Sprint Epic 4G

Our friendly neighborhood Sprint rep (erm, or mass e-mail) reminds us that most Sprint stores will open at 8 a.m. local time on Tuesday for the launch of the Epic 4G, the third in the Samsung Galaxy S line to be released in the United States. (Click here to find info for your local store.) And suffice it to say that we're not the only ones excited for the Epic. Check out what your friends and neighbors are saying in our Epic 4G forums.


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Sprint stores open at 8 a.m. Tuesday for the Epic 4G launch


It's not going to be as big as the EVO imo. I called best buy in Crystal Lake Illinois to see how many people were on the list only 2. They have over 35 on the list for the EVO. I think Sprint is done pushing the EVO.

Less than 24 hours away and I'm still not certain if I'll pick it up. Having said that, I guess that's a -wait for something better in November- after all.

the epic's not for everyone
true, you're only #1 for a month or so (epic)
true, they'll be better phones come november
true, they'll be better phones than the november phone in 1Q11 etc.
so what it boils down to is, whenever your're ready
is your contract up?? do you want to live with it for the next 2 years??
i mean i wouldn't early terminate a contract just to get the epic
i'd wait cuz when your contract is up,
they'll be better phones than the epic
good luck!

me? i'm ready now

t-minus 0 days 23 hours 17 minutes and counting

If you get the epic, you'll only have to live with it for one year. You'll be a "sprint premier" customer, and will get upgrades every 12 months, instead of the usual 24.

thanks for pointing that out
that my friend is a truism....
one of the perks for being a sprint customer
unlike verizon, at&t and tmobile who charges their old customers to "upgrade" - and thats after 2 years mind you
whereas sprint allows you to upgrade your primary line every year
go sprint!!

If my EVO wasn't so darn solid, I'd definitely be at a Sprint store tomorrow buying an Epic. Regardless, its nice to see Sprint putting out more quality devices.

making the move to android for this device, very excited. my last year with the Palm Pre was great, but i look forward to having an Android OS, (the hardware is pretty convincing too). see you in the AM Sprint store, reservation in hand.

I can't really get into this device. The form factor feels very uninspired to me. Not a fan of the whole slide out keyboards either. I'm sure this device will have it's following and the OS is solid ofcourse. Just don't see an EVO-type following for this phone. Just for the record, love my EVO!

Not usually too jealous of you guys across the pond on the tech front. The green eyed monster is definitely out on this one though. The Galaxy S is a great phone once you've unlocked, rooted and ditched touchwhizz, but a QWERTY slider version would be fantastic! UK version, please.

I'm just too in love with my EVO....so ill b keeping it but nice to see another nice phone for sprint, giving better choices now