Sprint HTC Evo 4G

If you get a sense of deja vu watching this software walkthrough of the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, we don't blame you. We've seen the new Sense user interface on a number of devices (the HTC Legend, Droid Incredible and Desire, to name three) since we first got our hands on it at Mobile World Congress, and it hasn't changed, save for a few carrier tweaks.

We'll go more in-depth with Sprint's customizations later. In the meantime, check out a brief walkthrough of what's included on the Evo 4G after the break.

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Sprint Evo 4G software walkthrough


Yes. Root you phone and install the application "Root Explorer" from the market. Then go to the folder /system/app/ and then click on the button in to top right corner of the screen. From there on delete all of the stock apps you want! I deleted Amazon mp3 store, email, facebook, twitter, and voice dialer from my nexus one.

Phil man you are the best. You are always right on time. Thanks. i love it. you make waiting for the Evo to come out not so bad.

I am new to posting, but I've been interested in Android since the beginning. I waited and bought the Pre first, because I've been on Sprint for 10 years. It's internal hardware is definitely not enough to keep up with the OS, though it is beautiful. What I'm really interested to know is how this compares to the Incredible from a speed standpoint.

it is built with the same specs as the Incredible, except it adds a kick stand, the abil to run 4G (in provided areas), and front facing web cam. Otherwise the internal hardware remains the same...


So, yes.... everything on the navigation without 4G web speeds, runs just as smooth(er) :) than the Droid Inc.

What is with you Droid people? The same specs as the Incrdible, except, except, except, except... 4.3" TFT LCD, 720p video recording, front facing 1.3MP camera, HDMI out, 4G speed where available, and kickstand

The same specs my ass! It's ok to be jealous, Verizon loyalists.

Wow dude, I have been with Sprint for like 7 years... I disapprove of Verizon and ATT cost pricing to switch. I have the EVO Preordered and I love the specs, but it is mostly the same specs, just a bit beefier here and there. It runs the same internal core system and the guy above me was asking about the speed of the device.

Thanks for making a random, wrong judgement though...

God that thing is looking more and more beautiful with every video!

I live around Baltimore, which has WiMax, so I'm really hoping I win this baby off the forums :D

So here's a fairly basic question...I'm an Android newbie so be easy on me...waiting anxiously for EVO to be released...but I am pretty good with technology so I'm confident with a fairly basic explanation I'll understand what you mean.

For the music app on EVO (or any Android phone for that matter), can you edit the song titles, as well as add/remove any album pictures embedded onto the songs? I ask this for a couple of reasons:

1. I have a Pre, and any songs I put on there that have embedded album pictures, the damn phone adds those pictures like a million times to the pictures library on the phone itself, and in it's own file per band. SOOOOOO annoying because you can not remove them without removing the songs themselves. I love Palm, but there are just some things I can do without, and well...I'm converting to Android and that's that.

2. I absolutely refuse to buy a crapple ipod because I firmly believe in 1 "gadget" for all or at least most daily uses. And if it isn't already obvious, I don't like Apple products so the iphone is out of the question.


Think of an external hard drive when thinking of loading music, word docs, pictures, or any media to the SDCard.

On your pc.... create a folder. Put music in the folder. Rewrite the artist names and titles of the songs if you want. You can also change the album pictures if you want.

Grab your music folder and drop in it the Android!

AndroidOS will organize your music perfectly with the song titles, albums, artist YOU'VE chosen them to display as... you can can literally rewrite any song title and display any picture as an album cover with Android OS.

Welcome to the future, just then. Now/Ago.

Dio R. Dna

Thanks Dio.

So I gotcha on the drag and drop when synching to the Android, I just hope it's done better on Android than the Pre's organization for it's music player. I had done the exact same thing on my PC then transfered to the Pre and...blamo! pictures spread through as if I added them separately, and no ability to make changes to the music file names or organization at all.

I guess I'll just have to try it on my first Android device...soon!

The fact that the Pre dumps all of the album covers in the Photos app drives me absolutely crazy. Have you tried dumping all of the MP3's into one folder to see if it consolidates all of the exterraneous folders into one directory on the Photos app? I haven't had the chance to see if it works, but I plan on trying to give it a go the next time I sync the phone to the laptop.

Actually I've done just that, from the start too. It's so annoying I don't even like to use the Pre for music. Plus the built in music app for Pre is so very basic, and laggy and...yet another reason to switch to Android. Can you say constant evolution?! Hmm...evolution...sounds like EVO!

