Sprint EVO 4G LTE car dock unboxing and hands-on

If you're on the fence about buying the official car dock for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE, you've got to check out this excellent unboxing and hands-on from Alex800 in our EVO 4G LTE forums. Take note, aspiring Android Central writers. This is how it's done. Hit the link below for the full thread.

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benthe1 says:

Nice! How much?

benthe1 says:

Never mind. Just saw in the forums. $59 retail but he got out for $35.

Rose4uKY says:

Mine was 35 bucks from Sprint!

reeper55 says:

This makes me SO jealous!Us Galaxy Nexus folks are still waiting for our car dock.

Excellent job! Super presentation!

jeffreytz says:

Wow I had no idea this was even out, and I checked Sprint's accessories when I pre-ordered.

jsuch2002#AC says:

Really!!! This dock looks like something from Radio Shack in 1985!!! Its time for some sleek cutting edge docks, not big ugly hunks of plastic!!

Uhhhh...it's a suction cup to hold your phone. All kidding aside, the previous gen HTC docks I had for the EVO and EVO 3D looked "sleeker and more cutting edge" (with shiny chrome and everything) as you say but were crap. They had awful non user friendly design and weak plastic. This looks like a Sprint branded dock and it looks a lot like the Motorola docks which are very functional / sturdy.

JosephRoach says:

$35 would be a good bargin.

JonJJon says:

Phone doesn't look like it even sits horizontally in it properly.

wmurch3 says:

Looks nice. Too bad they couldn't build in the audio-out but I bet that helps them sell the bluetooth dongle.

My next phone will definitely be HTC.

acuramax says:

I have just one question, where is that photo taken (what state) because last I heard it was illegal to stick anything on the windshield, because it blocks your view.

I'm just saying !

acuramax says:

Also, I am torn between the Samsung Galaxy 3 or the new Evo, I have the Evo 4G now, and I will be upgrading in October.

Jimbizzzale says:

I bought the dock today, and it is amazing.

Thats all I have to say, go to sprint buy one try it out for 14 days and I can guarantee you wont return it.