Sprint at CTIA11

Rumors have been flying for a few days, but there's now a new leak with a bit more information.  BGR reports that they have been tipped about two new devices from HTC, and more about the Motorola Xoom.  The specifics --

The Sprint Motorola Xoom will be identical to the Verizon model, except the Sprint version will run on the WiMax 4G network.  This lines up very nicely with what we've already heard about Sprint and the Xoom.

The HTC View 4G will be Sprint's version of the HTC Flyer, a seven-inch tablet with a 1024x600 display, an aluminum body, 5 MP rear and 1.3 MP front camera, HTC Scribe pen support, a 4000 mAh battery, HDMI out and DLNA support running Android 2.3 on Sprint's 3G/4G network.  See our Flyer hands-on here.

The HTC Evo 3D is the real show-stopper though, and has some awesome specs.  The Evo 3D supposedly has the following hardware:

  • 4.3-inch 3D qHD capacitive 960 x 540 px display
  • 1730 mAh battery
  • 4GB internal memory with 8 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 2.3
  • Dual 5 MP rear cameras (3D)
  • 1.3 MP Front camera
  • records 2D @ 1080p, 3D @ 720p
  • Dimensions = 5.0 x 2.6 x .48 inches
  • DNLA support and HDMI port

BGR reports that special 3D versions of the Blockbuster and YouTube apps will be on board as well.  And don't forget the rumors of a Nexus S 4G either.  CTIA looks like a lot to be happy about if you're a Sprint customer, and we'll be there to cover it all.  [BGR]


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Sprint's CTIA announcement details leaked -- Expect Evo 3D, Evo View 4G, and Xoom


I'm excited about the EVO 3D. At first I thought it was going to be the LG phone but after seeing this I can't wait!

I would like to know how you can update an Evo phone that came out last June, which means you haven't been in contract for at least a year, and even if in a couple of months you are getting close to a year, as of Apil 1, 2011 all plans under $89.00 will go to a 22 month contract renewal, this is what is happening to me. I am due now but because of the new Silver and Gold Premeir Plans I will have to wait another 10 months and by that time the new Evo will be out of date. Anyone have any suggestions.

Uh oh...is it a coincidence that these leak the day after the thunderbolt is released? I think not....

The Thunderbolt may not be anything special for what's coming out in 2011, but it's definitely faster then the Evo 4G and it's on Verizon's LTE network that's running circles around Sprint/Clearwire's WiMax.

Verizon's LTE only averages about 1-2Mbps faster than Sprint's WiMax... it isn't a huge difference at all, so it may take 4 seconds to load a web page instead of 4.5, not a big deal... And it is not by any means worth extra money you would be paying per month for Verizon.

Plus those speeds will probably get slower as people start to load up on Verizon's LTE network. Sprint owns almost 5 times more spectrum to use for WiMax than Verizon does for LTE, which means Sprint will be able to accommodate many more users per cell site without speed being affected.

i have noticed android fans arnt impressed by anything these days. you all want tech that isnt rdy for like 3 years. my friend just picked up the thunderbolt, and i must say as a webos user, that phone is some fancy tech. i like it much more over the evo. so why dont you take a sec and look at something for what it is instead of for what it isnt. ok thx.

They dont need a special conference for this phone. This phone will fly off the shelf just from word of mouth. The Echo on the other hand needed a big push. Only problem was they weren't planning on so many idiots crying because it wasn't what we're seeing now. Next time everyone have a little faith that they are saving the good stuff for us and let them push the other stuff on the masses without giving them a hard time.

Wow, nice specs...current Verizon customer here suddenly VERY intrigued. I'm glad I held off on buying the Thunderbolt. Who here has Sprint in Cincinnati? Are you happy with their service /speed?

Coverage in Cincinnati is pretty good, but as soon as you go north (liberty) it gets weak. I complained that the coverage at my house was poor and they gave me a free Airave.

I'm in Northern KY (Cincy area) and I have no real issues with Sprint at all. You can't beat their prices and the overall service is pretty good. Their customer support is WAY better than it used to be. I've been a very happy Sprint customer for many years. EVO user here....EVO 3D......HERE I COME!!!!!

Wow, nice specs...current Verizon customer here suddenly VERY intrigued. I'm glad I held off on buying the Thunderbolt. Who here has Sprint in Cincinnati? Are you happy with their service /speed?

Why you got down-ranked, I have no clue.

Just check out their coverage maps for Cincinnati; Sprint's pretty good about covering the major metro areas.

