£119 budget tablet launches on supermarket's online store

The Hudl, UK supermarket Tesco's low-cost Android tablet, is now available to buy from the official website, at The tablet sells for £119, packs a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, a 1440x900-resolution display and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean — in addition to coming in four color options.

In accordance with last week's announcement, the Hudl should also start popping up in brick-and-mortar Tesco stores from today. For more info on the tablet, check out our hands-on coverage from last week's launch event.

Source: Tesco


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Tesco Hudl tablet now available in the UK


Had a quick play with one in the local Tesco this morning. Felt quite nice, reasonably solid. Difficult to have too much of fiddle as it was tethered to the display, and locked in 'demo' mode. Screen looked good, the [T] button very 'ignorable', and the rest of the android experience as you would expect. On par, if not a little nicer to handle compares to my original N7.

I will be keeping a keen eye out for the reviews to see how the 1GB RAM copes. Its a shame they didn't squeeze more in, as if they had I may well have just gone for the impulse buy this morning.

I might go and have a look, it's not the next Super Tablet but it depends on what you want to use it for... Might make a good gift as well, not too pricey.

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Lot of interest from 'regular' folks in this at my local Tesco this morning. Didn't look as horrible as I first expected. Pretty solid

Don't like it. Too big for my hand in portrait, touchscreen was highly unresponsive, resistive instead of capacitive? Dog slow. Everything on screen looked too big, but that may have been settings. Where did you get the 1gb ram info? I have encountered a wall of silence around ram specs.
On the plus side it felt very solid. Screen colours were good. Price.

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Bought one this morning and very pleased with it so far. It is solid and well made and the screen looks very good. My only complaint; the Tesco Home store I bought it from only had black models in stock! :)

Just waiting Alex for you to get your own and review it. Methinks this will be my next tablet. The price makes this a no brainer, surely the experience can't be that bad

Shut up Tesco and take my money!

Needs bugs sorting out! Initially, device stalled after asking for Wi-Fi connection....did not go to next step. No access to home button at that point, eventually power allowed me to physical reset button, like on some devices. It installed Hudl update 1.2. Afterwards, singned in to Google Play, started down loading updates to apps....and it crashed during process.

The worst issue is that when a memory card is inserted, it shows capacity....but not stating amount available on card in numbers...just the graph showing capacity above. Also, the option to Format the card was missing....tried other cards, formatted in another android device...and same issue.

I think the Jellybean standard ROM has been hacked around fit Tesco in...and not finalised.

The touch screen is very very unresponsive. Trying to type this on a Hurl...very tedious to say the least. Will be getting a refund. Only good points, solidly built and a retina style display....visually anyhow!