Epic 4G Froyo leak

Contrary to what you might be reading elsewhere, the DK28 Froyo firmware for the Sprint Epic 4G is not the official Froyo build.  According to Sprint's Epic Product Manager:

...this is not approved software for Sprint production devices and we strongly recommend that users refrain from loading it.

While we're sure this is news nobody wanted to hear, but it could be important in the future when the official update does roll out.  Ask an Evo 4G user or two about that. [Sprint support forums]


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Sprint says Froyo for Epic 4G just a leak, advises not to install


The sprint dude didn't say it wasn't the official build.
He said it wasn't approved.
Big difference.

I think it's amusing that the post from Sprint got only 3 stars...like it's that guy's fault that people jumped the gun and installed the "unofficial" update.

And yes, as an Evo user, it's highly recommended to wait until an "official" release. A bricked phone is no fun.

A friend of mine explained the Sprint carrier testing policy for this stuff. Basically release candidates get rolled out to a team of techs that test it for a predetermined number of weeks. If it passes their tests and lives up to daily use over that period, it gets pushed. If not, it goes back through the same process. Failing an RC basically delays it for another month so if I had to guess - I'd say it's either 3 weeks until we see a real build push out or 2 weeks(ish) until we see another leak. Another leak would mean another delay.

Of course, all of my understanding on the matter could be complete bunk so take it with a heaping pile of salt.

Also, I suppose this means we won't be getting gingerbread (at least in reasonable time).

I was one who jumped the gun to DK28, maybe I am lucky but things are working really well for my phone with it. I probably should have waited for the official release but I am not dissapointed I did the update.

With that said I am hopeful I can get the official update without having to completely reinstall everything on my phone.

I still think it's not right the US Galaxy S line has yet to get anything official for froyo, especially with the Nexus S announcement coming with 2.3 on basically the same phone/hardware and it will probably take forever to get 2.3 if we ever do.

That ok sprint WE'LL test unofficial official release out for you. Because you seem to take forever with this update. God knows how long your gonna take to release ginger bread.

I did the update last night and it is working like a charm. GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI and everything else is working just fine. Like Nick said we are some of lucky ones. I am also hopeful that I will receive the OTA update when it comes out. I had the Samsung Moment and I rooted and installed a custom rom on it and received and then gave it to my sister-in-law when I got the Epic. Received all the OTA's that came about since then with no problems. So everyone that says you have to flash back to stock. That right there is proof that you do not have to.

I think all Galaxy S owner should spam the crap out of samsung to get the ball rolling on 2.3 for the entire Galaxy S line up asap! The race is on! Evo's Epic's Droids all need 2.3 and Samsung, Htc, and Motorola are all in the update race the 2.3 source code was released today lets make it happen guys.

I would def wait till the oficial release for those who don't root. As of now the leaked build has issues with the accelerometer in some games. At least that has been my experience (even after calibrating the sensors) but I'm waiting for those awesome devs at xda to get the source code for froyo. Then the rkms are gonna be sweet.

After two days of playing, I was unable to get any stability out of the magnetometer--it was either constantly rotating or fixed in a direction that was not north, or based on device orientation--nor could I get GPS working. I rolled back to DI18, and this time I'm sticking with it until Sprint releases the final build.

This is a good sign though. The fact that this test release leaked at all means that Sprint is putting effort into getting things patched up for 2.2 to come out. Granted, "soon" isn't really soon enough now that 2.3 is officially out there, but considering how new the Galaxy S line is, it has a bit of catching up to do.

How much you want to bet someone will leak a test build of 2.3 for the Epic or another Galaxy S phone within the next couple of months?

I updated my Epic to DK28 as well.
It works better than my DI18 did.

Yeah I have found a few bugs.
The update killed my GPS and the 4G is a little off, it was really laggy. I flashed back to DI18 and then back to DK28 and it works pretty well.

I'm just glad to not have to look at my wifes EVO anymore with Froyo envy :D

This has been the case with all of the updates for the Epic thus far. Some of the apps dissapear, even apps you have downloaded and working on your phone may not show up 2 examples are the espn fantasy football app and fandengo. I am sure someone else knows exactly why this happens, I do not, but it has been consistant and I would expect the same thing with the official froyo release.