I was thinking of getting the Nexus S 4G when I upgrade... But these specs are too damn good to ignore. Considering I wanted the original EVO, but decided to wait for a dual-core alternative, this looks too good to pass up! ...Assuming these specs are real.


Wow I'm impressed. I thought the Evo3D would be a dissapointmen, like most of the other updated phones. Kinda make me wish I was on Sprint.

Why are you guys saying finally?! Like I've said before, there is no reason to expect an evo successor anytime before the summer. Same time it came out last year. Same time the fruit guys will come out with something.

Excellent, the EVO 3D 4G looks like its going to be a monster! I hope they keep the same battery styles so that we can still use existing batteries...

I'm now interested to see what this and the Nexus S costs off contract.

HTC said that the Flyer(View) will be upgraded to Honeycomb, so jokes on you suckuh.

Anyways, if the Nexus 4G was left out of this leak perhaps it and the Atrix variant will still be announced at the same time. A cluster of 4G devices being announced at the same event for Sprint would be great. They really need more options in 4G and tablets.

How is that a joke on me? That tab prolly wont be upgraded to HC because HTC wants to use its sense skin and HC has no skins unless HTC wants to screw it up with sense. They could've just release the tablet with HC already. Now we have to wait another 6 mnts for htc to release it sense.

question about 3d phones...are any of the images; widgets; live wallpapers; app icons and such in 3d on the screen? Just wondering, b/c i only see out of 1 eye and can't really see 3d. just wondering if everything is gonna look wonky on the evo 3d for me...

My guess is that you might have some gimmicky apps that come preloaded, maybe a few preloaded videos and/or pictures.

I don't think you'll really notice a difference in regular use, and you can just record in 2D for videos.

I have a tough choice to make. Keep my EVO and use it to tether a wifi xoom, get the EVO 3d, or keep my EVO and get the scribe. I can't wait till they have all three devices in the store to play with. I don't think that will help my decision though. I just want all of them. I'd probably honestly take a wifi only scribe and get the EVO 3d to tether from if given the choice .

they wouldn't take a step backwards by it only being 3g..EVO is synonymous with 4g. i'm sure everything in the line will be 4g..

Remember last week AC reported that HTC registered two "versions" of the "Evo View 4G" with the US Patent Office. This leads me to believe that the Evo 3D will definitely be 4G... also, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?! OF COURSE IT WILL BE 4G! IT WAS SPRINT'S FIST 4G MOBILE DEVICE!!!

I wonder if the EVO 3D will have Netflix? The CPU it is using supports the same DRM as the LG Revolution which recently leaked with a Netflix apk.

New processor = Netflix!!!
Don't forget, you can get the PlayOn app and get Netflix, Hulu, etc... now.

Yet another big ass phone with a 4.3" screen. Don't get me wrong...the features sound really cool and all, and I know a lot of people out there like the bigger screen. But it seems like all of the high end android phones to come out this year are too big for my tastes. Does anybody know of any future cool android phones that will be 3.7" or less? If not, I might be forced to switch to the dark side this summer.

No. Because if it doesn't have a big screen its not a cool phone. (Shift aside)
Why would you get a fruit phone that's (almost) the same size as the evo and others just with a smaller screen and bigger bezel?!?! You make absolutely no sense. I guess if your fingers are that fat that you need that giant lonely home button then have a blast. We wish you well. (Not really)

Because maybe the 3.7" or less size phones are the absolute limit for some people? In case you didn't notice, I did not criticize people for liking the larger phones. If that's your thing, cool. No reason to criticize others for liking the smaller phones. For what it's worth, I do like android phones. Not enough to support the trend for larger phones though. According to the dimensions above, this thing will be longer than the EVO.

Even if it uses more power under load it can still be more efficient, the faster it finishes any amount of tasks the faster individual cores and components can go into a sleep state... Same concept as faster laptops over the last few years. Look at reviews of the Atrix or LG 2X, they're not lasting any less on a charge than current phones.

That being said, HTC doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to battery life... Moto usually fares better in that regard.

Even if it uses more power under load it can still be more efficient, the faster it finishes any amount of tasks the faster individual cores and components can go into a sleep state... Same concept as faster laptops over the last few years. Look at reviews of the Atrix or LG 2X, they're not lasting any less on a charge than current phones.

That being said, HTC doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to battery life... Moto usually fares better in that regard.

EVO 3D. BOOM. Show is over before it started! I hope the HTC Pyramid is the world version of it (or similar!)! I could really go for one of these in Canada. My Legend is getting a little long in the tooth...

I've been holding onto my Moment until Sprint releases the next EVO and if these specs hold true it will be well worth the wait! With this phone, true unlimited data and their price plans Sprint should continue seeing a spike in customers. Good Job Sprint!

