Update at 11:17 a.m. EDT: Just heard back from Sprint again, and it's still referring any questions to HTC.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE won't be available Friday, its scheduled launch day, the WSJ reported this morning, following up on Tuesday night's bombshell that the AT&T HTC One X and Sprint's new EVO were being held at customs as part of a review by the International Trade Commission over issues with Apple patents.

On Monday, Sprint published a series of 10 press releases announcing that some stores would open at 8 a.m. Friday for the EVO 4G LTE launch. A Sprint spokesperson on Tuesday night referred questions about the delay to HTC. We've reached out for further clarification in light of the WSJ's report. The AT&T HTC One X has been listed as out of stock for several days now.

Reaction in our EVO 4G LTE forums has been bouncing from frustration for HTC, to Sprint to outright hatred for Apple and continued dismay over the way patents are granted for software.

For now, though, it certainly is looking unlikely that the EVO 4G LTE will be available on Friday morning, and there's no word of how long the ITC review will last. 

Don't touch that dial.

Source: WSJ; via The Verge


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Sprint EVO 4G LTE reportedly will miss Friday's launch date


This sucks, but I've been waiting 6 months for EVO LTE!

No worries, I can hang on and wait for this to blow over.

What is surprising is that HTC and Sprint seem to be caught off guard with this. How could they not know this was coming.

Exactly. This reaks of incompetence on HTC's part. How can they have all these units on the water without being sure that this wasnt going to happen.

Do you really believe that the gov't would have told them about this? You know they check very few (if any ever before now!) shipments coming in for patent violations. Those are dealt with by lawyers, not customs. A lobbyist for Apple got them to do this (with money). It's pretty blatant.

Consider this...Apple could have taken this action when Sprint announced the start of pre-orders on May 7th...but they didn't. They DELIBERATELY waited until Sprint was just about to ship their pre-orders to drop this bomb. Timing was f**king perfect to cause the most damage to both HTC and Sprint. There is absolutely no denying this!

...and if this embargo lasts more than a month, HTC might as well bury the phone, as it will inevitably be eclipsed by superior technology.

I may be wrong, but I don't think any tech is outdated after just one month. Especially the S4, Super LCD 2, and that camera.

Because HTC already removed anything from the phones that was covered in that patent dispute. It's the damn gov that's too slow to get things rolling and release them.

But, let's spread more Apple hate, cause they just suck donkey b....

They didn't remove the infringing software from any of the phones. However, the ITC handed HTC the software years before it was patented by Apple. This patent bullshit should be VOIDED.

They created a workaround that keeps the functionality in tact while not violating the patent. And yes, the patent should be voided. Granting a patent for something that the applicant did not create and that is already available to the masses is beyond ridiculous, but it would be Apple out of all others that would be granted such a patent...

Somebody find a pen and write the damn check already to whomever is holding this thing up, Apple, DOJ, Patent Office, Customs, Rothschild, DuPont, Kim Kardashian... This is some horsecrap.

Apple doesn't want money, or at least they didn't when Jobs was alive. They wanted to put Android out of business completely. Maybe the corporate think at Apple has changed since Jobs kicked the bucket, but somehow I doubt it.

This is exactly what I said to my wife this morning. Apple would never have pulled this s**t while Jobs was alive. This embargo is a definite sign of a paradigm shift at the company. Seems like they are either trying trying to buy time, or are running scared.

Seriously? This seems like the exact move Jobs would have pulled had he been alive. Doing anything and everything to block Android progression.

I can tell you that I am not one of them. And I am reasonably sure there are several more people like me that wouldn't switch to an iPhone just because the Evo is landing late.

Especially considering the reason for the delay is Apple. Why would I jump ship to the company that is causing the issue preventing me from getting the device I want?That just seems completely silly. I, personally, will never purchase a product from Apple for any reason.

Very lil.

Especially if you're on Sprint, and waiting for the Evo 4G LTE, you'd probably get a Galaxy Nexus instead.

AT&T is a lil different, you may get iPhone 4s instead, at least that's what Apple hopes you do.

I would switch back to a dumb phone before I would get an iPhone. I would rather dump my Prime Tablet and go back to Windows 3.1 before ever wanting an ipad as well.

