No price premium for LTE services, unlimited data to be offered

As British operators O2 and Vodafone enter the 4G fray, Three UK has confirmed that it'll launch its 4G network this December. The smallest major carrier also reaffirmed its commitment not to charge a premium for LTE connectivity when it launches, and said it'll continue to offer "All You Can Eat" unlimited data packages when it lights up 4G. Unless any of Three's rivals drastically change their 4G pricing structure, this would make Three the lowest-cost option for 4G as well as the only operator with unlimited LTE data plans.

Three's 4G network will launch in London, Manchester and Birmingham in December, before arriving in a further fifty markets by the end of 2014 and aiming to achieve 98 percent UK population coverage by the end of 2015. By comparison, EE yesterday announced it'd reached 105 4G markets and hit 60 percent population coverage some ten months after its 4G launch.

Three says all its customers with a 4G-capable device will be upgraded for free, and that only a software update will be required to turn on 4G on these devices, and customers will not require new SIMs.

UK readers, will you be switching networks to take advantage of 4G? Let us know in the comments.

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Three UK schedules 4G switch-on for December


Surprises me how 3 aren't able to significantly eat into EE/Vodafone market share, I guess brand loyalty applies to operators as well as devices.

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If the other carriers don't respond I imagine this will bring quite a few customers over to 3 (or will they now be called 4? ;) )

I left 3 when they could not give me coverage in side my house in London. That was when they dropped the support from orange/tmob, back when the ee merger happened. If they can get 4g sorted properly it might be worth coming back but not sure yet

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It looks like my area won't even be getting coverage until the end of 2015, so my 'choice' has been made for me.

If their 4G roll out is anything like broadband in the UK, then I wouldn't bank on that date being accurate either.

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So, I am a little confused here. Does 4G mean LTE in the UK?
Here in Canada 4G and LTE are two different things......

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I'd love Three's all-you-can-eat data but indoor call reception at home is a major factor for me. Funny how no other network will price match them anymore for retention offers.

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I'm in the same boat. In my house, reception is not too great (but have Wi-Fi) apart from that 3 is the best...all you can eat is epic

Those of you who say you won't go with Three because your current indoor coverage is shoddy should think again. Currently Three run on the 2100mhz band which are notoriously bad for indoor coverage. However from the articles I've read on 4G they will be utilising the 800mhz spectrum which has much greater indoor penetration.

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Three will be using EE's 1800MHz 4G service for a while, so don't expect things to be all that great - though at least 1800Mhz propagates a bit better than the existing 2100MHz.
In the long run LTE800 will give those of us in rural areas a chance to escape GPRS services.

Currently on giffgaff with a nexus 4 so I won't be switching to Three just yet. Not to mention, my area probably won't get LTE till 2014.

That said, if O2 don't match Three's prices then I'll be leaving giffgaff for Three when I upgrade in 18 months time.

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I can't wait to move to Three at the end of my current contract. Unlimited 4G is going to delicious.

I am currently with 3 on all you can eat data on my Samsung galaxy s3 and love the current network coverage around the West Midlands. If I could get a 4g version of my S3 at the right price I would be very happy, doubt that will happen and see what the Samsung galaxy S5 brings next year and hopefully have some 4g action on 3.

This is an amazing offer and would surprise me if other networks don't respond. Surely they'll have to? Switched to 3 in June on my Gnex and coverage in Midlands is great. Going to north Wales next week. That'll be the real acid test!

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Three will be the network of choice come Mid 2014 when my contract elsewhere up for renewal.

In December will Three (3) be launching on all its 4G frequencies or just 1800 (mainly gifted from EE).

EE now needs to set an launch a start date for its 4G Auction winning lots (800 and 2600) and as now it reached 105 markets should start infilling coverage with more than just 1800 over the next say 6-9 months for current EE 4G (4G1800) markets with all future additions using all EE's 3 4G Frequencies!