Battery tech needs to evolve.
The 3d is a deal breaker for me, on paper. Can't wait to try though. Being contract free, I'm ready for any device but waiting for that perfect one for me. Oh, the poor battery...

I am sure you can turn the 3D effect off, and dual cores will help with battery life. 1730 mah is pretty good for a phone batteries, the Atrix has a 1900 mAh battery and it has to deal with the laptop dock.

I have no interest in 3D at all. But I am liking the specs and it certainly sounds like a worthy upgrade from the Evo 4G. I hope with the bigger battery it will have even better battery life. Faster and dual cores are, of course, welcome. Still was wishing for inductive charging.... oh well, I guess that is Palm/HP-only territory still. The Evo 3D also has a dedicated camera button!

I suppose the big questions are:

*How does the CPU perform?
*How does the GPU perform?
*What type of memory? (Dual channel? What speed?)
*Still a kickstand? Hopefully larger and more stable?

based on what i have read that is available, the 1.2 duel-core snapdragons come with the adreno 220 gpu which is an awesomely powerful gpu. the same that is being used on the HP Touchpad... i am a webos user and was really considering the pre3. however, if the specs of this phone are really, i dont think i can resist hardware like this, especially if it comes out first and i have my upgrade.

You'll be back...they will announce soon enough. Verizon doesn't even have 4G here in Raleigh area yet. They say by the end of summer. I will have to get the Evo 3D I think. I went to Verizon for the Xoom though. Got to have the 4G LTE speed when it is available.

Wimax has the same speed potential as LTE. But the higher frequency means it doesn't penetrate as well, requiring higher power levels and/or more towers.

My point is, there is nothing wrong with the technology of Wimax, but there might be with the way it is currently being implemented by Clearwire....

Exactly, doing LTE won't help Sprint. They still own that crap 2.5 GHz spectrum and LTE would sill be on that. I really wish they would have purchased some 700 MHz blocks.

Verizon only has 22mhz of nationwide spectrum in the 700mhz band. Sprint has 35mhz of nationwide spectrum that they gained in 2008 in the 800mhz band which will penetrate buildings almost EXACTLY as good and that many think they will begin to deploy LTE on by the end of the year. They also have tons of more spectrum on the 800mhz band from Nextel's iDEN network.

Sprint has one of the most valuable spectrum portfolios in the market which is why ATT and Verizon spent billions (that their customers are now paying) $16 billion total on the 700mhz auction between them to catch up and Sprint spent nothing.

Last I heard was that Sprint only had 14mhz of continuous spectrum @ 800mhz, which will mostly be for CDMA 1X Advance once iDEN is shut down. This will free up their 1900mhz frequency that currently runs their CDMA service and that's where LTE will go. I did hear they might do some hybrid thing that allows them to use 10mhz from 800 and the rest from 1900mhz for LTE...

BTW, I do remember Verizon and AT&T paying a fortune for their spectrum @ 700mhz, but $16 Billion seems a bit far fetched. The current market cap of Sprint is $16 Billion.

Damn!! It's hard to believe companies would pay those prices for the spectrum, but I guess having continuous spectrum at 700 is very valuable.

BTW, here's a link to Sprint's spectrum holdings.. As I said before, they only hold 14mhz at 800mhz, so I doubt LTE will go there. And if they use their 1900mhz band, their coverage still won't be able to compete against the likes of Verizon and AT&T ... Unless the put up a lot more towers to compensate for the higher frequency band.


It's over. It's all over. That folks is what you call a first round knockout. Sprint has just destroyed the competition.

How? The new EVO 3D isn't magically going to make Sprint's network any faster and their current 3G speeds, based on PC Mag testing, has gotten slower, WiMax stopped expanding and WiMax had iffy coverage at best. It'll be like driving a Corvette in a residential street with speed bumps everywhere.

You: Look I just too a 3D video of you... Let me uploaded it ....
Your bud: It's been 2 years now, and I still don't see it posted or sent to me..
You: It's because it's only 70% finished.

My coverage is awesome.....that's how. Well if you're on Sprint and having "iffy" coverage then it sucks to be you pal. Anyway, back to the excitement.

He's not on Sprint, he's on verizon and is trying to justify why he's paying so much every month to big red, that is all, ignore such ignorance.

Next to the Xoom and Evo 4g that HTC tab looks like crap
idk why anyone would buy it unless its really cheap

No mention of a WiMax radio for the Evo 3D.. Its probably just standard now. Would be weird if it was the

Evo 3D -4G or the
Evo 4G - 3D.. with that nonsense said

I'm sold. Better display, 1.2 dual core, and a 1700+ battery. But Will they put some passion into design of the phone?