I still think this is bogus. How long can it take to verify that this functionality has been removed, or bypassed? Should take a two hour meeting which would end with U.S. Customs saying "Let them pass" or "Nope, not good enough".

I would just like an official statement/explanation from Sprint to their customers (or at least those that pre-ordered). I know they are referring questions to HTC, but ultimately Sprint is going to have to step up and provide some guidance to manage their customers' expectations.

Considering they have $200 of thousands of people's money, with no idea when they'll be able to fulfill their end of the deal. I hope they can make some money off my money on investments or something. (right)

Hey. I paid full retail for the phone. I'll tell you I dumped my iphone and 2 other phones to buy it, and now I'm stuck using my frankenstein pixi which used to be my daughters... boy do I feel manly..

I feel for you guys (no homo).

The AT&T One X is an exceptional device. I'm surprised it took Apple this long though because I knew weeks ago that ITC was going to do this. That's why I got my One X on release date.

Really? You knew this would happen weeks ago but chose not to say anything anywhere until just now? Ok.

A lot of people knew.

Read any techblog site that reported this, news broke back in December I believe. I was just surprised the first few batches (release date) got through, but I made sure to scoop one up because I knew Apple wasn't gonna let this stand.

I guess it's a good thing that I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a Galaxy Nexus yesterday instead of waiting until the weekend to try to get the EVO 4G LTE.

I'll wait. The EVO is worth it to me. I already have a rooted AOKP rommed Epic 4g Touch. The Nexus just isn't enough of an upgrade to justify buying it.

I have 4 lines, 2 of which are people who don't desire an update every 2 years. I can get a phone a year and not really sweat it. I'm also giving my wife my Epic. She wants it, and who am I to tell her she can't have it? :D

I have paid full price every year to upgrade starting with the Pre, EVO, EVO3D and now the EVO LTE. Let's be honest, the price of the phone isn't that much when you consider what you pay yearly for the service. I know I'm in the minority here, but there's quite a few people that do the same.

^ Your link is broken, lol.

Anyways, read the article posted by AC. It's not broken at all, just tweaked different to work with Sense 4.0

And by tweaked you mean that it's broken. I don't care HOW HTC broke it, but with those tweaked settings multitasking doesn't work. Period.

but honestly, if you need to "multitask" with more than 4-5 apps, you should probably look for a job/life/man/woman/copy of WoW. It's a phone. There should be much more important things occupying your time than playing with your phone all day every day.

Well, we might as well send in those "Occupiers" into Apple Stores now!!!! Ops, they probably have iPhones anyways. :(

This really makes me want to leave Sprint. I'm so pissed that they are releasing LTE phones and no network to back them up. Also, Sprint's LTE wont roam on VW's like 3G does. So even though I have VW's 4G in my area, still no Sprint 4G. I still really bitter about this "Premium Data" deal that they have. I've had my Epic 4G for almost 2 years because they took away the yearly upgrade from all their customers and my mom got a BB Style about a year ago or so. That's around $320 (rough estimate) worth of extra money we have to pay and my data speeds are CONSTANTLY 150 kB/s or less, and no 4G in sight. Now tell me how that's premium data? Now this stupid delay...

You know that LTE you're whining about? It wouldn't have ever come to pass without that Premium data fee. Quit bitching and just go to Verizon. I'm tired of you little wussie bitches constantly harping on the premium data fee.

Go. Leave. Irse. I don't want you on my carrier any more. Go pay 25% more for Verizon because it makes SO much more sense than a measly $10 a month.

Nailed it man. I'd rather pay ten extra bucks for UNLIMITED data (LTE or otherwise) than have a set data-cap, or worse, be charged overage fees.

He has a point though. Your just covering them up by telling him to 'leave'. How pathetic of you.

Your paying $10 more for unlimited dead ass speeds. More power to you. At least with Verizon, that 25% more he's paying will be worth a damn, like REAL LTE speeds, everywhere and GREAT 3G speeds. Sprint just can't compete.

Sprint may have the cheaper plans and unlimited data, but I can write a book faster than Sprint can load a page on my Evo 4G.

The only point to be made is that if you are unable to understand or justify the $10 premium data fee, then leave. That's it and that's all, it really is that simple.

