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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat today. Back in February, Samsung listed the devices that would get KitKat, with the Galaxy S3 being on that list, followed shortly by confirmation from Sprint . The one thing missing from both promises of updates was a timeline. Turns out that timeline, at least for Sprint Galaxy S3 owners, comes to a head today.

Sprint's own support documents for the Galaxy S3 list a release day of May 1, 2014 (that's today, for those not keeping track at home) for the release of an update to Android 4.4 KitKat. The Galaxy S3 on Sprint is the first of the S3 line-up to receive KitKat — it was last updated in November with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

What exactly the KitKat update will bring to the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 isn't specified, but we'd count on the same sort of improvements as were brought to the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 back in February. Faster, better, stronger, all that jazz.

So, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners on Sprint — do you have the new KitKat goodness on your phone, and what do you think?

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Source: Sprint; thanks to Sruly for the tip!

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DWR_31 says:

Just waiting for a rooted update.

Mike77 says:

Upgrading from 3-5 today, but nice to see they are updating a 2 year old phone.

JoeKiv says:

Actually I don't think its a 2 year old phone. It think it came out in July 2012. So it actually has 4 months to go for its 2nd birthday

xxGBHxx says:

Wow. It's basically a two year old phone.

stomicron says:

Check your calculator

DWR_31 says:

Oh yeah, Google Wallet will work on my GS3 again!

Great timing Sprint! Just upgraded to the S5 two days ago! Oh well, sadly I won't miss my S3 :)

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xt3rminance says:

Is "Spint" a new carrier? :p

Haven't you heard? They took the 'r' from Sprint so that they could put together their Framily plan.

Nice Save Derek! ;-)

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redrooster13 says:


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zizu101 says:

It should be spit.

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Ricky Riley1 says:

I was thinking the same thing! :-p

Congrats to Sprint S3 Users. Kinda shock that update happen before Sprint Note 2

hopefulfarm says:

+1. when do I see my KK love from sprint?!

MJ Mckinney says:

Yes!!! Lol I check mone everyday for kitkat and still dont have it

awesome! hope US Cellular isn't far behind! I'm so ready!


still rocking the S3 until a 64-bit galaxy note 4 appears. looking forward to this update.

lkovach says:

Good for Sprint. Verizon customers will still be waiting another 6 months, so looks like I'm still waiting

Notajediyet says:

There with ya!

dom818 says:

Funny. Im replacing my GS3 with the m8 in about 10 minutes.

Duc Nguyen4 says:

Thank you for valuable info

Josh Vogel says:

Awesome, I wonder if we will be able to use the clear data from Google Services Framework trick again

Sruly J says:

Oddly enough, even though I shared this tip and have a link to the OTA file, I haven't bothered updating. I think it's because I miss getting the prompt notification. Last time I got it was on my ns4g for 4.1 (A little after that I starting playing with rooting).
On my S3, I used kies to get to 4.3, so yeah, I miss the prompt notification.

Josh Vogel says:

Can you share that link?

rocket321 says:

OTA link can be found on XDA Developers as usual. If you care about Root access you probably should not accept the OTA.

ZephyrsDream says:

Finally! Can't wait to get it.

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Lucky Lindy says:

Haven't received mine yet. I'm hoping it will be some time today.

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Dpes this include the boos mobile model? I mean, aren't they the same?

rocket321 says:

Boost and Virgin Mobile get their own OTA updates, in the past they have come a couple weeks after the Sprint update. If you were to flash this on a non-sprint phone you would probably get to see KitKat, but would have no data/LTE/MMS access as the settings are different.

marcran75 says:

Actually that's incorrect. I'm currently running Sprint 4.3 on my Virgin Mobile phone and have working 3G/4G and MMS.

kamiller42 says:

Is this the version of KitKat with all its bugs? Still waiting on 4.4.3 with bug fixes and Spark update.

tonyr6 says:

It is. Why are they still pushing this cruddy version is beyond me.

wyldemf says:

Is the S3 even capable of using Spark?

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spl2181 says:

No, the S3 is not capable of Spark.

Josh Vogel says:

OTA Captured on XDA

brownsdawg says:

Glad they're doing this, was wondering when I'd get it - still no update yet though.

I plan on keeping my S3 until the S6 comes out most likely - or whatever is best at the time. (I've gotten used to my samsung home button, even after loving my Evo4G for 2+ years...)

captain_dl says:

+1 - Same here

mak916 says:

Has anyone tried updating through Kies yet?

