Sprint Evo 4G contest

Hey, all you Sprint Premiere customers out there: Your favorite carrier's looking to give away 10 -- count 'em, 10! -- Evo 4G phones, four tips to either Maui, Chicago, Las Vegas or Houston (coincidentally, four cities with 4G), and $4,000 in cash. And it's all in the name of launching the biggest Android phone yet, as well as the first one sporting WiMax. You have to already be a premiere customer, so common folk need not apply, apparently. Be sure to check out all the official rules and what-not. [Sprint] Thanks, everyone, for sending this in.


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Sprint giving away ten Evo 4Gs


I am excited about the buzz that is building around the EVO! Sprint needs to continue building on the excitement - look what happened with the massive Droid campaign for VZW!

And of course, most importantly, they need to get this darned thing released! And let us know how much it's gonna hurt our wallets!

I agree on the date and the price (sure it will be announced soon).

It looks like Sprint is going to really push this device.

Yeah! I'm glad that they are basically putting all their eggs in the basket for this device. This is the best specced phone that will be on the market so its a good thing that Sprint is going all out on this phones. Android is the future baby!


I didn't tip it because I didn't want more competition. I sent mine in this morning about five minutes after getting the email. After looking at some of those submissions Phil got for his Nexus I don't stand a chance against some of these creative types.

I'm with you there! My response wasn't too creative, but if it comes down to a death match I'll be ready. Hell, I'd kill just to know when it's coming out!

I saw one of these in a Sprint store , the rep who was there for the day has one , I was able to hold the phone and get a look at a few screens , 1st impression the phone is to big , I love the screen but I think a 4 inch screen would have made the phone better in hand and pocket , other than this it was a larger version of any other android 2.1 phone with a couple added bells and whistles , it was responsive but no more than other phones , now of course I did not get to use it on 4g but it was on 3g and worked well . I dont think I would drop my carrier to make the switch for this phone however, to me and to me only the phone is just to large for my taste as is the HTC HD2 . I far prefer the size of a N1 or Droid or Iphone etc etc and I think the biggest screen for a cell phone should be 4 inches or less , this gives it the best form factor and feel in the hand . Evo is a nice phone but not for me , I will pass

That's the nice thing about Android platform. You have a bunch of choices. I played with the HD2 at Radio shack and I like it. My wife has the Samsung Moment and I have a Blackberry Tour and the iTouch. I would have thought it was too big myself but after using all of these form factors I think the 4.3 is just right. I wouldn't want anything bigger though.

I agree. I was wondering if it was going to be too big (wasn't too worried because I have big hands). So I went to a Tmobile store and held the HD2, feels great in my hands. I was also surprised at how thin it was. Feels better in my hand than the itouch. Mainly because its not too big but still feels like you're actually holding something.

At least there is multiple options. Once Google roll out their plan for simultaneous updates across all devices, Android will take over rapidly.

Hopefully the Galaxy S rumor is true and comes to all carriers (faster than N1) and then you have great choices on Sprint (EVO, N1, Galaxy S).

Yeah, I entered also. I was on the fence between this and the N1. But, since that one doesn't appear to be happening, I am gonna prob get the EVO. I just think the screen may be too big. It looks massive.

One thing that I've hated about ALL my full screen phones is holding the phone up to my ears and not being able to enjoy the screen. Problem was solved by using a Bluetooth headset. Now I get to enjoy the screen (look up info, play games etc) during calls.

I agree with all who say 4.3 is too big, only if you have to hold it up to your ear. But if you use it with a BT headset, I think I wouldn't mind even a bigger screen.

Looking forward to getting my Evo. Too bad it can't do voice and data at the same time, but that may change later. Hope it can do WiFi and voice at the same time.

Get a BT headset. You'll enjoy the phone more and not worry about the size as much ;)