Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE update

There's nothing quite like the rollout of a major update on Sprint, folks. Never experience one before? Picture Times Square on New Year's Eve. Add a dash of a major chess tournament, a giant bag of Doritos, and a case of Red Bull. That's pretty much what we've got going on now. It's a friggin' party in our EVO 4G LTE forums as we all patiently <cough> await the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Anyhoo, here's a better shot of the Sprint Playbook page detailing the update that finally made its way out last night, for those who like things crisp and clear. (Lord knows my tired eyes do.)

As you can see, according to the Playbook (which is sort of Sprint's all-but-public internal newsletter), you should be able to start pulling down the update today, and it'll be pushed out starting Jan. 3. (At least that's the current plan, apparently.) Not that folks are drumming their fingers in the forums or anything.

Oh, and Sprint's EVO 4G LTE product page now lists Jelly Bean, for what that's worth. Not that anybody's obsessing over it or anything.

If you wanna get in on the party, hit this link. Things really get going around Pages 42-43, again in the 70s, and it's a  madhouse at Page 82.

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commonplace says:

What I want to know is, does this (or will this) resolve any and all multitasking issues? I've been running AOKP for so long, I don't know where the actual Sense-based official ROMs stand as far as that issue. I just know when I got my EVOLTE, I couldn't stand the lack of multitasking, and AOKP -- despite it's bugs -- made it into a great phone.

But I would love to return to a relatively bug-free Sense ROM if multitasking actually works now!

crxssi says:

That was fixed in the PREVIOUS (non-JB) update.

decke003 says:

Hopefully this will fix the LTE connectivity issues that still plague the EVO. After switching from the EVO to the Note II, I was amazed at how much LTE there was around where I live.

Great phone otherwise. I still miss the screen when I am outside. It is a lot better in direct sunlight than the Note II.

crxssi says:

People are reporting that the new connectivity manager has fixed the LTE connections issues. (I have proof either way, no LTE here :( )

putertech says:


AliffXL says:

Your turn AT&T and overseas HTC One XL................


bc2k says:

Personally I can't wait for the "JB broke my EVO" posts to begin. :P

Nev says:


bryan64613 says:

Don't hold your breath. This is the last time I buy an HTC phone. According to HTC they don't have any update ready for the EVO LTE.

No, according to HTC on Twitter replying to someone, "There is no official word on JB for the EVO at current."

That's not the same thing as "not having an update ready," as you say. You should know better than to treat a Twitter response like official PR.

bryan64613 says:

That's what I was told by the HTC rep. I just hope to see Jelly bean, before the end of the year.

a22matic says:

EVO LTE owner's deserve this update. We've been waiting for a while... Great news all around.

emceesquared says:

i'll believe it when it's on my phone.

crxssi says:

Now you can believe it!

crowrb29 says:

ya know I really don't want to give up on HTC. Other companies have crappy screens and are built like McDonald's toys. This phone has always been good to me. I had to replace it once back in September and since then it has worked really well. Has a few hiccups now and then but it has definitely been the best phone I have had. I just hope the update comes soon to sate the appetite of the masses.

I refuse to believe this!

Cubfan says:

Only suckers bought this phone anyway.

ScottRx82 says:

Only suckers are Cubs fans


+9000 White Sox FTW!!!

This,coming from a cubs fan!!



crxssi says:

Only suckers post such comments...

Lonestaroc says:

We are not worthy!

hmmm says:

CM 10 (Android 4.1) is almost flawless on the EVO LTE. I could never go back. Having basically an HTC Nexus device is sure nice. It will be interesting to see how JB feels or looks vs ICS.

rprit001 says:

Well that figures. I gave up on the EVO two days ago and gave the phone to my mom. I switched it out for the S3. I had even been loyal to the EVO since the very first one came out.

crxssi says:

Yep, it figures for you. The Evo LTE now has JB before the S3! Not sure what you "gave up" on anyway... there isn't much compelling about the S3 compared to the Evo LTE, especially when it comes to the screen.

If only HTC had enough foresight to build 2 GB of Ram into this phone, I'd still be using it. As awesome as this phone is, I refused to continue to deal with the constant Sense reloads... Maybe next time HTC. Meanwhile, Jelly Bean is great on the GN2.

Bruh-Man says:

BINGO...!! Gave the E-LTE to my son and I'm rocking the GN2 as well. Not looking back. (Palm Pre/EVO/E-LTE/GN2/..???/

Thank you! I had to suffer through the Sense reloads when the HTC Evo 4g was upgraded to Gingerbread. I was going to upgrade to another HTC product but just couldn't bring myself to suffer again.

crxssi says:

It is unfortunate it doesn't have 1.5 or 2GB of memory. However, the Sense reloads were mostly fixed in the PREVIOUS update.

allieb1984 says:

If you look on the Sprint website it says the Evo lte is running jelly bean.

the update at this point, is meaningless the love from AC and Phil has been the most rewarding

Crimson says:

Group hug?


jandroshick says:

Has anyone gotten the update yet? 1:22 Greenville, SC - no update available :(

djrottweiler says:

Just got it Anchorage, AK 9:20 a.m. downloading now!!!

bgruber17 says:

Just started downloading it here in Columbia, SC!

w5cyc says:

Downloading the update right now. Got it at 12:25 CST in Oklahoma City.

TeePoppa says:

Got it here in Houston TX....YAAAHOOO!!!

jmrados2 says:

Got it here in Minnesota!!

Just started downloading at 1:28 here in Washington,DC

wmurch3 says:

I got mine downloading in Michigan!

jandroshick says:

Yep, just got it myself. Guess I was premature :-/

bigrey81 says:


Got Mine! - Kansas City, KS.

kitster says:

Downloading it now in the AY-TEA-ELL!!

Don't worry GREEN-Vegas (my hometown), just like most weather systems, I am sure the update will travel up I-85 and be there within a couple of hours! :)

unclegeek says:

Got it in Chandler, Arizona!

PaperMate3rd says:

Man you all are about to see the amazing that is Google Now and find out why is was named innovation of the decade. Google Now does get better over time that's not hype or a marketing ploy so reserve judgment for a bit. Also when you launch it goto settings and look for where it says additional cards. It should take you to a Web link that show's you everything Google Now can currently do. It's amazing how fast they are developing this thing. It has become the single thing on Android I couldn't go without. Wake up Friday morning its got the Showtimes of the latest movies at the nearest theaters already up cause it KNOWS I go to the movies just about every weekend.

crxssi says:

I actually find it extremely creepy and an invasion of privacy. But to each their own.