EVO 4G LTE update

Some good news out of the Sprint EVO 4G LTE camp this morning. An update apparently is rolling out that not only fixes a bit of wonk (that's the technical term, by the way) but also brings the updated Sense 4.1 along for the ride! That should be the same Sense 4.1 se showed you in a little preview on the HTC One X a few weeks ago. The Android version also gets bumped to 4.0.4, but that means it's still Ice Cream Sandwich, and so we'll resume the wait for some Jelly Bean love.

We'll update when we get a more complete changelog. In the meantime, hit the links below to see what everyone else is seeing in the update!

Update: And here's the changelog:

  • Browser no longer randomly closes from bookmarks
  • Bluetooth fix (minor)
  • Latest Version of Google Wallet
  • Latest Version of Visual Voicemail
  • LTE Scanning Improvement

Source: EVO 4G LTE forums 1, 2

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yankees2323 says:

With this update you can remap the menu button to the recent apps button to get rid of the horrible menu bar on older apps.

dskwerl says:

Woo, I always like getting updates!

bc2k says:

Huh. Still not seeing Safari as the default browser. What's the holdup HTC?!

dalex7777 says:

Please tell me you meant "Chrome" or that you are taking crazy pills.

Chrome does not support Flash. I doubt HTC will make that their default browser until post Jelly Bean where the platform no longer supports Flash. And even then I'm not sure how likely they will do that.

lightyear420 says:

oh, good...sprint is releasing JB updates....maybe we'll finally see some NS4G JB love :)


just saw this is sense 4.1 not jb...derp lol

inuchan says:

wow great!

jonyah says:

Waiting to hear what this would do to root/bootloader before installing.

newboyx says:

This includes a new Hboot. Just wait it out.

Robbzilla says:

XDA already has the radio available for DL

a22matic says:

I don't think the EVO LTE update is the same as the One X. I don't see the Quick Settings option or the dedicated button added to the camera app that’s supposed to switch between front and back cameras.

bxphantom says:

Agreed. Been looking for the same things and I don't see it.

zakphi says:

go to settings -> display, gestures and buttons -> scroll down and you should see a new section called buttons under notification flash and voila

bxphantom says:

Just went there and there is only the recent apps button, nothing for notification bar or quick settings.

zakphi says:

i noticed that too. hopefully the quick settings in the notification bar is real and not just some neat feature that was added by the rom developer that Phil was talking about in the video about the One X

liquid29 says:

Found the setting on my 4G LTE. System Settings>Display, Gestures & Buttons>Recent Apps Button UPDATE: Sorry, replied to the wrong thread. This was in reference to changing the Recent Apps button.

84guy says:

im pretty sure it was added by the devs of the rom he was using

bgruber17 says:

Ran the update just a little bit ago, and I sent you some pictures Phil, but I'm not seeing any difference in the pull down box. Were there supposed to be changes that incorporated with a tab for the quick settings?

jandroshick says:

Same here. Just updated manually and I don't see any changes other then the numbers in the software version.

I would like to see a setting, whether set automatically or manually, that if you choose a light colored wallpaper the text will change so you can actually see it. Of course, it might already be out there and I haven't found it, which is possible.

I multitask like an SOB and I haven't had one home screen redraw/refresh yet. This was happening to me about 50 times a day until the update.

crxssi says:

Indeed! This is a MAJORLY IMPRESSIVE UPDATE!! Thank GOD. The lack of good multitasking was just killing this phone. Throw in better 3G/4G/WiFi switching, a tabs button on the browser, faster Sense, and mapping a dedicated Menu button and this sucker is looking like the beast it SHOULD have been at launch.

Major Kudos to HTC....

So far it seems faster. Can't put my finger on it but the entire phone seems faster. Also, I ran a bunch of Quadrant test and I'm averaging 5800-6000!

The haptic feedback seems to have been dialed down a bit.

vision63 says:

Yeah, I just tried it and it's milder which is great. It's perfect now.

dwb3838 says:

Phone does seem faster and smoother also the multitasking has been working so far and I'm glad we can remove that menu bar that takes up so much room at the bottom of apps .thanks HTC .

uncool21 says:

HTC I'm happy for you and all but jelly bean better be my next update

JobiWan144 says:

"I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish,..."


Looking forward to trying out the wifi at my place to see if I my connection still drops out randomly. This better be fixed now.

EDIT: Wifi seems flawless now. Very pleased with the update!!

8bnew8 says:

Just updated and the phone is running VERY fast. So much so that I'm even overlooking the exclusion of the quick settings. It just feels a lot smoother now

beanznrice says:

Updates are always a good thing :D
and thanks HTC for not forgetting to pay attention to the one x's cousin...

kullkid92x says:

ahhh yes thank you HTC :) a couple of UI changes in the browser as well guys check it out.

kullkid92x says:

and yeah im pretty sure the quick settings was just a addon/ modification that was shown from a custom rom. perhaps waiting till jellybean to bring that with sense 4.5? who knows :P

uncool21 says:

So they took out the EQ in the stock music app. Only beats audio and the default are present. No bueno HTC

commonplace says:

So this helps with the multitasking, or...?

Figures CM10 is just about ready to become a daily driver, and then this comes out. Decisions, decisions...


crxssi says:

Yes, it helps a lot from what I can tell so far. I am incredibly glad they have addressed it, because I was going to replace the ROM if they kept pretending it wasn't an issue.

rbaldonado says:

App associations is different as well. Look at youtube links. Shhhh.

caryb1969 says:

Anyone having an issue with ringtones? I use Zedge and it wont associate ringtones with the appropriate people anymore. Whats up with that?

grneyes24088 says:

Me too can only use my default ringtone.

grneyes24088 says:

Anyone having issues with there browser closing from bookmarks I did not have this problem before this update?