Epic 4G froyo announcement

And now we have Sprint getting into the mix, officially announcing that Froyo will begin rolling out to the Epic 4G on Feb 21, just like we reported

We have source code.  We have an official date.  And we have forums -- hit them up and discuss!.  [Sprint]


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Sprint officially announces Epic 4G Froyo update to begin Feb 21


Very good!! I just got the Epic three days ago.. glad I went with the epic instead of the evo.. the display is a killer..

3days ago? You didn't want to hold off a little and see what Sprint... ahhhh never mind... Sprint aint shown shit lmao. I don't blame you.

I actually think it's a pretty bad time to buy a new phone since carriers are going to start releasing dual core/tegra 2 phones (or even just better phones). The Epic isn't a bad phone but it won't really compare to these new ones coming soon. Plus, I have doubts about the Galaxy S line receiving further Android updates from Samsung.

But yeah, as the other poster has said, Sprint is like the only carrier who has not shown anything of interest. However, I don't think a carrier would just sit back while the competition is reinforcing its product lines.

There's never a good time to buy a technology product -- you're always chasing a moving target. As soon as the dual-core phones come out -- something better will be in the pipeline.

If you play that game, you'll just end up waiting indefinitely.

Sage advice, indeed!

I was out of work for a while, so I've been holding on with my rooted Hero for 18 months. Now that I'm employed again and ready to upgrade my phone, I've started wondering whether I should go ahead and get the Evo or hold out for the next big phone.

Since I'm currently pretty happy with my Hero, I think the Evo will be a significant upgrade in experience. I just hope Sprint doesn't drop the price soon after I upgrade!

In all reality though, Sprint probably won't announce a new high-end Android phone until June, right?

EDIT: Sorry - just realized my response was off-topic.

I went with the moment instead of the Hero (Silly me). I'm up for an upgrade in March, but I'm not going to buy an 8 month old phone (EVO... Not buying a Sammy this round, no matter how sexy the hardware gets) when there's bound to be a dual-core just around the corner. But this Moment is on my last nerve, so I'm planning on buying a used EVO, using it until the next Jesus phone comes out (HTC, Not apple... :) ), and selling the EVO, probably for not much less than I got it for. Used EVOs are going from $250-300 in my area, so I figure it's a safe bet.

Enjoy the phone. Other than bragging rights a fancy new dual core phone won't do anything your phone can't do.

Until 2.4 comes out.

As of now, Dual Core phones will give better battery life by being more efficient, if nothing else.

Yeah i made the same mistake (although, not as severe). i got my Epic in late December but still, i could've waited half a year for the s2. At least i now know i can wait for the s4 :)

I would suggest keeping your root and wait a day or two until some of the developers have a 2.2 ROM available based on Sprints build. Losing root isn't worth it in my opinion and I guarantee the phone will be harder to root once this update is released.

What are you talking about? Rooting the Epic 4g was a cinch if you use the one click root method! As far as I can tell, the only bad part about losing root and going to factory rom is the data reset and you have to download all your apps again

too funny... anyone in this website not using froyo or gingerbread are losing your time. i did root my EVO last night(1st time rooting had many other mod) I did nothing more then download the packages, copy and paste and done... That was the easiest mod i ever done, took a little while but was worth the waiting... Gingerbread was the reason i did, im so glad!

You should look at ROM Manager. It downloads the ROM and installs. Plus backs up before flashing the new ROM.

AWESOME. But again, it's too little too late. It's been a good six months since Froyo was released for phones like the EVO, Droid X, etc. Unacceptable for a high end device.

Never again.

too late. will be looking elsewhere for my next phone. samsung you lost a customer here.the timing of it right after announcing the galaxy s2 only frustrates me further.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't this supposed superior phone come out after the evo was already rockin froyo on the sprint shelf? Its an insult to ppl that spent $50 more than the evo for an inferior product with a pretty screen.

The evo 2 will be out in the summer just like the 1st. And when galaxyS 2 comes out sprint will have 1. Everyone needs to get off their nuts.

Just because it's running 2.1 (instead of 2.2) doesn't in-and-of-itself make it "inferior". The Epic got some pretty good reviews -- many better than the EVO. There are more factors than just the OS-level. I could put Froyo on a glorified Casio calculator. Does that automatically make it better than the Epic?

We've all been taught to believe that the latest software is necessary under all circumstances. It will change our lives -- make us grow more hair and date super-models.

I suspect a good portion of the people that have been screaming about this delayed update don't even have a tangible problem (with their Epic phone) that needs to be solved. They're just more concerned with having the latest software-- regardless of what that really means.

But I do agree that Samsung and Sprint made a huge mistake by promising the update by a certain date and not delivering.

You're right. The newest software isn't always the best. Just look at when Vista came preinstalled and people were offering free "upgrades" to Windows XP. Not saying Froyo is anything like the failure that is Vista, just making a point.

2.1 to 2.2 is pretty major. If you were talking 2.2 to 2.3, I might agree. But 2.2 gives better battery life, better performance, and Flash. While Flash is nice, the other 2 are critical. You can poo poo 2.2 all you want, but for those of us stuck on 2.1 (Moment owner here... Hi!) let me tell you, 2.2 is a huge difference. We have a bastardized version running around, and the performance increase is substantial. The battery life as well.

