Sprint Evo 4G teardown

Not only can you not have the Sprint Evo 4G for a few more days, now you have to watch somebody tear it apart. The folks at ifixit did their thing, meticulously ripping open the Evo and checking out the internal components. No real surprises were found, other than getting the identifiers on the individual radios and the like. But we'll take every bit of Evo detail we can get, and we know you darn will, too. [ifixit]


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Sprint Evo 4G torn down (as if you haven't been teased enough)


i noticed that too... none of the specs for the EVO show that though. i wonder if they have it turned off for some reason.

its not supported in 2.1, which is why the N1 has it two, but hasn't utilized it until recently with some of the ROMs Cyanogen has done and the pre-release of 2.2, which does support N. I had a feeling this baby had it in it, but nothing confirmed it until now.

The chip is capable of Wireless N but it is disabled. This is also true on the Nexus One. I'm not sure if it's able to be enabled by hacks or software upgrades. Maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject can chime in..

Even when torn apart it's still sexy as hell. Putting the red on the inside is like seeing a chick wearing stiletto heels with the red on the bottom. Damn foine.