Not a whole lot one can do with a "slab" phone using capacitive buttons... they pretty much all look the same, regardless. Maybe change the color... but black is fine with me.

Anyone know if the HTC View 4G will have phone capability? If so, I am selling my Epic and getting that!!!

Awww yeah, looks like Sprint/HTC's equivalent of the Atrix, but with a 3D display & camera... It's even packing a larger than normal battery like the Atrix (though not quite as large). Can't wait! I'll totally sell my EVO for this over the summer, probably even if I have to pay full price. I wonder if you can still switch your plan for a few months to qualify for Premier Gold and get a 1 yr upgrade (for $60 more, cost difference of the next plan up after three months), then switch back afterwards.

I will say though, if the dimensions are correct then I'm a bit disappointed that it's still just as thick... Everything else it's packing definitely makes up for that though. Gingerbread out of the box? SIGN ME UP Might end up being the first non-Nexus sold with GB!

the dimensions have it .2 inches taller then the current Evo, same width, and .02" thinner than the current Evo

I don't think it will be possible to make it all that much thinner. Not with any reasonably sized battery. It is/was already pretty darn thin.

Evooooo...hell yea OMG IM SO EXCITED!!! I saw these phones coming out everywhere n kept praying n BOOM!!!! the power is here...I'm getting it

Uh...wow. It's a good time to be on Sprint...unfortunately I'm on Verizon and the only dual-core phone announced atm is the stinky Bionic.

I'm incredibly interested in learning more about the View, if it pans out. I just bought the Galaxy Tab last week, and if the View is as good as it sounds, I will return the Tab and wait for the View to launch. It would also be a bonus if the wait from announcement to launch wasn't an eternity.

I sold my Epic to a friend to offset getting the Tab. If I return the Tab, I'll be without any mobile tech for a while, and I may lose my mind. I did it for a day once, and it was a challange. Though I felt like the king of the world after.

Nice! I bet the Evo 3D will really fly without the 3D on since the processor would have to be fast enough to render the 3D well. Can't wait!

Awesome specs and I can't wait to upgrade my EVO! I don't care about the 3D feature. I just really hope that throughout all that power they are packing under the hood, that the battery can handle it. Because the current EVO's battery is a joke! The phone is awesome. The battery....not so awesome. I really hope they focus on battery life!

The Evo 4G battery life is about the same as any other powerful smart phone with a large screen. Powerful + big screen does not = really long battery life, unless they added a HUGE battery (and then you would complain the phone was way too thick, and too heavy).

That said, I, too, would love to have more battery life out of that new, bigger battery. Having a faster (and dual core) processor does not necessarily mean it is going to use more power. Since it is a newer chip design, much of the speed increases can be made through design improvements, not just ramping up the clock and sucking more power.

We won't really know until after it is released and evaluated.

And you know this how? And what is the risk of damaging the phone? And what would it do to the battery life?

Sweet a 3D evo! The echo was just a phone that was made to disappoint us so this announcement would be fantastic. Xoom tablet coming to sprint? Ill take that anyday.

Sweet a 3D evo! The echo was just a phone that was made to disappoint us so this announcement would be fantastic. Xoom tablet coming to sprint? Ill take that anyday.

Ok, a few questions: Will it have NFC? Will it come with Qik or Skype? (Since Skype now owns Qik)? Will it have a gyroscope or just its accelerometer? What are the 3d viewing angles like? So many questions....

Also, when can I give you my money for this?

I will probably get down ranked but here we go. I think it is funny that not to ling ago there was talk of a 3d phone at the special press release that ended up being the echo everyone talked trash about 3d. I would say most of the comments were the industry doesn't need 3d on phones. Now all the comments can say is Ohhh ahhh 3d EVO. Tell me what is the difference between then and now. I have always been intrigued at the thought of 3d on a phone and th possibilities it could bring. I think the specs are amazing as they would have to be for any good 3d phone.

I think you have your phones confused. The Echo is a two-screen phone by Kyocera. It doesn't have 3D and it's not a next-generation phone, from a spec standpoint.

The phone I think you mean to mention is the LG Optimus 3D. That's the one where everyone was saying 3D is just a fad. But it isn't coming to Sprint.

Personally, I don't care about the 3D. But many EVO users (and HTC/Sprint fans) have been waiting for dual-core processing and upgraded specs from an HTC phone. Even the Thunderbolt on Verizon isn't as powerful as this EVO 3D. That's what everyone is excited about.

