. No matter though, I finally got 2.1 on my Hero and am moving on to the EVO.....
My EVO will have 2.1 but now I'm envious of 2.2 and will have to wait to have it upgraded :(

The rate of advancement/development in Android is REDICULOUSLY fast. That's the price you have to pay if you want to be on the bleeding edge of technology.

I have to admit, I'm just a sucker for it though.

As of the moment.....its Saturday 5/22...about 08:55AM....

T-minus 14 days 0 hours 5 minutes and 20 seconds until my pre-orderd EVO arrives at my local Radio Shack.....and counting....

Called Best Buy this Morning to check if they where still doing pre orders, the Rep told me that Yesterday was the last day to do the pre order to get a guaranteed Evo on launch day. It would be the following week for everyone else. He also mentioned that he hadn't seen a phone sell like this before for pre-ordered. So I went to Radio Shack, they had the better deal as well, you get an extra $20 credit toward accessories. Well finally got it on pre order. Cant wait now, by the way, I did get a chance to play with the phone, I am in tech support for sprint and the trainer already had it. It looks a lot better in person then in those You Tube Videos