Check your inboxes if you're a Sprint Premier member. You should have received an email inviting you to reserve the Epic 4G before any of those non-special Sprint customers can. 

The Samsung Epic 4G is a Galaxy S phone and will be available on August 31, for $249 with a new two-year agreement. Check out our hands-on here. Thanks Jeff.


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Sprint Premier members can now reserve Epic 4G first


I've been signed up both on the S|P email updates list and the regular Epic list, and haven't received anything aside from the Epic ad a few weeks ago. I've gotten other Sprint mailings though.

Got my email, but I have an EVO. My wife wants the Epic 4G, but her upgrade is not till October. She is willing to wait. Hopefully by then the price will drop to under $200. I think $249 price after rebates is a little high for what you get compared to the EVO.

If your wife has an upgrade coming in October, you can get it September. I called Sprint as I am in the same boat and they told me they would let me upgrade Sept 1 instead of waiting to October.

We will see if it works like they claimed, but it's worth a shot for your wifey anyhow.

AND... if you go into a Sprint store, they can upgrade you 14 day prior to your available upgrade date. My contract date was Oct 1, early upgrade was Aug 1, but the store was able to get me my new Evo on July 19th.

On Sprint's website it says that the PHONE will be released on August that a typo or something??? At least thats what it says on my work pc and I just tried refreshing and everything....INTERESTING!!!

BB has the release date of 20 Aug as well, but I'm guessing that it is either an error or out of date info for now because you can't reserve the phone yet, it still says "Coming Soon"... time will tell!

Footnote from BB's Galaxy S web page included below (I assume they're talking about the EPIC since the other two are already available and they make specific mention of "Sprint"...)

Product will ship on 8/20/10; credit card will not be charged until product is shipped. Customers must be approved for service with Sprint and in good standing. Order cancellations must be made before 8/17/10 by calling the Best Buy Mobile Call Center at 1-877-702-2211.

Here's the location (not sure how much longer the page will be valid; AC won't let me post the full link, for some reason it's triggering the spam filter so just fix the link below with the obvious substitution)

Best Buy dot com /site/Mobile-Phones/Samsung+Galaxy+S+Series/pcmcat217400050007.c?id=pcmcat217400050007

process was smooth
p/u @ 0800
if not p/u by 1800 on 8/31 then reservation is cancelled and available to others.

t minus 18 days 7 hours 35 minutes

and counting

i preordered too! my nexus will hate me as it will join my N900 as a dev only phone.
T-minus 18D-18H-22M-10S for me!

Are they going to be charging the extra $10 fee for the data plans for the Epic like they do with the EVO?

Edit: Nevermind. I found my answer. They ARE going to be charging that. Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't being singled out by having an EVO.