Better late then never, but I'll avoid buying Samsung in the future, even though I like the Epic alot. This took way too long, especially when the phone was promised to get Froyo soon after launch.

It's sad that it took this long for froyo, what's even sadder is that this is the last update this phone will ever get. It will never get an ota update to gingerbread :-( as soon as I can I'm upgrading away from samsuck

Cool!! I just upgraded to the Epic from my Samsung Intercept... boy did I hate that phone... I mean the Epic's screen is just gorgeous! The only complaint is that my screen is kinda loose on its left side but read that all peoples Epics screens have gotten loose. But anyway I'm glad I only have to wait like a week to get Froyo while others have waited quite a few months lol. Hope this fixes the GPS and battery issues!

All I have to say is YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! My girlfriend has been busting my a$$ for a few months, since she has an Evo. I tell ya, one more crack about not having flash and I would've had to shut down her line. Ha! I'm just glad we don't have to update through KIES.

The reviews of the evo vs epic are all mixed and very tight. And software updates aren't everything, but when it includes faster browsers speeds and full flash content(among other things) on 1 of 2 phones that are very similar in hardware, I think that's a pretty big deal. Especially when gb is right around the corner with even faster browser speeds and other improvements and samsuck will never see it. "EPIC" FAIL!!!!!!!!

I am really tired of the whiners stating they will never buy Samsung again. Which manufacturer has the first Gingerbread phone? Yup..Samsung. As for praising the Evo for having 2.2 months ago by HTC, guess which phone will never get Froyo...HTC Hero. Obviously it is not entirely Samsung's fault if all the non-US Galaxy S phones received their upgrade months ago. Let's put some blame where it belongs...the carriers. T-Mobile got their upgrade first so are you going to jump carriers too? Use your heads for something other than a hat rack. Read a little...educate yourselves.

Well, it's about time. I bought this thing for full price when it first came out (like an idiot) and have been waiting for the 2.2 update for several months...the whole reason I bought the damn thing!! Meanwhile, there are AMAZING phones on the horizon...and Nvidia is saying the newest quad core Tegra with 12 GPU's is slated to appear in handsets as early as August!! I'm going to wait till Summer and use my upgrade for one o them bad-boys!!
I will keep my (now obsolete) epic with 2.2 until then.

For all we know its just going to be delayed again i dont care i left sprint and went over to t-mobile bought an unlocked pre 2 and all is good happy again web os 2.0 is NICE

What makes you think that this is going to be the last update that the Epic receives? I know that Samsung made the Galaxy S2 which is going to T-Mobile (unfortunately).

Get back to us this time next year, and maybe you'll have Gingerbread for the Epic. (From Sprint, not from Cyanogen)

Finally! I've been waiting about 3 months for this update, and I know others have been waiting more like 6 months, since the day the Epic launched. It's taken long enough to get this update done, and I think it's long overdue, but at least it's finally coming next week. Hopefully updates for the other US Galaxy S phone onwers still waiting on Froyo won't be too far behind.

We're still a version behind though, since Gingerbread's out already. I'd like to see Samsung/Sprint jump on that and get us another update (faster than this one took), because I think that high-end, expensive phones like the Epic really should be keep up-to-date so they're on the leading edge. I don't think anyone's made an official statement about whether the Epic will get Gingerbread, though I understand it's capable of running it, so we'll have to wait and see. Froyo should satisfy me for a while -- apps to SD and Flash were the main things I wanted, and the other things like GPS improvements should help the phone all around. But yeah, I'd like the latest version of the OS too, so I'm hoping Gingerbread comes out eventually.

@gitit20 -- Considering there's an official announcement from Sprint, I seriously doubt that the Froyo release will be delayed again.

@cb2367 -- I don't know anything first hand about these kinds of updates, because the Epic is my first Samsung (and my first Android) phone. But from what I've read around the web, Samsung's history has given them a reputation for being a one-update company, which wouldn't favor us getting Gingerbread. I'm sure there are other factors, but I suspect that this one (Samsung's track record) is a main reason some people suspect we won't see 2.3.

it's completely unbelievable to me how long it has taken Sprint to make a public statement about the upcoming update; and I noticed late last night that the official response from Samsung twitter regarding the 2.2 update was still "we will let you know as soon as we have a firm date," as though they had not yet received word about the projected 02/21 update.

i got my epic 5 mo's ago, with the same understanding millions of us had early on: the promised 2.2 update (variously advertised, or spoken directly at point of purchase wherever these phones were sold, not a maybe, but rather a contingency of the sale). Like a lot of us, I realized after 6 or so weeks that the likelyhood of an immediate update would not be necessarily forthcoming, and moved on with other more pressing issues.

basically, i like the epic very much: the screen resolution and other features are pretty nifty, but i already own high-definition equipment so it's pretty much a no-brainer where the value of the phone is -- namely its ability to run the latest and greatest android apps, as we all hoped it would. As things stand, will look forward to the update and will be making serious considerations in future about making this type of business mistake ever again.

My Epic Upgraded last night around 1 am central time. It caused some apps to disappear, mainly my alarm clock app, and it does not recognize all the detail on my music files. Any help with the music would be greatly appreciated......

After 24 hours, my Epic finally recognizes the artist and album tags on my music files. Love Froyo, much quicker and it has FLASH!!!