That's nice. I live somewhere decent, so I get pretty good data speeds, including Wimax. I'll also be one of the 1st 6 cities to get LTE, whenever that is.

That being said, if you don't like the service, go join your girlfriend. I'm sure the two of you will be perfectly happy raising sheep in Montana together while chatting to each other on Verizon.

Or you could have been on Verizon who had a 4G LTE network for a while with no phones (or maybe one phone) that could use it. Verizon charges the premium on iphones which don't have 4G capabilities...LOL. I'll take my Evo 4G LTE, and gladly be ready to go when the LTE hits my area. I was one of the early areas for wimax so I figure it will probably happen with LTE also.

@HipHopIsLyfe37: When you say "no 4G in sight", what are you talking about? Sprint has announced all along their plans to light up their 4g LTE this summer.

They released LTE phones ahead of the network, but you are not forced at gun point to purchase one. If you don't want to buy a LTE phone until the network switch is made then don't do it. What are you complaining about?

No 4G in my area from Sprint and their isn't gonna be anytime soon, but Verizon does. I get terrible speeds and its not just where I am. A ton of people have been having the same problem. I have also had a lot of problems with them with messing up our plans and other stuff I don't feel like getting in to. I would rather pay more money for a better data experience than pay $10 for absolute shit

Sprint has announced 14 initial markets out of 90-100 that will "light up" this summer. They have further announced up to 47 out of the 90-100 that will "light up" by the end of 2012 and expect to finishing "lighting up" their LTE network by the end of 2013. I suspect that is what he meant by "no 4G in sight". I need to upgrade phones now, I expect 4G LTE where I live around the next time I am ready to upgrade phones after this one.

Apple just scored big. This sucks for consumers who have been waiting for these devices. If this is held up and these devices are permanently banned there will be a number of outcomes.
1. consumers will have no choice but buy an iPhone (which is what Apple really wants)
2. consumers will buy other available devices from Samsung & Motorola (which will be bad for HTC, AT&T, & Sprint)
3. consumers will get so fed up with Apple, they will refuse to buy an iPhone until ban is reversed (doubt very much that will happen)

Overall, this is bad for the industry and consumers choices

I'm sorry but your first point is crap. Whoever wants an EVO or One X is NOT going to a lower phone like crapple. Infact they will be more defiant than ever.

Where I think this will hurt Apple is not in iPhone sales. Most Android users would not be interested in an iPhone anyway. However, what I believe this does have the potential to do is hurt Apple in the sale of their other products.

Consumers will often carry an Android phone, but have an iPod Touch or Nano, or maybe even an Ipad for other use. With Apple playing bully on the playground of mobile, consumers may be less likely to want to give the bully their hard earned money for one of these other Apple products.

I enjoy my iPod Nano (i use it as my daily wrist watch, and music player when I'm jogging), but I can honestly say, I am so turned off by Apple that I will never buy another Apple product again.

Ya I have to believe this will be worse for Apple then it will for HTC. People used to root for apple because they were the underdogs. Now they're "the man". It'll just take their sheep a little while to figure things out and revolt. Once it finally gets started though it'll happy quick. You know, cause they all like to be different (like the rest of them).

Dammit! my evo 4g has a broken charge port, and the screen cracked Monday. Was just gonna wait till Friday and hopefully get lucky and find the Evo LTE in sprint store. Now this :( what to do, what to do. The patent office/apple might have just caused me to buy a galaxy nexus. Grrrrrrrrrr. hopefully Sprint/HTC issues a statement with an adjusted release date. dammit.


My Evo 3D's screen cracked on Monday too! And I did the upgrade early "buy up" program and ordered the Evo 4G LTE.

Now this is held up and I have to stick to my broken Evo 3D until they fix this.

If your a TRUE EVO lover then you will wait. Htc didn't plan this apple did so in time everything will be ok. No iphone will ever compare to the EVO BRAND.

Even if I was an Apple fan I wouldn't buy a 4S. I'd wait for the iPhone5. I love this EVO. This really is the second coming of the EVO line. The ONLY thing that hampers it from being akin to Unicorn Tears would be the battery life. Even if its decent, its not LEGEND-waitforit-DARY like I was hoping for from an LTE EVO. But alas, I guess that is all part of the EVO heritage :).