Infelizmente no Brasil o S3 já está condenado! Uma vez que há uma briga por causa da versão 1GB de ram.
Uma coisa eu sei, SAMSUNG nunca mais! Investir R$2.000,00 em um aparelho que com dois anos já é considerado ultrapassado é coisa de SAMSUNG mesmo. O Brasil é o país que mais se cobra impostos e nem temos a dignidade de usufruir de atualizações em primeira mão. Indignada!!!

KPMcClave says:

I tried updating my wife's S3 via Kies a little while ago and the update wasn't there as yet. Kies is how I updated her to 4.3 in December (because it took forever for an OTA update...I assume it would have eventually showed up anyway).

Dperks17 says:

Sprint the same us carrier that said 4.4.3 was being released for my nexus 5?

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Infelizmente no Brasil o S3 já está condenado! Uma vez que há uma briga por causa da versão 1GB de ram.
Uma coisa eu sei, SAMSUNG nunca mais! Investir R$2.000,00 em um aparelho que com dois anos já é considerado ultrapassado é coisa de SAMSUNG mesmo. O Brasil é o país que mais se cobra impostos e nem temos a dignidade de usufruir de atualizações em primeira mão. Indignada!!!

toddharr says:

And somewhere, still far over the horizon, but allegedly coming our way, is the same for AT&T.

immabec00l says:

well that's odd because I have the sprint s3 and the update isn't available. I've been dying to get this update.

willquil1 says:

About time. Now time to hook my gf phone up lol

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Snia says:

Has anyone updated yet? OTA or Kies? Whats new?

dizzle16 says:

Has anybody ACTUALLY GOTTEN this update yet?

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2wheeltim says:

I'm just downloading an update now, can't confirm it's 4.4.2, but I was on 4.3 with Canadian Telus, and it's taken 3 hrs so far to download. Could only find it on Kies, OTA said the update server was too busy with the roll out.

2wheeltim says:

Nevermind, I don't know what is different, but it was just 4.3 again

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Lucky Lindy says:

I just tried through kies again and nothing

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Juraj Hanzek says:

Guys im kind of new at this , can someone explain me about thisbupdate and what is sprint , is this update for all gs3 devices or only for some of them , and could i get this update on my galaxy s3 , my s3 is standard edition in europe , the weak one... help pls ;) , sry for my bad english

billgio says:

This is only for the US Sprint edition of the GS3.

brandon pugh says:

I have Verizon and the update is ready for the GS3

kyle backer says:

Is it the 4.4.2 update for the gs3. Im on sprint and still nothing and not on kies either

Brad Averett says:

Where is the Note 2 update!? Can't believe the s3 got it first!

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robthomps82 says:

I'm assuming Cricket's Galaxy S3 won't get the kitkat update since every phone they sell except for the iPhone 5s and 5c will be useless after March of next year.

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Come on Virgin Mobile!!!!!

Nothing from spring yet....

Cudii07 says:

Same, I've been checking for this update day and night and absolutely nothing has come up and I have been dying to get this update....

Hi I have the gs3 4GLTE with virgin will my phone get the update?

I've been checking for the update ever since i read this on may 1st and it still isn't out. getting frustrated but i still love my gs3. ill be up for a phone upgrade soon but don't really see any need to.

rk jaffer says:

i9300 -GALAXY S3 i9300( INTERNATIONAL-1 GB ram variant) USERS...... Have a look at this

As rogers updated kitkat list for upcoming devices in

It mentioned that "galaxy s3 mini" along with "galaxy s3" are going to get kitkat soon ..

Point is, I think galaxy s3 mini was launced in october 15,2013.All s3 mini versions are of 1 GB RAM(I couldn't confirm through any source that all s3 MINI variants are of 1 GB ram..I am saying this only through my knowledge)

If s3 Mini(with 1 gb ram) is getting kitkat updated in future,as updated by rogers in their forums.... why not s3 i9300 INTERNATIONAL-1 GB ram variant will not get kitkat??

The only problem is s3 mini launced in oct 2013,still haven't completed 2 year contract for update....but s3 i9300 already out of contract!! But remember 2GB Ram s3 variants which are also out of contract like s3 i9300 are getting updates!!

I ,all GS-i9300 users,lets hope we get kitkat soon.....

galaxy s3 i9300 users,if you are here,please share your views