4G live for 'thousands' — but not all — customers in London, Manchester, Birmingham; staged rollout will bring LTE to 1.5 million by end of February

Without any sort of official announcement, British carrier Three's 4G LTE service has gone live for some customers in London, Birmingham and Manchester today. Based on tweets from Three's official Twitter account, "a few thousand" customers in these three cities have been given access to the new LTE service, and the operator has told Android Central that by the end of February 1.5 million customers with 4G devices will be able to use the network. That's the target timeframe for allowing anyone with a capable handset to use Three's 4G, but right now access seems to be determined by the luck of the draw.

The reason for this, Three tell us, is to ensure the smoothest possible rollout for its 4G network, though a side-effect of this staged rollout has been a stream of tweets from disgruntled Three subscribers. The carrier previously committed to a launch in London, Manchester and Birmingham in December, but made no mention of its plans to restrict this to a small number of customers at the get-go.

Three says it plans to clear up some of the confusion in a blog post in the near future. Naturally, we'll keep you posted as well. Meanwhile, if you're on Three in any of the launch cities, hit the comments and let us know if you've managed to get on the 4G network.


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Three UK's 4G LTE now live for some customers in three cities


FIRST!!!!!!! :)
Oh my god, so much win!!
this is such a proud moment for me. Been wanting to be first for so so long.
I don't where to start to say how happy i am now!!
Firstly, i would like to thank AndroidCentral for making this possible.
A big shout out to my mum and dad, who of course, without them, i wouldn't be here.
My friend Ted deserves a thanks, who has always stood by me through thick and thin.
Amanda, who has always been a shoulder to cry on when i've needed it most.
Colin, your jokes will make me laugh, and gave me the perseverance in the dark and desperate times i needed to finally make a FIRST posting!
Molly, who constantly reminded me to keep my head held high, that getting a FIRST posting was possible and achievable as long as i planned ahead, and worked hard for long hours at it.
My cat Meg deserves a special shout out, you're always there for me, and you never poop in your litter tray or in my garden. Goodness knows where you do it, but thankfully out of sight and therefore out of mind.
This day now means so much to me. That all my efforts and struggles were worth it.
Even when a FIRST posting seemed desperately unobtainable, even when my life felt so dark and empty, i struggled onwards, and you special already-mentioned guys, were there to pick me up and push me forward.
I am thankful to all of you now my proudest moment has arrived.
Also, thanks to God, who without his subtle support, i might have failed where i have finally now succeeded. Big props to the big G-man!

Much love to you all. Don't ever give up in the quest for the FIRST posting. It is possible. Dreams CAN come true!!


Wow...calm down bro you didn't win an Oscar... Manchester the capital of England big up.

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Yeh yeh yeh....Whatever!! They had kept saying we would receive 4G LTE on September, then at he end of November,and it was just a dream. Then they tried A Gift for Christmass? Nope! It was just a date mistake from the 3UK management, at the end of 2013? Nope! another dream, What is going ON??????......New Year's eve...No way!!.....Now they are they are trying to sell more b....locks by the end of February, This is just a Nightmare!!!, I will stop my contract at the end of August 2014 that's for sure!

No, not yet. Just did a speedtest. I live in London, I have A Note 3 and on "Ultrafast" Hspa+ I just got download speed of 0.86mps and ping 254. 3 are a joke

im a note 3 user aswell.i think we'll get a small update first that will enable 4G since theres no option in the 3 network locked Note 3 as of yet.

What no 4G in England until now ??? i thought all of western europe ,America and austral were 4g for long time.

In London, Bermondsey so pretty central and no 4G for me and I need it as my internet is down until 2014, this is hell on earth

The signal in Bermondsey is terribly bad at all! I have no choice but to speak through the window or go outside! :(

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Been on to Twitter, there are many people complaining & Three UK have been saying, "It's already live and being used by several thousand customers initially, we'll roll out to wider customer in early 2014." So that is less than 1% population in London who are using it but honestly I don't believe them since I haven't heard ANYONE who is using it. The website is still not updated with the information. I think they are trying to cover up this mess by announcing the free roaming in US but who is actually in US at the moment getting this service? Mega disappointment!!

No 4G in London, and I am in Central London. 3 network lied to me and many other customers. They DID NOT tell us that it will be a "very limited roll-out" to "selected customers". I regret switching from EE to 3 network. I don't trust them anymore.

Absolutely superb central Birmingham and i am getting 47.62 down and 6.8 mbps up, ultrafast keep up the good work 3