Ok I'm much too hyped about this phone I'll be getting in about a week! And to think at one time I was such a Pre sackrider...

I'm looking forward to picking up the EVO, but as an early adopter with the Pre, I will be waiting for a month to make sure that there are no major hardware/reception issues.

The UI of WebOS is fantastic, but Palm still has a lot to improve on before I consider buying a second WebOS device.

i never ran into that problem on my pre, i did however use itunes to sync my music with my pre. i will be extremely happy to uninstall itunes once i get the evo

Question about the YouTube HQ. I've heard some say you can toggle the HQ on 3G. Is this true. I've been in a Sprint store and toggled this on a Hero and Moment.

I would assume the higher quality would just take longer to buffer, no?


the HQ feature is only avail on 4g and wifi... you run smooth nice full video in 3G, but the option for HQ is not avail... it does look fine though, but on actual HQ it just looks crisper and smoother.

so to answer your question, no.

I don't know about that I got an Eris and I have the option to watch in hq. It takes it from a pixelated piece of crap to a crispy smooth video and yes it takes like 2 sec extra to buffer.

I prefer the Incredible , no use for a front facing camera or HDMI out or a 4.3 screen and good luck with the non existent 4g , and who cares about a kickstand LOL . I can buy any phone I want whenever I want , no need to wait for any contract nonsense , but I want a phone with a 4 inch screen , nothing larger as to me its just to big

What non-existent 4G are you talking about? You mean like the only national network with 4G NOW, not like plan roll out beginning at the end of 2010 beginning of 2011? Oh yeah so much for the nonexistent 4G Sprint will have more 4G than Verizon will for the foreseeable future. And as for speed, HASP+ will be faster than Wi-MAX or LTE. So if your one of those Verizon fanboys enjoy the slow speeds you network will be giving you for a while.

I have phones with 3 different carriers with my business and can have any phones I wish to have , price is not an issue so lets get that straight right out of the box . There is NOTHING slow about verizons 3g coverage, at least where I live , Verizon has been just awesome , Sprint is fine as well with there coverage but there 3g is hit and miss , ATT well lets just say I wont be using them much longer , I love watching all you guys get your panties in a bunch when someone doesnt agree with you , it is nothing short of hysterical . How long do you think the EVO stuff will last ?? give it 2 or 3 months and soemthing else will blow it out of the water , if it even takes that long , As long as you like what you buy what else matters . I just have ZERO use for a phone with that large of a screen, I owned the HD2 and it was a pain in the ass carrying that thing around for my taste , the Evo will be the same , I love the incredible and the Evo will be hard pressed to be a faster phone , it may offer a few extra bells and whistles the geeks just have to have but whatever , its hysterical to read all the bickering

Well you did say non-existent 4G which is a complete under statement. If you REALLY liked the Incredible more than the EVO you wouldn't be on a EVO page commenting on it. I believe its EVO envy. If you really DON'T like the EVO then stop looking at its news events and keep your comments to yourself.

I read all articles on this site and will continue to do so. Evo envy lol ok how old are you ?? Give me a break . I have a contract with sprint as well as verizon and att. I can add 50 evos if I wanted so what's your point ? I read about all new and upcoming phone to see what will suite my needs best . Sorry you don't like it but that's not my problem

"its hysterical to read all the bickering"

I like how you state this, yet you are the one instigating it. Why can't people just accept the Evo is a great phone, if not the best Android phone that will be currently available. Of course a newer better phone will proceded it, but isn't that how technology works? So for you to say we should just buy the phone we want and enjoy it, yes we will, we just don't want idiots like you posting about how much you don't want the phone. How does this have to do with this story in any way? If you are not interested in getting the phone, why do you feel the need to shoot it down? I really think you do have some Evo envy going on, or else why would you feel the need to spew your stupid shit to the rest of us. I don't care, btw, if you say you have contracts for every carrier. Most of us don't, I just so happen to have Sprint, so fuck yeah I'm getting the Evo. My roomy is on Verizon and now wishes he was on Sprint so he could get the Evo (he loves his Droid btw). Maybe for some reason you are angered this phone is getting so much attention, but you just need to get over it. Remember when the G1 came out? The Droid? Nexus One? This phone is a big deal just like they were, and is the cream of the crop at the moment.

