So about that Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE ... We know it's cleared Customs, following that pesky International Trade Commission review. And we know preorders have and are still being delivered, but apparently the bulk of the phones are still in transit. Sprint this morning has given us a bit of a non-update update, which reads thusly:

While Sprint customers who pre-ordered their HTC EVO 4G LTE received their device last week, Sprint continues to wait for our full inventory from HTC.

We recently learned that HTC devices have been released by U.S. Customs. We expect shipments of HTC EVO 4G LTE to enter the U.S. in the next few days.  An exact availability date for HTC EVO 4G LTE will be communicated as soon as possible.

We’ll continue updating this post as we have new information to share.

Thank you everybody for your interest and continued patience.

So in-store availability is still up in the air. Soon as we know something, you will, too.

Source: Sprint; More: EVO 4G LTE forums


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Sprint gives update on EVO 4G LTE inventory status


haha. it was one of the first things i noticed after i stuck it into my pocket on the first day. sorry to have noticed and shared. but i to be honest i only noticed because i was really digging the silver inlay instead of the normal black one for the speaker cover. so, to be honest it was the sexyness of the phone that made me notice anyway

I wish I didn't want the phone from the worst launch ever. I don't care who's fault it is pretty much a horrible launch. Sprint's communication has been pathetic. I am surprised they even said anything today.

I think they did okay, not great, at communicating what was going on. There's not much else they could have said.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but Verizon's Galaxy Nexus was the worst launch ever.
At least Sprint had an out of their control, government infused, Apple acting like a B¶t¢h, reason.

Think so, even worse than the Bionic's launch? These Sprint people don't know the meaning of "screwed up launch" until they tried dealing with VZW.

Wow, it only took two weeks to get something other than "call HTC if you have questions. We know nothing at all." At least we're down to a few days.

I really think Sprint is just delaying the launch until Phil finishes his review.

(oh come ON, Phil! that's funny!)

Yeah, you're right!. I think that's exactly what happened.
Probably HTC had to PAY some money in order to get The phone out of customs.

Yeah, that's not vague at all. I pre-ordered mine from a Sprint store and haven't received it yet. So now I'm on the wait lists at Best Buy and Walmart too. Which one will win?

I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to pre-order from BestBuy at this point. I went to my local sprint store first thing on the 7th, and did what I thought was a pre-order. I recently found out that they never did the pre-order... they just put one on reserve. I'm wondering if I pre-order from BestBuy right now, will I be so far down the list, that I would be better of just waiting for my local sprint store to get it?

I don't care about the $50 voucher, and I definitely don't for sprints service... I just want my sweet ass EVO already!

i ordered it from sprint the first day it came on sale for pre-orders and i got mine on the 24th when did your order yours? i hope you get it soon

That is exactly what happened to me too. I thought I was pre-ordering, but I guess they thought different. All I know is, I will not be pre-ordering from a Sprint store again.

I went in to Best Buy, and they just put me on the list for when the next batch comes in. No commitment. So it's worth it if yours does the same thing.

On Friday(05/25) I called around best buy stores to satisfy my curiosity of in-store stock, many were giving the same line as everyone else until I called a Best Buy mobile store in my local mall, the rep proceeded in giving me the same line but also offered to make a pre-order for me over the phone, the holiday weekend passed and I called the same store yesterday(I knew that there was no way it would have shipped but again to satisfy my curiosity) rep told me that it's not there and that UPS has not come by and told me to call back in an hour, did that and still no luck. Went down to the store on my break and still UPS had still not come by. As I turned around to leave she told me to hold on, she went to the back for a few and came back with a EVO. I may have gotten lucky but I have my EVO, I would recommend that you keep trying BB. Good Luck.

I just picked one up from my local Walmart and surprisingly we have a very small walmart .....woot woot...

in a way im glad that they still haven't gone on sale yet. it only means that when i show my phone off i can say my phone is very exclusive lol. also not trying to make fun of people still waiting for theirs to come.