Those of you who did not pre-order a Sprint Evo 4G and will be on the prowl come this Friday -- launch day! -- should think about visiting your local Sprint store when the doors open at 8 a.m. 

Android Central forum member BigRick10 posted the image above that shows one Sprint store that seems to have an over abundance of Evos. Here is the kicker: What you see above is claimed to be only a partial shipment. Of course, stock will vary from store to store, but it's looking like Sprint stores will be your best bet come Friday. [Android Central forums]


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Sprint stores stocking up on Evo 4Gs


I feel like its Christmas(atheism= Winter Solstice)I'm almost 30 and this phone is making me feel like I'm 8yrs old.Please hurry up and come out..

The Best Buy near my house pre sold almost 150 ... have my appt to pick mine up Friday at 7AM ... weeeeeeeee!

I went to my Sprint store and pre-ordered. He said I got lucky because I was at the top of the list and would be getting early Friday morning =D
I can't wait either! Going from a BlackBerry Curve 8330 to an Evo 4G..........night and day to the max!!!

hey chance r u in Miami? cuz i got a call from my best buy and my appt is at 7:15...i'm the first one so they say. they are allowing 15 minutes to organize everyone... maybe we should show up with a sign saying we have an appt so we don't get jumped by the people standing in line while we mosey to the front!! lol congrats to all who will be able to get their's on Friday... i heard that there were so many pre-orders that they started a new list for the batches they are getting on June 11th... now that would really suck!

thats assuming that there was that amount not including whats off the cameras aspect ratio

personally, i just wrote to a person i know at the store that im showing up at 5am with full of mp3's ready to go for the 3 hour wait. im so excited because i dont have any exams this week (except tommorro) and have all day to play with it. see you all on the other side everyone!

-->lol anyone feel like this is the famous wonka candy bar? i can already hear the "ive got a golden ticket" theme song in my head with this phone

have my appt at 0830 at the radioshack to get mine!! all the guys here at the station are officially sick and tired of hearing about talking about the new phone!

You won't see this over on Engadget, they're too busy reminding people about Job's appearance on stage at the "D" conference.

Engadget isn't nearly as bad as Gizmodo. Their Evo review does not exist. The only thing they posted about the EVO was "The camera was disappointing".

In the mean time, they post 5+ iPhone/iPad stories per day.

Grammar Police: AC bloggers, learn some freakin English... it's 'an' abundance, not 'a' abundance.

2 strikes in one day. Also f'd up the 'a' Evo in another post.

If the next word starts with a vowel, use 'an', not 'a'.

Thanks, although the vowel in question is the "o" in "over." Also, never start a sentence with a numeral, spaces go before and after an ellipsis and punctuation goes inside quote marks. And those should be double quote marks. :p

Please don't forget that it isn't the fact that the next word begin with a vowel but a vowel sound; i.e. "hour". :)

Single or double quotation marks denote either speech or a quotation. Neither style—single or double—is an absolute rule, though double quotation marks are preferred in the United States, and both single and double quotation marks are used in the United Kingdom.

It's good to see Sprint Stores are going to have a ton of Evos. I was worried my Dad and I wouldn't get one Friday, because my Sprint Store said they couldn't take pre orders. If I don't get one I'm going to be pissed! This wait is killing me!

Suit Case Bag Phone(80's)!!->....flip->HTC Touch->BB 8800->BB 8330->PalmPre->iPhone->BB 8330->HTC Hero(1 week)->8330->BB9630...messaging and keyboard always brought me back to the BB...but I am sick and tired of this sucky browser experience...So Friday back to Android with the EVO.

Also, I stopped in at the local Sprint Store on the day when EVO release was announced and put my name on the waiting list...I was # 3, stopped in today to check out how long the list was...up to six! Manager said they are getting at least 13 units. Small town, rural Kansas City, but Sprint is the only cairrier with 3G in this town and 4G soon...hoping.

I ain't got a job yet... This sucks. Maybe they will offer me a job in my interview on Thursday so I can camp out on Friday.

SFO Northbay City, 110K population. Our two Sprint stores are only receiving 10 Units each... I am so bummed.

Shack called today and I'm #2 at 630am Central time! Might be late for work, but those 13 year olds can teach themselves for a while. This is important!

Reserved one at my local Shack last week, called them today, they say that they only had about 10 pre-orders.... and I was thinking I'd have to wait in line... guess not... D'OH!

Sure as hell isnt my local store we don't get have any will have to drive a couple hours or wait and order on line .... this sucks thanks for nothing sprint

It might be a good thing I'm in Arkansas this week. The local Radio Shack told me they only have 5 pre-ordered and expect to get at least 10. He told me if I get there around 9am I should have no problem getting one.

I work at the shack and i'm openning the doors at midnight for myself and buying it!!!! SO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

RS has one waiting for me to pick up on Saturday but I'll waltz in on Friday and see if they'll give it up. It's already reserved so I can't see why not.

If they really can't, oh well. I can wait the extra day, I guess.

P.S. It's Evo Eve-Eve! I can't believe how I'm geekin' about this. For me, it's worse than my excitement over getting the Pre, last year!