I don't think you read the post properly. Before anyone knew the echo was going to be announced most rumors were that it would be a 3d phone and yes, at that time most everything I read was people bashing 3d phones so I can see where the OP was coming from there.

The deal is, most of us think 3D is just a gimmick and could care less about it, as long as it doesn't get in the way. All we care about is faster CPU, faster GPU, more memory, more storage, and more battery, without losing any of the features of the original Evo. It looks like this Evo 3G might deliver all of that. So it is a time to be happy.

Ahh, yes... After re-reading the post I can see what the OP was trying to say. It was a little hard to read because of the run-on sentences.

I wasn't aware of the pre-announcement 3D rumors. Being aware of that, it makes more sense now.

I thought the major disappointments were with the overall specs of the Echo and the fact that all the hype of a dedicated show (with David Blain... Haha) just ended up being underwhelming.

My point is that the excitement over the EVO 3D doesn't really have anything to do with the 3D technology. It has more to do with the improved overall specs and the next-generation progression of the EVO line.

3D is just a fade since you can only watch stuff on a 3D device for 30 minutes most before the headaches start and that's not good for that technology.

I think the point that most people are missing is the fact that 3D recording is no longer "movie magic" but an everyday technology that anyone can use. That's what can make this phone a big win for HTC/Sprint.

3D is great. Ya you're not going to use 3D everyday but 2D alone on this phone will be amazing! Also the HTC view 4G looks very good as well.

How am I gonna afford this now that all you will be dumping your Evos on the market at the same time? :)

As a Sprint customer I am happy that they are getting the Xoom. Recently I have considered switching carriers. Because recently, in my town I am lucky if I get over 250k down and over 100k up. I have started to force my phone to roam because I can get over 1mbps while roaming on Verizon. If they fix the problem soon, I'll gladly buy the rumored Xoom and Nexus S.

Sounds like you do have some bandwidth issues. My 3G is rarely that slow. But one thing I find interesting- I was told that when roaming with data, one can only get 1x (the ancient, really slow) data rate. How are you getting 1Mb/s? Are you sure that is roam?

Unfortunately, with most new Sprint phones, the Evo included, you can't force the phone into roam. You have only two choices: Automatic, and Sprint Only. If there is even the tiniest Sprint signal, it will never roam.

If Sprint expanded and had better coverage where I am at I would definitely consider switching from U.S. Cellular for this phone.

On the EVO 4G download speeds using speedtest I get up to 8 mbps in parts of Denver. I would say the average I get in Denver is around 3.5-5 mbps. I tether it to my Macbook at work (I work nights) and unless I'm watching HULU I can barely tell a difference. I would like to test drive a Thunderbolt but I dont think it would be anything special over the EVO. I say ROOT them all and have fun.

I just wish it had Gorilla Glass. I really hate having a screen protector on my EVO!! But I plan on taking advantage of the Best Buy BuyBack program in February and I can't afford having little scratches and them telling me it doesn't qualify because off that.

I knew I should've switched to Sprint earlier. I don't get my upgrade till October. :(

Does anyone know how qHD stacks up in brightness/blackness with AMOLED and SAMOLED? Good on HTC for picking a qHD screen, though. Aside from being the only phone besides the bionic to have it, they are really excelling at outdoing Apple at every opportunity. Though unfortunately, I can't see that screen resolution working out to a higher ppi density than the retina display, if only by virtue of having a 4.3" display. Nonetheless, I will definitely be trading in my Epic for this guy as soon as I can swing it.

I can't imagine viewing angles are all that great with 3D, though. Lenticular lensing generally only works if you're directly in front of the display (like, a matter of 5-10 degrees, tops), which is why LG's glasses-free 3D TV still needs work.

And yeah, 3D is a gimmick, but it's a pretty cool gimmick.

I'll keep my EVO that I bought last June !! Its been a great device! I'm GLAD to see the XOOM coming From Sprint !!
I was leaning towards getting an iPad2....but now that the Xoom will be available....awesome ! Love Android !

Current EVO owner here, will definitely be upgrading to the 3D as per the great specs BUT i would LOVE it that much more if they added a sim option for international usage.

I would like to know how you can update an Evo phone that came out last June, which means you haven't been in contract for at least a year, and even if in a couple of months you are getting close to a year, as of Apil 1, 2011 all plans under $89.00 will go to a 22 month contract renewal, this is what is happening to me. I am due now but because of the new Silver and Gold Premeir Plans I will have to wait another 10 months and by that time the new Evo will be out of date. Anyone have any suggestions.

The only thing I'm more excited to see than the 3D capabilities of this monster is how they're going to COOL the thing...