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The new year has come and gone, and the Epic 4G still doesn't have an official Froyo build from Samsung and Sprint.  They tried to meet their goals, but things happen and at least Samsung has let us know they still want everyone to have a "simple/reliable upgrade".  That's good news, because we want you guys to have a simple and reliable upgrade as well.  But in the meantime, all who have turned to the dark side of root can take matter into their own hands.  Epic 4G forums moderator ragnarox has taken the time to whip up a very comprehensive guide using some popular hacks that not only will get you your Froyo fix, but will put Samsung's rfs file system to bed and replace it with the much snappier, and more reliable ext4 file system

Samsung keeps their phones pretty hacker-friendly, and with instructions this detailed it might just be time to give it a go.  Hit the source link, have a read -- and ask ragnarox any questions you might have -- then decide for yourself if you're finished waiting.  [Android Central's Epic 4G forums]


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Tired of the wait for Froyo on your Epic 4G? Try this


Wish something like this would hit the fascinate. Samsung sucks, wont be too long before they lose there lead with top selling name. Think HTC may be the way to go in the future. At least the support will be there as well as an unlocked bootloader.

Frankly I'm tired of excuses from Samsung. These phones should have shipped with 2.2 on them. When its time for an upgrade I'll be looking to HTC, Motorola, or LG if they have something good out for Android. I rooted my Fascinate recently (and had quite the adventure when I didn't follow directions) and can safely say a few tweaks later the phone does everything it should have out of the box. Love the hardware... I just wish Samsung & the carriers hadn't crippled it.

I did an early upgrade to froyo from HTC's own website and it was the non updateable nightmare. Reflashed rom and blah blah. Just root your phone. Its worth learning. Then run android the way it should be.

I flashed the leaked DK28 update. After some headache with the GPS, I finally got it stable enough to be useful as an everyday workhorse. I am running it rooted and I do have CWM installed, but I'm still running 100% (so to speak) stock Samsung software.

What I would like to know is if it's possible to migrate from RFS to EXT4 on the stock ROM instead of requiring a custom ROM. I realize it will at least need a new kernel or modules to support ext4, but I don't see why it couldn't be done stock otherwise.

Fool me once, shame on me
Fool me twice... nope
ain't gonna happen
Never again Samsung
Have a crappy life

As far as I'm concerned, this (captivate) will be the first and LAST samsung phone I ever purchase. I have to go to my (work) blackberry half the time because this phone just doesn't work.

I should have gone with an HTC phone.

This is my first and last Samsung phone. Bought it on launch day to replace the EVO. Didnt want to believe the stories of Samsung not backing up their products. The screen is nice and all, but not worth the hassle. Sprint seems to be lagging behind again on new phones. Thought it would change after they released the EVO and Epic.

I see so much complaining on here about this phone, but I've got to say I love my Epic! Coming from a palm pre, this thing rocks!

I would love to have Froyo, certainly, but I am ok with Sprint taking the time to get it right.

That said, I'll probably root and upgrade today anyway, because I can, and because I really want voice control over bluetooth.

There is a thread going on over at XDA Dev advising against using EXT4 stating that EXT4 can damage your OneNand.

There is a thread going on over at XDA Dev advising against using EXT4 stating that EXT4 can damage your OneNand.

There are various builds of Froyo on the XDA forums. Got Froyo on my Captivate now, and its fast n stable.

Any instructions for mac users?...I really want this on my phone...but I don't have a windows computer....Thanks...