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When the Photon 4G was announced, Sprint said its first 4G Android device from Motorola would be coming "this summer." Looks like that's been bumped up to "coming soon." That doesn't exactly shed any light on when you'll actually be able to buy one. But any movement's better than no movement at all, right?

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jimmiekain says:

Thats the question I have been asking! I took my evo3d back because I was told the Galaxy S II / sprint within was coming at the end of July. Now that this thing is coming out I guess that will push the Galaxy out another 30 days or so. :( come on sprint be like Verizon they released 3 super top notch cell phones all in one day... The charge, revolution and droid x2... Your customers will not explode if you give us both the Photon and Within in one day. I promise!

cbuhay1 says:

I passed up my Evo 3D preorder to wait for this! Hope 'soon' really means within the next few weeks. I'll be curious as to how it stacks up with HTC's finest (on Sprint).

cbuhay1 says:

double post fail :(

VDub2174 says:

This is great news!! Even though I absolutely love my EVO 4G, I do miss having a World Phone. Can't wail until we see an official laucnh date :)

Waiting for some Tegra 2 phone action...

Verizon's Bionic is rumored to be launching August 5th.I wonder if Motorola will simultaneously launch the Proton so as to make a huge event of the day?

webmasterb says:

Spoke with a Sprint store rep, prior to purchasing the Evo3D, he said that the release date was scheduled for July 24th, to allow for the 30day trade in policy to be in effect for the Evo3D day one buyers, just in case.

Cubfan says:

Looking good... after taking back my Evo3D, this is looking like it is probably my next phone. Love the extra internal storage, the separate HDMI port (I already have the cable), and the KICKSTAND. Hope someone figures out how to root it soon so we can see a CM7 port to this.

Wonder how good the camera will be. 720P video is just fine for me, and it would be great if video supported 720P at 60fps. That would be killer.

efallows says:

The main camera is 8mp

svargas05 says:

Keep em' coming, Sprint! :)

I was at a sprint store last week getting my screen fixed and the guy kept saying the 18th and 24th of july.

I purchased the evo 3d then took it back after hearing news on the nexus 3.

I think i am going to wait for that.

Chris says:

August 11th maybe?

emagdnimohno says:

I'm getting this one. The evo 3D looked OK, but the photon just looks more appealing to me. Retina display on 4.3 inches :D

emagdnimohno says:

Oh wait retina is on the bionic... I wonder if its on the photon

All these people returning the EVO 3D are just PLAIN STUPID or must be new sprint customers lost. Anyway I wish the Motorola Photon 4g the best of luck it just adss more support to our great lineup on sprint so I'm happy about that. EVO 3D IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE FLAGSHIP DEVICE ON SPRINT.

emagdnimohno says:

With bugs and slight freezing

Whosdaman says:

Sprint Rewards Me is not an official spokesperson for Sprint...