That's how I feel and yes I hate apple even more. My phone is broken I don't care I'm getting my new evo. Besides what other phone on sprint can really rival with the evo. I have to carry this phone for 2 yes I don't mind the wait.

Yeah what about the preorders???? On the other story people posted that they called Sprint and they said pre orders were still going out to night at 11pm. There has to be units in the USA ready to go!!! How else could all these blogger douchebags have one to review and call ugly??? These precious few didnt have to go through customs??? So many questions and no one knows what the hell is going on......

They probably went through customs before the 4/19 deadline. or maybe if they weren't imported in bulk there are different regulations for them. I know I'm not stopped at the airport and asked if my phone is in compliance with ITC rulings.

Either way, this sucks. I echo everyone's feelings about patent law here in the US, it needs to be reformed.

As far as hating apple, I feel sorry for them more than I hate them. They apparently didn't learn anything from the early 90s and unless they see fit to ease up the grip on customizing iOS and come out with an amazing new iPhone this summer/fall then they're going to be in real trouble. And going to their own branded version of google maps won't save them...

This is just stupid plain and simple. I say we all do a flash mob thing and flood all Apple stores with people that are doing nothing but standing around. Create large and camp out in lines out side their doors to buy nothing. Basically slowing down sales and services in their stores in protest. Not that it will make much of a difference, but it would put a bit of a sting on them for their stupidity.

Hey Phil, here's hoping that your L33T review comes out before launch day so we know what we are getting in to. Your EVO 3D review took FOREVER and was weak sauce. I'm still bitter but visit this site all day long so take that for what its worth...

There could b an upside to this for HTC from a advertising point the HTC 1 x series the phones that scared apple lol

Hey Apple.

It's official.

F**k you. Sincerely. I mean that. It's not that I'm upset that I won't get a phone on Friday (I'm not buying one of them), it's the entire principle.

Even if you somehow succeed in "going thermonuclear" on Android and stop it completely, guess what I'm doing?

Giving my business to Microsoft. Just to spite you. Assholes.

The only logical response would be...

Why have you not given Microsoft your business before now if you're referring to Windows. It is factually vastly superior & always has been. Maybe give Linux a try also.

Given the timing, I imagine Apple had to massage some folks at the ITC to hit HTC hard right before the EVO 4G LTE launch. If it was already in trouble, why didn't ITC hold up the Original One X or One S sales?

I mean, why didn't they have concerns when the One X came out? Very suspicious.

But I agree with others on the list--I will wait. Sprint already charged my credit card on 5/9/2012 so I can't do much else other than wait....if nothing else I am loyal to unlimited 3g and 4 g data. and future unlimited LTE data. And sprint does not throttle 3g, its usually so slow its already throttled! :)

As someone with an macbook air and an ipad, I am really sick of the way apple does business. That if you jailbreak your iphone or ios device you could be breaking the law! (was DMCA renewed or not?)
That if you jailbreak you could void the warranty--of a product you physically own....you own the product but not the software that runs and operates the device...sigh...Futurama had a very interesting, and silly, episode about this.

Word has it that Apple has spent about $100 million on its lawsuits with HTC. More advertising about how apple is scared of the evo lte, the one x, etc, could really convert some people.

Protests at the iphone 5 lines? Or can HTC file a similar lawsuit about the iphone 5? If only! Lawsuit on the notification tray in ios 5.

That being said, I will wait for my evo, for sprint's lte network, and I will notupgrade when the next air or ipad comes around. In fact I'll wait for the next asus transformer 700T or something, and if I can dump the ipad I would--its more of a luxury item than a need and the transformer plus keyboard might actually replace a laptop for alot of the work I do.

The app store would be a wash.

Long live--Webos--I really liked my palm pre...android is pretty good though and designed from WebOs worked on ICS I believe.

I miss cards and really good universal search. though android is close now, it's still not as simple and elegant as WebOS was.

As awful as HP has been to webOS, wouldn't it be great to see them ride in and beat the crap out of Apple with their patent portfolio!

It would seem fairly straight forward for anyone with a One X or a preview EVO 4G LTE to test whether the "647" patent appears to be infringed.