Unlucky for me, I live in Atlanta. I wonder what's a good time for me to get to the sprint store to stand in line? BTW, I sold my iphone and is using a dinky old motorola flip phone. I NEED that EVO!!!!!!!!!

I tried to pre order one at my local RadioShack on 5/31 (I wanted to wait for the reviews to come out). They told me they couldn't do anymore pre orders. They guy said they are getting 5, with only 2 pre ordered. So there are 3 up for grabs when they open up at 9am. I showed up at my local Sprint store 2 hours early last year for a Pre and no one ever came in line after me. I don't expect to go to Shack before 8:30am. I think the only thing worse than not getting the phone on launch day is feeling like an idiot waiting for hours outside the store, when no one else even wants the phone.

That's what I was told yesterday also, except our had 5 pre-orders and expected 10. I'm hoping he is right, if not the Sprint store is right around the corner.

Just got a call from radio shack today. They told me that their open up @ 4am on Fri because they expecting heavy traffic. Made my appointment for 5:30a. Can't wait to get the evo!

Just got a call from Radio Shack! Told me they opening @ 4am Fri. My appointment is @ 5:30a, so I'll be in and out and don't have wait on line. Can't wait to get my evo.

I stopped into my RS just to make sure my pre-order and everything was in order. I was assured it was, then as I was about to walk away I asked " a demo unit?"

They did. I got to play with it. Needless to say that thing is absolutely awesome. It is indeed huge, but is nowhere near as pocket-dwarfing as I thought. It's rather thin, the screen is absolutely beautiful. It's extremely fast and smooth. It does seem that there is something to the 'incredible is snappier' comments, though I'm convinced it's due to nothing more than the screen size difference. Things will look smoother on a smaller screen all other things being the same.

It's pretty damn awesome and I can't wait for Friday...

I hate to rain on everyone's parade but I have had my EVO for about 10 days. It is nice, but there is no way I would stand in line for more than 30 minutes for this phone. It is just a bigger Android phone with poor battery life. Sprint still hasn't been able to explain what the extra $10 fee is all about. I just received my third response from Dan Hesse's worker bees and they are telling me that it is for the Adobe Flash Lite. I had to explain to them that the HTC Hero already has Flash Lite and how does that feature account for the increase. Nobody at Sprint can come up with a solid reason for the fee. There will be 3 or more phones out on other carriers before the end of June with the same specs and capabilities. This is a nice phone but I think that there will be alot of buyers remorse associated with it. Have fun in line and I hope that everyone has a great experience getting their new EVO.

Either you are new to Android phones you must be new to Android phones.

Your description pretty much meets my expectations, you just suck at enthusiasm. We are all rather excited but I'd imagine all but a few of us have realistic expectations of what this device is capable of. It is, after all, just a phone. A rather nice phone, but at the end of the day it's just another phone.

That said I can't wait to get my Evo on Friday, I will enjoy it and hack the crap out of it and when my next upgrade is due in November (I hung on to this upgrade for a while) I will be getting whatever the best phone is then.

You have my pity.

I've spoken with multiple friends that work at different sprint stores here in overland park kansas and was told that each store should have 200 plus evos in stock. : ) i can sleep in a little.


I have owned one since the Google I/O conference AND LOVE IT! You are ALL in for a huge hard on when you start playing with this f'ing impressive piece of technology. If I could marry this phone and it was legal in the state of California, consider it done ;).

Enjoy guys - its a marvel and is going to make Steve Jobs pooop his brains.

Radioshack sucks!!!

I tried to pre order one at my local RadioShack on 5/31 and they said no more, but there would be 3 up for grabs when they open up at 9am. I just called (thurs afternoon) to verify and this is what was said

RS Guy: "Thanks you for calling RadioShack, home of the HTC EVO." (Is this a joke?? They only have 3 on launch!!)

me: "Hi, I came in Monday I was told you guys have 5 HTC EVOs coming in tomorrow, with 2 pre ordered and 3 more as first-come-first-serve. I just wanted to make sure this was still true."

RS Guy: "We only have 3 coming and 2 are pre ordered. I don't know who told you we have 5 because we don't and I'm the manager so I know!! And all our phone are spoken for!!" (why is he angry at me, I'm not the employee that gave false info)

me: "I was told you guys stopped pre orders after 2. And you would have 3 more as first-come-first-serve."

RS Guy: "yes we only did 2 pre orders."

me: "so you do have some that are not pre ordered??"

RS Guy: "yes we have some that are first-come-first-serve. Just come down first thing tomorrow." (some??? didnt he just say one??)

me: "ok great, so if I'm the first one there when you open I'll get a phone."

RS Guy: "no you wont...all our phones are sold!!" (why did he just tell me to come down if he wont sell me a phone??)

me: "I don't understand, you just said you have some for first-come-first-serve."

RS Guy: "yes those are sold. All our phones are sold! If you want one we can order one for you."

At this point I hung up out of frustration.

I'm I missing something?!?!? F RadioShack. I'll never be shopping there again...not that I ever did.