Stop trying to justify yourself and go post somewhere else where other people will care about what you say. Us Evo owners and future Evo owners would much appreciate this, so we can go on learning the features of the phone, and anticipating its release.

/rant over

Whether its cause your locked in to another carrier, or just a hater. You could argue preference of a smaller screen(dont know why, but go ahead.) You can argue a faster 3g network(not by much.) but you cant argue a front facing camera(Droid dont have one) you cant argue 4g(Droid doesnt and wont be getting it.) you cant argue HD capability(Droid doesnt have it.) and you definitly cant argue value(they are both priced the same.) So you can go ahead and if it makes you feel better play the preference card, but us EVO owners will always play our superiority card.

I'll take all the extras and the larger screen any day, and they have 4g coverage here too! Evo is a no-brainer here.

phil talked about plugging in head phones for the radio and also said sorry you can't hear the video... Does the Evo not play audio through the speaker? might be a dumb question but that will really suck if it doesn't!

I'm pretty sure phil meant we wouldn't be able to hear it because on the video editing, not because there's no external speaker.

No, I was talking about the FM radio, which needs speakers or headphones plugged in to work. It uses the wires as the antenna. Everything else plays just fine through the phone's speaker.

The EVO uses the metal in the headphones as the FM antenna. As for the video, yes, it plays through the phones' speaker, but the volume might've been turned down on the phone, that in combination of the direction and overdubbed music in the review probably made it near impossible to hear.

I wish HTC would have included HD Radio FM instead of regular FM radio.
The Microsoft Zune has HD Radio.
Maybe future HTC devices might have em.

That's what I was thinking, too. As I watched the video, I was thinking, "That's a pretty big screen and it looks nice. Is this guy so jaded that he's not impressed by it?" Has anyone seen the screen and what did they think?

next friday cant come fast enough i have never been more anxious for a phone in my life, my blackberry is on its last legs and every bit of news, video, and review i see for the evo makes me even more anxious, my only worry is the size but im sure i can adjust

I can't wait for next friday!!! I want it now... there is not question in my mind that I will totally love this phone!!!

The Evo looks nice. Just how it would have been if my traded HD2 and my current Desire would have made a baby. I hope you all enjoy your Evo 4G.

Btw, to be honest, I traded my HD2 in because of two things (the fact that it ran WinMobile aside). One, the 4.3 inch screen really made the device a bit to large. It was pretty Ok to use, but sometimes it just was a pain in the ass! (one handed usage while walking is hell)

And I also started to notice that the big screen was nice, but not necessary. I could not go back to the iPhone's tiny LCD, but the Desire/Nexus One's AMOLED 3.7 inch screen is very nice. I think the perfect size is around 4 inch.

Off course maybe it was Windows Mobile to blame the wasted space of the 4.3 inch screen. I hope you all don't make a bad choice. Maybe play with it before you buy it. Seriously, not trying to be a troll, just trying to prevent others from making the same mistakes as myself!

Hey Phil i have a quick question. I noticed in the beginning when you were thumbing through the homescreens that the Google search screen did not have the Mic button for you to do voice search and such. I know my wifes hero w/2.1 has it. Is this an option for that button. Sorry if the question is a noob one i will be coming from a Pre and still learning the ropes


Whether its cause your locked in to another carrier, or just a hater. You could argue preference of a smaller screen(dont know why, but go ahead.) You can argue a faster 3g network(not by much.) but you cant argue a front facing camera(Droid dont have one) you cant argue 4g(Droid doesnt and wont be getting it.) you cant argue HD capability(Droid doesnt have it.) and you definitly cant argue value(they are both priced the same.) So you can go ahead and if it makes you feel better play the preference card, but us EVO owners will always play our superiority card.

The screen size is gonna be a bit of an issue to me. I got to play around with my friends HD2 and it kinda blew my day... to know I'll have a phone with the same BIG ASS SCREEN but I'll get over it. And the lack of actual "physical" buttons is kind of a downer to me. I know the droid doesnt have them and workd fine but I personally had an instinct and thos f*ckin touch buttons made my life a living hell... HEY PHIL!!! HOW DO THOSE BUTTONS FEEL? BUT FIRST THING IM GONNA DO IS VIDEO CALL ME SOME HO*S!!!lol. This is gonna take that whole "wat r u wearing" question, Chuck Norris round house kick it in the face, and put a bullet in its skull.lol. LETS GO EVO!!!!!!!!!!!