After all this patent crap that apple is pulling with beong sue happy...I would never, ever buy an apple product in my life. Even if they bumped to a 4.3" + zcreen and unlocked the phone...never! Rot in the hot spot Apple!

Just put a deposit down for an LTE at the local sprint store, they stated they would be receiving phones Thursday night for the Friday release.

They probably have no idea what's going on. Even if corporate has sent out a memo, odds are they haven't read it yet. But you never know!


Yes they did, this morning. Just called them again to confirm nothing has changed and they reassured me that i would be able to pick up my phone friday morning. I think they already have them on hand because the rep wrote my info on a "blue sticky note" and then the manager told him to go put it on the box?

Never believe anything a Sprint Store employee tells you. Ever. Even if he/she hands you a phone in a box, open the box and double check.

Let me make my point more clearly

Apple, rot in hell. If you want to f#ck with android, actually make better products and sell them at a REASONABLE price. You seem to complain about the patent wars a lot, but you used a goofy patent to screw with the phone I wanna buy!

Clicking on a phone number to bring you to a phone dialer--thats a patent?

Most of the touchscreen stuff was done before by Palm Treo. The feature that you got a patent about? I know I had something similar in my Helio Ocean and Palm Treo.

In terms of patent wars, do you want to be Tesla or Edison? Edison was able to patent many things, but he was not the inventor he appears to be. He had a staff and a lot of lawyers.

Tesla has done things which STILL can't be duplicated. Of course, he could picture everything in his head and rarely had to write things down..which makes following his research rather tough!

Our research into earthquake machines is still in the infancy stage due to his lost work!

Apple's future ability to innovate will depend greatly on new people with Jobs gone. I don't know if Jobs would have released IPAD 3 without better screen technology (for a lighter pad with better battery).

Apple is now the overload in the 1984 commerical--use our stuff, don't jailbreak it, or else we'll sue everyone else into submission!


Apple has been the overlord they purport to fight for years. Even Jon Stewart commented on it two years ago.

It's sad, really. They claim to innovate, yet in reality copy everyone else or buy them out, then patent the s*** out of basic functionality that most people with common sense would deem obvious, and our patent system allows them.

Hope Apple is happy. This does nothing to get them more customers and everything to make people angry with them. HTC and Sprint should have dealt with the issue long before now though.

Just goes to show how Apple knows it's iPhone is inferior in pretty much every way. They must resort to using really lame patents to delay the release of superior phones.

Le sigh. This is terrible. While I had no plans on getting either one of these devices, I can imagine how livid I'd be if I were.

My Sprint rep said pre-orders are affected :(
Maybe some locations got their shipment before this went down.

As annoying as this is, I doubt Apple will be hurting at all from bad press. Remember, they've been doing this for a year or more now and sure they caught the ire of Android loyalists but business is booming as ever. Hardcore Android and iOS fanboys are a miniscule part of the market. The average person just moves on to an available product, whether it's an iPhone, a Samsung or a Motorola.

All I Can Say Is If Nothing Is Found And I Dont Get My Pre Order By Friday Like They Told Me I Am Going To SUE APPLE For Acting Like A Big Baby Back B!tch!!!

This whole situation with Apple and the HTC Evo LTE makes me want to look for a carrier with good local coverage and jump ship.

No, I don't blame Sprint for this but if I leave, I would make damm sure whoever is in retentions know that I leave Sprint to protest their move to pick the iPhone in light of what this dictatorial company has decided to do. Instead of competing with innovation, they decide to corner the market with injunctions... RUBBISH!

I wish such a carrier would exist so most of us could leave our current 'Apple-supporting' carriers in mass. That would send an economic message to the carriers and ultimately to Apple... Don't mess with us, or we will finish you!

And where Apple may have legitimate issues regarding it's intellectual property rights, let it be decided in court, make the offending company pay royalties or some other financial arrangement. Don't penalize consumers by taking away choice through injunctions. If you want us to choose Apple over Android, here is an idea; make a better product, a more open 'ecosystem' with options for user customization of the device to taste.

Unfortunately, such a carrier don't exist in my area so I have no way to vote with my wallet on this issue.

God I am MAD!!!!!!!

