Sprint roadmap

Well what have we here?  Looks like a screenshot of Sprint's latest playbook, and there are a few interesting things for Android lovers on the list.  July 11 looks to be a good day.  First up would be the Motorola i1 (see our hands-on) hitting the shelves at your local Sprint store.  If you don't remember, that's the mid-spec military grade Android handset with push-to-talk functions.  Perfect for the jobsite, or the tackle box.  We also have the addition of Nextel Direct Connect on Sprint plans -- not sure what to expect here, but launching in tandem with the Moto i1 makes it something to keep an eye on.  Next up is the rollout of 4G in more cities.  We can see the whole line here, but what's visible is:

  • Merced, Calif.
  • Rochester, New York
  • Eugene, Ore.
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Tri-cities ares of Washington (Kennewick, Richland and Pasco)
  • Visalia, Calif.
  • Yakima, Wash.

Put that $10 premium data fee to good use if you're living in one of these cities!  And last, but not least, the launch of the Samsung Intercept M910.  We saw this one go through the FCC not too long ago and may well be the Moment 2.  Something tells me the fellas will learn a bit more about this one when they head back to the big apple for the Samsung event next week.  Stay tuned, you know you'll get all the details as they happen right here at Android Central. [BGR]


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Sprint roadmap leaked, shows new Android phones, more 4G locations


With all the recent Android news, all the new devices and new updates coming down the pipe, I'll simply state: It's a great time to be an Android enthusiast and I love this platform.

Well along with new 4g coverage in places like Richmond, & St Louis launching this week it adds a good chunk of customers that have access to the higher speeds... Sounds good for big yellow

Richmond (by default) = Virginia. They don't have 4G yet. Unfortunately, none of Virginia does yet, although I heard a rumor that at least Hampton Roads might have it by the end of the year.

All of Virginia inside the beltway, and portions of Falls Church have 4G coverage. I used it this morning :)

go check Sprint's coverage maps online, then come back to me...

If none of VA has 4g then why is Sprint claiming that it does????

You gotta wonder why the "tri cities" in Washington are getting 4G ahead of much larger cities in the state that have none.

It's because Clear, who owns the 4G network, is based in Washington state. They have an existing customer base. Besides, Tri-Cities actually has about 250,000 people. Not a huge market, but a company usually sees value in dominating their home territory.

I am wondering the same DAMN thing ... For those who don't know Tri Cities and Yakima is like Bum F#%k Egypt that NO ONE has heard of and Would NEVER go to to live ... Both Areas couldnt possibly be considered test areas .. Hell I would venture to bet that the people who live there are not technical ... or else they would be living in Seattle ... Come on Sprint ... Whats up with launching in these cities that have all of 5000 people at most .

Where in Virginia? There is no 4G in Richmond or Hampton Roads. Sprint's site doesn't list the state (Commonwealth, actually) at all. Maybe if you are in Northern VA and sucking off the DC area...

Everyday in Richmond more 4g coverage is growing. Comcast is launching mobile broadband in early july with richmond being a 4g market. Works for me from short pump to laburnum ave if you know the area

I imagine they're starting in smaller areas because its cheaper. You figure in large cities they have a lot more infrastructure to update. Wish they'd hurry up and add Sacramento. California already.

I heard we getting it here in Baltimore, Maryland. Up! We already had it first. Sike! Once you have 4G access on your phone it make the EVO feel like SUPER SAIYIN 2!

There still isn't any coverage of 4g anywhere in orlando florida but sprint states that it will be available this summer of 2010.anyone experiencing the same

Visalia amd Merced??? Out of all the places in the Bay Area they start lighting up the central valley? You would think the Bay Area would start first in Nor cal.

Strange thing. I was in New York City last weekend and I had 4g. Are they testing or did I get lucky. I even did a speedtest.net, clocked 4mb. Download. Has anybody else experience this.

wow man....... MERCED! REALLY! Well I have family there so I guess I that does work for me. Hopefully they bring it to the Bay Area soon, (and not just San Franciso) the whole bay area.

I live in a Md suburb of dc and I have 4g. Have since launch. I am not in Baltimore nor is my area listed on the sprint site. My coverage does have some issue but its up. I assume my area is not official because they ddo not have every tower upgraded. Anyone else in a similar area

im fairly certain that the city that is cut off is Grand Rapids, MI. there was already rumors that this was coming soon, but now i guess we know when.

so how far does the coverage reach outside of these cities for the most part? I go to live like 20 minutes from one of the cities scheduled to get 4g

Well in the case of St Louis, which also went live yesterday (officially anyway) 4g goes out pretty far along I-70, out to the far western Suburbs. not as much to the east yet across the Mississippi yet, so really it depends on each market. in a lot of cities it covers a good chunk of the metropolitan area. 20 minutes out, ahh maybe if it's a larger city, but I doubt it, at least for now. But I'd expect it to expand and quickly between now and the end of 2010.

Hey solo1 try checking your facts first your just showing your ignorance when you get all cussy and stuff about Tri-cities. I'm guessing you live in a large Metro area with other twits who thiink their the end all be all and the wholes tate should revolve around ya. if ya don't like your Sprint service where your at, move to Verizon.

Here is my thought, the Grand part must be a two syllable city. From what I can find in the US the following are such.

Grand Forks, ND
Grand Prarie, TX
Grand Island, NE
Grand Junction, CO
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids, MN

Grand Prarie, TX is out as its part of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and already has 4G.

My guess in order of which this might be is
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Forks, ND
Grand Junction, CO
Grand Island, NE
Grand Rapids, MN