HAH glad I'm not eligible for upgrade until mid-July. I'm pretty sure the initial rush will be done by then and I can just walk into a store and upgrade one day. ;)

Lets Rise up! Boycott Apple at whatever the cost. (I think most of us already do this anyway... i hope at least)

This isn't capitalism. This is socialism. The consumer is the only person that loses out in this situation. If your product is better build it better and faster. Continue innovating.. I can try to imitate Lebron James but never be as good. Let your products speak for themselves. Less regulation..

PS i just took the ipod that broke on me years ago and smashed it with a hammer

I hate Apple, I've always hated Apple... I will never buy any Apple products. People think they are great, but they're so closed I'm just amazed at why people buy their products. Now granted, they make some good hardware, but c'mon. No replaceable batteries or storage. Proprietary jacks. When you buy an apple product, you're stuck with them.... This is just another way for them to inconvenience, if not destroy non Apple companies, and totally inconvenience non Apple customers...

By setting a trap for others apple doesn't realize that they are painting themselves into a corner. There is no way apple is going to avoid copying Android. Notification curtain? Large screen? Sound familiar? By making this move they're inviting the same reaction from people they copy. Apple is a dirty ass company. Just wait. They'll get theirs.

A real good idea will ALWAYS be copied. Always has. Always will. When Android hits another home run apple will be forced to be timid about copying them due to the precedent they brought down on themselves.

This is so lame. This can be compared to someone patenting a car tire or a tire all together....whom ever created the first tire...could stop every other tire manufacturer

If this is a standard customs check relating to an ITC ruling why would it take more than a day to confirm? Doesn't standard mean it's normal as in they do it all the time? I buy stuff from overseas and it sits in customs for a day or two mostly because it is waiting to be checked. If they are already working on this then shouldn't a check mark on a customs form be all that is needed? I mean what else is there to do? Pop open a package, check that the feature has been removed and send them on their way.

I called Sprint today for another issue and they said that the EVO 4G LTE will be available on May 23. I hope this is a firm date! :-)

Gor an email from BestBuy saying it will be available on May 23rd, at least it's soon but I was planning on playing with it this week end..

Just went into a Best Buy Mobile yesterday, they had no idea when the EVO would re-launch would be. Apple took their actions too far, Infringing on a product launch.

Whatever you do don't buy the Galaxy SII. My girlfriend recently bought one and the antenna is really weak. My first gen EVO has better reception in side by side comparison. I'm sure the EVO will be worth the wait but it will be out of date before I see 4G or LTE here in MI.

So much for pre-ordering. I've never done it before and of course this customs BS happens. No matter what happens I will never go Apple. I'm not the type that needs to belong. If Apple had anything to do with this it seems like a desperate move from a company who has lost its identity.....rotten Apple.

If ever a reason not give Apple any of my money. Damn them and their bs patent lawsuits. Build a better product you pricks! I don't know anyone who gives a crap about the iphone 47 that we can surely expect with in the next coming months. This time with your choice of a male and female voice for Siri. Hell that should get people to upgrade.

Apparently, my previous comments on this subject are viewed to be in bad taste here at android central, so let me tone it down a bit...

I've got the original EVO 4G and love it. I am eligible for the upgrade on June 1 and I WILL get the new EVO 4G LTE regardless of the delay. If I waited and switched to the newest Samsung, I'd be giving Apple what it wants...a financial hit to HTC. Sorry, not doing it.

A lot of people say the fault should be spread out among Apple, Customs, HTC, ITC, etc. Sorry, neither Customs, HTC, the ITC nor Sprint filed suit against HTC. Apple started this whole fiasco and is celebrating in Cupertino over the current situation. I will say that Customs, ITC and HTC aren't doing everything they can to get our phones to us, but they aren't the root of the problem. Sprint is just about the only group, other than us lowly consumers, that are blameless. In some ways Sprint is suffering more than the consumers, although the preorders certainly buffer their financial impact.

Bottom line, Apple needs to suffer for this. I agree that we should all to an Apple store, walk around for a couple of hours, pester the crap out of the sales people with stupid questions (like, "can I root my iTouch?, "can I tether my iPad?, blah, blah, blah) and buy nothing.

Eventually, customs will release the phones and we'll all be happier, but for now Apple can eat my shorts!